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  • 123Spoof April Fools Prank Giveaway Inside!

    Tomorrow is April Fools! This year you can prank your family and friends with your iPhone using 123Spoof for extra fun and enjoyment (including a call recording option for later laughs ). 123Spoof is packed full of features for the job of April Fools pranking with a list including:
    • Change Caller ID to any number you want to whomever you're pranking doesn't know it is you.
    • Record calls for later laughs.
    • Straight to voicemail to leave a prank message without the other parties phone ever ringing.
    • Voice changing to disguise your voice during the pranking.
    123Spoof allows unlimited calls of two minutes or less in length. To call for longer than two minutes you must purchase minutes. This year to celebrate April Fools the friendly folks at 123Spoof are allowing us to give away minutes here at MMi to help you get the most out of your April Fools pranks!

    To enter simply reply to this thread describing a GREAT PRANK to use 123Spoof for!

    1st Place wins $100 of minutes. Ten 2nd Place winners get $25 of minutes. Twenty-five 3rd Place winners get $10 of minutes. The contest/giveaway will run through April Fools. Winners will receive their prize codes via the email they used to register on ModMyi.com.
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    1. SIRIUSISSUES's Avatar
      Call the FEDS and tell them you are going to bomb somewhere. lol Make sure you record it and it doesn't last more than 60 seconds.
    1. Madblaster6's Avatar
      Madblaster6 -
      The classic call the friends and break them up.
    1. xwinger's Avatar
      xwinger -
      My friend got his step brother to prank me and say that he was gonna kill me cuz I owed him money

      so I'm gonna use this app to change my voice deep then scare him so badly he will never prank me again!

      I'm gonna tell him that I'm watching him and I know everything about him (while actually watching him because I live right by him) then make him crap his pants in fright!
    1. disturbedreaper's Avatar
      disturbedreaper -
      id try to barow a friends phone put a number in his contacts that say "god" or somthing or grimm reaper and say "i will see you soon very soon. and trick them onto wowomg.com(dont go to this site it will scare you for life im seriouse i warn you it is worse then meatspin dont go prank your friends but dont look) i know im not giving a lot of details but ill just go with what comes up its fun even not for april fools
    1. KeenanG's Avatar
      KeenanG -
      I'd call my ex girlfriend acting as if i was her bf now and tell her "i" was comming out of the closet
    1. JMIGUELES's Avatar
      I Going to call a few of my clients and tell them I a federal agent with FTC and that a CFO has been involed in emmbesoment and that their 401k has been emptied. and they are being subject to and an investgation for being
      part of the scam.
    1. Truckerbear's Avatar
      Truckerbear -
      I would call Bush with an arabic accent and pretend to be Osama and turn my self in! Or better yet say ha ha you missed me!
    1. rohizzle121's Avatar
      rohizzle121 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ieatglue6457 View Post
      The best prank with this caller ID technology requires 5 minutes worth of research. Find the number that your phone dials to check your voicemail. should be easy. Once you have that number, call it, and have the spoofed number be a friends cell phone number. The voicemail sees it as them accessing their own voicemail, giving you the power to change... say... their outgoing message. Repeat this process to everyone in your phone book.
      i just tried with tmobile and ATT, and no luck
      i tried tmobile voicemail number which is 805-637-7243
    1. ForumSnoBorderRK's Avatar
      ForumSnoBorderRK -
      What a rip off of spoof app.

      Too bad 123spoof IS NOT coming to the APP STORE (at least not for a hell of a long time), regardless of what they say.
      I can almost guarantee that. SpoofApp submitted their app to Apple's APP Store, and lets see.... (I cant post links, but search SpoofApp in google and go to their site and scroll down a couple posts)

      here we go; they have been stuck in "Review" for 152 days so far. What makes anybody think a copy app can get in before these guys? It's simple -- Apple just does not approve of this at all, and they still wont until they find a legitimate reason why this should be up and how it can be up without harming others.

