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  • Pocket Tunes Radio Plays Sirius XM on iPhone

    Remember recently when Starplayr was abruptly shut down before the expected iPhone app release could happen? It wasn't looking good for a nice Sirius XM radio on the iPhone. Enter Pocket Tunes Radio via the App Store to make the Sirius XM dream happen. Pocket Tunes Radio admittedly isn't as cool as Starplayr was going to be but it is a nice option worth considering.

    • Works with web-based subscription services like XM (instructions), Sirius (instructions), Live 365 VIP (instructions).
    • Supports aacPlus v2 for the best sound.
    • Packaged with a selection of thousands of stations to listen to.
    • Remembers stations you like for easy finding.
    • If you like a song and want to purchase easily launch it in the iTunes store.
    • Built in web browser for multi tasking while listening.
    • Search to find what you want from the entire cataloge of stations.
    • More . . .
    Downside is the price of $9.99 via the App Store although this appears to be one application that has value equal to the price.

    thanks JazJon for the tip
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    1. bschucher's Avatar
      bschucher -
      I don't have buffering issues whatsoever on 3g. Not sure what your issue is. Only lose it when i get a phone call and have to restart the app and stream. Considering it is the only option out there for sirius.. im loving it
    1. s4mb4's Avatar
      s4mb4 -
      i listen to Sirius on my iPhone all day long with Pocket Tunes. over 3G. it drops to buffer maybe twice a day at the most.
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      Best app ever for me as far as music goes.
    1. nimavafi's Avatar
      nimavafi -
      Just wanted to update everyone on rumors circulating about an iPhone Sirius app.

      From SiriusXMnews.com:

      "Look for an official announcement from Sirius XM Radio on May 11th about their new iPhone app.

      Not sure if it will be released that day but there might be a good chance.

      That is all for now. If I find out more I will post it up.

      PS: Right now this is a rumor, I will confirm when I can."

      Sirius XM Radio iPhone app: Announcement May 11th 2009 | Sirius XM News
    1. screamerUSA's Avatar
      screamerUSA -
      I've tried Orb & isirius on my older Blackberry and had a horrific time trying to get it up-n-running. Now w/ the new iphone and PocketTunes, it'sa pleasure.