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  • AT&T FamilyMap for Spying on Wife/Kids

    There are some nice options iPhone owners to track their phones via GPS. AT&T has decided the join in on the game of phone tracking and has launched their FamilyMap service. The service basically allows the tracking of any number on your plan. This tracking isn't done by just cell tower triangulation, the plan actually accesses the phone's internal GPS to provide pin-point accuracy.

    There is no visual notice on the phone besides the initial text message that the service is active so if you want to spy on your family just make sure to have the phone in hand to delete the txt really quick when you activate the service Every day personal privacy becomes harder to hold on to here in the US and AT&T has put another tool in the hands of the public to make privacy violation nice and easy.

    At $9.99/mo for one phone and $14.99/mo for up to five the service is pricey. iPhone users should probably stick to apps like iLocalis or FindME + Twitter, etc etc -- could be great for tracking other phones though

    via bgr - thx JazJon for the tip
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    1. musrmgr's Avatar
      musrmgr -
      After failing to get the application to register both my iPhones, I called AT&T. Per AT&T, this application will not work with Iphone. So is there any real reason to debate it on an iPhone website?
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^it won't work with the iPhone?
    1. dchandler's Avatar
      dchandler -
      Look at it this way it can be a Iphone locator too. If you loose your phone you can use this to find it.
    1. NHSKayak's Avatar
      NHSKayak -
      I tried it out on my account and could track the iPhones on my account. They're all 3Gs on 2.2.1 and mine is the only one jailbroke (my dad, sis and gf aren't into that stuff they say).

      The only problem I had with the findmyi.org service (which I did try) is that I could never receive calls! I'm never on 3G and the phone was always updating its location to the website over Edge and I had everyone leaving me voice messages that said "Your phone never rings, it must be broken". I probably had the update frequency set too often but I got frustrated with it and dropped it pretty quick.

      As far as this service goes, I have a feeling that on AT&T's back-end this isn't any kind of major advancement. They've always been able to track your location (and pass it on to DoHS/NSA). Now they've just wrapped it up and put a bow around it with a website and monthly fee for us to use it too

      I think I'll cancel the service when the trial is up though. I'd only use it to find phones that were lost/stolen and since there is no setup on the phone itself, I'd just sign up for it on an as needed basis.


      PS. Thanks for the "thanks".
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      good to know. maybe i will try it out since there is a free 30 day trial
    1. kh0sa's Avatar
      kh0sa -
      Can't you just turn 3G off?
    1. Je5's Avatar
      Je5 -
      I personally think it is ok the people complaining about it are probably the ones who are cheating on their spouses or significant others....that is why you complain, someone in the first page of this thread said "I paid for that phone I wanna know where its at." I think it is so true you bought it so track it...and its not invasion of privacy the Govt does it when you are always on it surfing or using your GPS on maps...So...???
    1. jwilliams491's Avatar
      jwilliams491 -
      I think its all depends on how it is used. If it is used with good intentions, then no harm done lol.