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  • App Store Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

    A short 9 months and 35,000 applications later the App Store has reach an impressive milestone of 1 billion downloads. Guess what, the page looks just like the screenie leaked the other day. The lucky winner of the billion app countdown should be announced on Apple's page sometime soon.

    Even though the App Store has its shortcomings, the approval process can be questionable, and many applications are utterly useless Apple has proven their business concept works. Here's to the next billion and hopefully another thousand good apps (kidding, there are probably a couple more decent apps ).
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    1. theinc711's Avatar
      theinc711 -
      I wonder who the lucky SOB was
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      We never saw that coming!

      And the lucky SOB will be no one we've ever heard of. Good luck to him/her, I'm sure they will enjoy their prize!
    1. modbox14's Avatar
      modbox14 -
      i bet the "lucky SOB" will be some guy that just randomly got an itouch as a christmas gift or and downloaded AIM or something

      oh well. congrats to whoever it is. haha.
    1. tommyp's Avatar
      tommyp -
      Either that or some old granny who has no idea what shes doing
    1. boxxa's Avatar
      boxxa -
      I hope its someone who actually tried to get it. Not someone who just got an iPhone and decided to download Facebook
    1. eatjello's Avatar
      eatjello -
      Quote Originally Posted by boxxa View Post
      i hope its someone who actually tried to get it. Not someone who just got an iphone and decided to download facebook
      lol +1
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by eatjello View Post
      lol +1
      I like how all the comments think that someone who "tried" to get it is somehow more deserving than anyone else. We all know the people who "tried" to get it just went down the list of free apps anyway... Personally, I hope the person that wins actually paid for an app that they wanted rather than padded the numbers with free app downloads.

      As to the OP, Apple hardly pioneered this business model. It has been in use before, namely by Nintendo, Sony, and even Microsoft, just not to as large a scale (and not really the same "homebrew" type apps)
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      I didn't download any apps I normally wouldn't have. I knew my chance was however many apps I downloaded in 100,000,000 and at best, my chance was probably 1/10,000,000. I wasn't about to waste my time downloading useless apps for nothing. I still hope I win it, but I never held my breath.
    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      Well I just wanted to let you all know that... It wasn't me ;-D. Congrats to whoever it was. 10K on itunes alone would really increase my Conway Twitty collection but, oh well. ;-)
    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      Connonr Mulcahey won it says so on Itunes dont know why they havent updated the page yet maybe they forgot about it lol, that sucks i was hoping i would win even though i knew it was a super huge long shot
    1. lillewis51's Avatar
      lillewis51 -
      omg!!!! i won!!!!! thats me!!!

      jkjk i wish
    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      lol dude i almost believed u till i came to forum to read ur whole message i wish it was me
    1. jayteez's Avatar
      jayteez -
      The one billionth app, Bump created by Bump Technologies, was downloaded by Connor Mulcahey, age 13, of Weston, CT. As the grand prize winner of Apple’s one billion app countdown contest, Connor will receive a $10,000 iTunes gift card, an iPod touch, a Time Capsule and a MacBook Pro.

      congrats you lil bastard.
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      Damn, so it was the person who downloaded the billionth app. Lucky SOB!!!
    1. b3nny's Avatar
      b3nny -
      Quote Originally Posted by rwin84 View Post
      10K on itunes alone would really increase my Conway Twitty collection but, oh well. ;-)
      LMAO @ Conway Twitty
    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      ugh had i know that i would have been dowloading apps when it was getting that close i figured they were gonna pick one person at random
    1. justinpotter81's Avatar
      justinpotter81 -
      why didnt they make that clear that the billionth app would be the winner???? what was the point of having contest entries, i ask you. at no point in their "official rules" essay of 2,000 words does it say the billionth app downloader would be the winner!!!
    1. codeseven's Avatar
      codeseven -
      Hah, I like how they post personal information of a 13 year old on a website that gets...more than just a few hits...a day. Either way, congrats to the lil' dude.
    1. nimavafi's Avatar
      nimavafi -
      $10K itunes gift card? can you put that in an iTunes IRA account?
    1. eatjello's Avatar
      eatjello -
      sigh.. 13...downloaded a stupid app called Bump for free..


      grats anyway... ya bastard..