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  • Missouri's Journalism School Makes National Headlines!
    Get this!

    Missouri University's new policy! Effective this fall 2009! Missouri's Journalism students majoring in Journalism will be required to have either an iPod Touch or an iPhone! They will be required to own one of the devices for the delivery of freshman-orientations information and of course material for their course.

    I think this is cool myself but many might not agree - a school is going to force one into buying either the iPod Touch or the iPhone. What will be nice about using either device is you would be able to electronically download material from iTunes University, a no-cost component of the AppStore.

    What do you think about this new policy? It is a good choice for the University or not? And what would be your reaction if you had to go out and buy one of these for one of your classes?

    Missouri Journalism School: Get an Apple iPhone or Go Home.
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    1. bhz1's Avatar
      bhz1 -
      They could also include it in the price of tuition, much like some universities do. My millde son will be starting at Villanova this fall and all freshmen have to get a laptop (Dells for most- communicaitons majors - a Macbook) . They have to turn it in after 2 years and they get a replacement which they can then keep after graduation. WHile it appears its "given" to the students- the official stand its that its included in tuition.
    1. designgears's Avatar
      designgears -
      Quote Originally Posted by tattoojack View Post
      colleges all make money from the government.
      guarantee they get a kick back for every iphone, itouch, book, pen, notepad.

      its just like prison.
      umm, the school isn't in anyway involved with the purchase of the phone/ipod... its simply covered by your financial aid now, just like a book or housing or whatever else.

      so no, higher education is not like prison.
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      This is absurd. People can barely afford the outrageous book fees that are charged and now they are upping the criteria even more.
    1. Fhadso's Avatar
      Fhadso -
      Personally, I won't be attending this college (I don't make the requirements of course) however this is a good thing.

      BTW, I ironically live just 30 miles south of the campus

      MU is a good college :P
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      Quote Originally Posted by designgears View Post
      umm, the school isn't in anyway involved with the purchase of the phone/ipod... its simply covered by your financial aid now, just like a book or housing or whatever else.

      so no, higher education is not like prison.

      prisons get a set amount of money from the government everyday for each person.

      colleges do too.

      prisons get extra money for transporting people to other locations, medical care, dental, etc.

      colleges do too.

      prisons get even more money for books, learning tools, training equipment, classes, etc.

      colleges do too.


      if the college makes it mandatory, YOU charge it to the government in the form of college loans or grants, financial aid, whatever.

      the government then adjusts the amount of money that college is generating, and compensates them accordingly.

      bringing the cost from the government for each student up!

      making the college more money.

      and if you really believe "higher education" is its only purpose, then you are sadly mistaken.

      colleges are just as much of a business as hospitals.
    1. pokefan's Avatar
      pokefan -
      Quote Originally Posted by mkozak View Post
      F*ck MU ....

      -KU Student.
      Rock Chalk Jayhawk.
      Quote Originally Posted by jaredb03 View Post
      Another reason among many not to go to MU. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

      Oh Geez, the B12 North sucks, you can both shut up....

      I think it's cool and I'd welcome it if I were a student there as well. Just like others have said it's no different then shelling out the cash for books, why not get a cool new gadget out of the deal that you can use much longer then a text book.
    1. slayer5050's Avatar
      slayer5050 -
      Yehhh mizzouu!!

      faget. kansas can suck it who was the one to go to the eliete eight yeh thats right *****
    1. Fhadso's Avatar
      Fhadso -
      Yes, either school sucks not because of academical achievements, but because of the sports they play, grow up and GO TO COLLEGE.


      Anyway, free iPod Touch when you go to MU...Get the 32GB just for shits and grins?