      ModMyI, as much as I think this is a cool idea for you guys to be putting up for members; people with unlocked/jailbroken iPhones are going to have the advantage for this deal. Good luck to the members!
    1. wasko91's Avatar
      wasko91 -
      Call x girlfriends home when i know she and her mom are home and use the female voice changer to say i'm tiffany from planned parenting and i have the daughters test results in and they need to come in to discuss the situation
    1. rossb's Avatar
      rossb -
      I'd call my son-in-law & tell him I was the IRS and that our records show he owes a large amount of back taxes & penalties, that his house has been seized to cover what he owes and that we are still determining whether he will be tried for evasion & face possible jail time...
    1. cjmmm47's Avatar
      cjmmm47 -
      Call a buddy (needs to be married or living with girlfriend) and use the caller ID changer to be from a local "Gentleman's Club".

      Leave a message stating that you are Mr. such-and-such from said club, and noticed that you haven't seen (your buddy's name) for a couple of days, and being a Platinum member, you wanted to make sure everything was OK and see if there was anything they could do to get him back in soon
    1. Greenkirby21's Avatar
      Greenkirby21 -
      I would call my principal, act as his mother, and yell at him for being mean to students.
    1. MrWHOx's Avatar
      MrWHOx -
      A great prank is to call a friend and use the disguising thing to hide your voice. When the friend picks up, you should say something like "I know who you are. I know where you live, [friend's name]. I can destroy everyone you hold dear to you life. Or you can do as I say..." Then when your friend cooperates, make him do something stupid like order a hot pocket from WalMart, warm it up, and make him put it in front of your doorstep (threaten yourself to make you look innocent; make a pre-recording so that the friend would follow commands while you eat your well-deserved hot pocket ). Then say "THAT IS ALL. This phone call will terminate in two seconds." and end the conversation. Now THAT is awesome.
    1. westc0ast's Avatar
      westc0ast -
      well check this out.i called my old girlfriend with the number she had when she was in high school sh dont even live in that house or city.i changed my voice and just said whats up like nuthing and when she asked who is it i would say,don't you know the number? she wouldn't admit to knowing it and got all freaked out.i even recorded it. i still laugh.
    1. Cheekz44's Avatar
      Cheekz44 -
      What i would do is prank call as many restuarants as i can and order food...kekekkekekke
    1. IvanPK's Avatar
      IvanPK -
      Call any used car ad
      Ask about the specs, etc...
      Then, say that you and a buddy were checking out the car, and you wanted to see how many people could fit in the trunk.
      Say the trunk closed, and you've been in here for 8 hours, and theres little oxygen left.
      Say you've tried calling 911 and they won't believe you.

      ^^Best done in the Meatwad voice from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    1. punklove's Avatar
      punklove -
      Quote Originally Posted by IvanPK View Post
      Call any used car ad
      Ask about the specs, etc...
      Then, say that you and a buddy were checking out the car, and you wanted to see how many people could fit in the trunk.
      Say the trunk closed, and you've been in here for 8 hours, and theres little oxygen left.
      Say you've tried calling 911 and they won't believe you.

      ^^Best done in the Meatwad voice from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
      best one yet- and i cant believe i read them all-
      i wish these apps had better voice options, CAUSE THEY SUCK- 123Spoof developers, add better/funnier voices- ie. meatwad-

      um - you all know that many of you proposed some very illegal activity . . . and
      ALL of you might want to be informed about the laws of your state regarding recording calls without consent- google it for yourself- some of the pranks could go horribly wrong, and then you have an unconsented to recording- of something that could be very humilating- find out your state's laws about prank calls and recording calls-

      and my entry for the contest:

      i would screw with my friends and just call them from their own LAN line #s when i was going over to their houses- I would call from their lan line to their cell and tell them to open the dang door- and maybe the first time, i'd actually be there... but then, the second or third time, i wouldnt- then, i'd wait a week, and get a friend [they dont know] to call [cause the voice changer sux] to execute the same prank- cause now they'll actually think its me- and its just something i do... and then, perhaps, viola- bag of dog poop, not on fire, it's just as gross when people pick it up...

      I'd also call my friends from back east, using their mothers phone numbers, and as soon as they answered the phone, i'd tell them that i'm sitting with their mother, and she said you're ugly!
    1. emilio3645's Avatar
      emilio3645 -
      i would Call someone who is married, and change my voice pretend to be a worker at a "gentlemens" club, explaining that her husband left his wallet there, and he would probably like to pick it up in the next several days, and tell her he should pick it up at the front desk, to the side of the lounge and directly in front of the display area.