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  • iPhone vs. Pre - Internal AT&T Document Kicks Palm's Booty

    AT&T is firing up to point out all the ways the iPhone wins against the Pre if this leaked internal document is any indication. Good old competition. While there are many things on the list above that can be disputed some of them seem to be fact. The pre won't work in the rest of the world as it is being released on Sprint (sad), the screen is smaller, 3d graphics limitations, and other various things.

    Surprisingly the document actually lists some (well only one) of the Pre's advantages: a full QWERTY keyboard. What? Did you think AT&T was going to publish reasons the Pre might be better than the iPhone?

    edit: ppl have asked "why the bogus comparison"
    a) This is an internal AT&T document. AT&T is not going to publish a document saying that the Palm Pre on Sprint is better than the iPhone on AT&T. Duh.
    b) Why don't you educate everyone else on why the Palm Pre is better. Saying "This shizat is bogus the world is full of crap" is not constructive or compelling.
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    1. JStraitiff's Avatar
      JStraitiff -
      pre will NEVER beat the iphone

      in fact nothing will ever beat the iphone except for a new iphone or something from apple
    1. TheOrioles33's Avatar
      TheOrioles33 -
      Quote Originally Posted by him121213 View Post
      pre will NEVER beat the iphone

      in fact nothing will ever beat the iphone except for a new iphone or something from apple
      I agree. At least in my eyes.
    1. hoits2000's Avatar
      hoits2000 -
      That phone is sweeet! I think it would be a perfect backup phone for my iphone. Hopefully they will bring it to att after a while, and i definitely get it. I think it is one of the iphones true competitors.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      I hope the Pre will succeed - but I fear it wont. I don't think it compares with the iPhone and they should aim it at a different market but I certainly don't want to see Palm go under which they will do if it doesn't succeed.
    1. JAG2621's Avatar
      JAG2621 -
      With the new features that are coming in the next firmware, all the features that were missing in the iPhone it will have and it will have more features than any other smartphone.
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
    1. eyepoper's Avatar
      eyepoper -
      The only thing I like about the Pre is its Multitasking..While on MSN you can go to other Apps and still be online..

      Hope that Apple brings Multitasking. Thought they said the new iPhone will have a Better Dual CPU..so MULTITASKING is a MUST on the iPhone...

      If that is included...than nothing will beat it even if the world explode
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      Its called jailbreaking and backgrounder
    1. 02589's Avatar
      02589 -
      I'm glad that's not a biased comparison.

      Actually the Pre is starting out better than the iPhone started.

      I think we will see Apple spoon feed us a little faster knowing that the Pre is coming.
    1. raseri's Avatar
      raseri -
      they forgot to mention the nightmare of having your glass screen crack from a very slight drop.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by 02589 View Post
      i'm glad that's not a biased comparison.

      actually the pre is starting out better than the iphone started.

    1. darius359's Avatar
      darius359 -
      Quote Originally Posted by raseri View Post
      they forgot to mention the nightmare of having your glass screen crack from a very slight drop.
      i'm the biggest clutz, dropping my phone nearly daily. i've got a great iskin on it though and sometimes actually put on the plastic screen cover when i walk around with the phone in hand. not one scratch anywhere on the phone...of course there is a touch of weight and a tiny bit of bulk now, but it's not damaged in any way though.
    1. gQstatus05's Avatar
      gQstatus05 -
      I dropped my phone on the face plenty of times and I have yet to crack or break my screen. You have to admit they did well with their design because if you break the glass you can always buy a replacement glass and fix it yourself with a razor blade and patience. Palm comes out with 1 - 2 phones a year and they suck in my opinion. Plenty of software glitches such as the continuous reboot when hotsyncing. Yes you can fix a palm and it's hard to break it but DO YOU REALLY want to sit there and fix it? No..

      Next iPhone is going to be sweet.
    1. kagehito54's Avatar
      kagehito54 -
      Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
      Its called jailbreaking and backgrounder
      So true. But unfortunately backgrounder has it's limitations. If I'm not mistaken you can only have 1 program backgrounded at any given time cause my pandora seems to be flaky if I have it backgrounded, then go into safari to check something then background that to answer a text message. IDK could just be me?
    1. enrigonz's Avatar
      enrigonz -
      why the bogus comparison? Why the insults? is so pathetic to think of one device as anything so important that you have to make such a ridiculous made-up comparison..... simply, pathetic!
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      Ya it's a bit biased but the iPhone still wins.
    1. dillonsmith9147's Avatar
      dillonsmith9147 -
      For one, IMO that is a fugly phone, iphone is much sexier, but ive always like palm os in the past, plus isnt it palm that brought us the best orignal pda's come on, if it werent for them we wouldnt have great phones like the iphone, though i think it does suck that they are realeasing it on sprint without GSM capabilities, at least blackberry thought of it when they made the, bold, it has full gsm capabiliteis
      also why sprint, did the iphone push palm away from at&t?
    1. fletch33's Avatar
      fletch33 -
      need i say more?
    1. justbecause's Avatar
      justbecause -
      Iphone is the best phone in the world.... many came and many fail, yes the iphone lacks some things but it is and will always be the ultimate phone.... I phone is the motherf*cking ****!!!!!

      **** means the Real MC Coy!!!!
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      I would say that the "music" tab is subjective here. I would prefer drag and drop as I find syncing to be horrible. After 3.0 launches I think that will be my only gripe with the iphone, lol/