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  • 123Spoof April Fools Prank Giveaway Inside!

    Tomorrow is April Fools! This year you can prank your family and friends with your iPhone using 123Spoof for extra fun and enjoyment (including a call recording option for later laughs ). 123Spoof is packed full of features for the job of April Fools pranking with a list including:
    • Change Caller ID to any number you want to whomever you're pranking doesn't know it is you.
    • Record calls for later laughs.
    • Straight to voicemail to leave a prank message without the other parties phone ever ringing.
    • Voice changing to disguise your voice during the pranking.
    123Spoof allows unlimited calls of two minutes or less in length. To call for longer than two minutes you must purchase minutes. This year to celebrate April Fools the friendly folks at 123Spoof are allowing us to give away minutes here at MMi to help you get the most out of your April Fools pranks!

    To enter simply reply to this thread describing a GREAT PRANK to use 123Spoof for!

    1st Place wins $100 of minutes. Ten 2nd Place winners get $25 of minutes. Twenty-five 3rd Place winners get $10 of minutes. The contest/giveaway will run through April Fools. Winners will receive their prize codes via the email they used to register on ModMyi.com.
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    1. s2kpdx's Avatar
      s2kpdx -
      I always thought it would be fun to use this app to call one of my married friends when I know him and his wife would still be in bed in the morning after a night of separate bar hopping (guys / girls night), and call him from her number in the morning. Then I would use the voice changer and say "hey, your wife left her phone at my house last night"...


      Preferably one of my less tech-savvy friends who has no idea something like this could happen... lol.
    1. silent1643's Avatar
      silent1643 -
      Quote Originally Posted by icemike420 View Post
      I would simply use it to call my PO. I would let it display my house number where im am supposed to be under house arrest but really I would be outta the state lol!
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      My prank would be to call my friend who deals a certain herbal substance and pretend to be either the police or a big time dealer from my town.

      If I decided to be the police I would tell him that we know what he's doing and that something he sold to one of his clients was laced with something, and that person is now in the hospital. So, he is responsible for their hospital fees, and he is either facing a year or so in prison or will have to act as an informant to rat out the bigger fish. If he wasn't co-operating then I'd start playing dirty cop. Telling him I can do anything I want and get away with it because I'm a cop. I'd tell him to look out the window. Then I'd go with my friend who is a cop in his cruiser, and we'd set off the sirens and lights while driving by decently slow.

      If I decided to be that bigger fish then I would tell him that he has two choices. He can quit dealing, or he can tell me who he is getting his special stuff from and work for me. If he refuses then there will be major consequences. I'd let him know I knew where he lived, and that I knew about the people in his family. I'd tell him to meet me somewhere to discuss anything further.

      Oh yes, and I'd record it all. This way me and the rest if my friends can make fun and talk smack for a long long time.
    1. rakataka1989's Avatar
      rakataka1989 -
      a great prank to use 123 spoof are the following: call my girlfriend and pretend to be his ex boyfriend and ask her some question about if she like his boyfriend or if she still love me.it would be easy to find out is she is lying to me when she told me that she love me
    1. sn0ws's Avatar
      sn0ws -
      I would take credit cards from people mail boxes and use spoof to call and authorize them by spoofing their home number..
    1. t4rdif's Avatar
      t4rdif -
      I would use these minute to make so much pranks i love April fool ! every year me and my buds are always calling every one that we know and make out some story and fool around with theme, let me tell yall a few !

      i called my mom and told her we just went into a big car accident that everyone with me have die right away and that i was in hospital that she had to come and get me. i was really at hospital waiting for her and she had to drive like 45 min to come and get me.

      or an other one, i call one of my friend that i knew he was out and told him i was in front of his house which of burning down and had to arrive real fast.

      called a friend and told him he had to come and pick me up at the police station cuz i had been arrested while driving with alchool

      Me and my girlfriend call both our parents and told them that she was pregnant.

      it is just so hilarious the reaction of people when they realise they just got caught.

      imagine if i had a few bucks to spend on 123 Spoof ! it would be ridiculus all the pranks i could do with it

      make myself somebody else and fool everyone that i know
    1. Rinnr's Avatar
      Rinnr -
      call a known prank caller pretending to be the FBI's new Phone Abuse Prevention Squad or something. get him to think he's goind to jail...that would be funny
    1. christoforo's Avatar
      christoforo -
      Someone could phone apple headquarters or an apple phone number pretending to be Bill Gates and keep asking if they can get Steve Jobs home phone number so he can invite him to a dinner party. You can say stuff like you accidently restored your iPhone 3G and lost all your contacts Steve Jobs being one of them.
    1. F4TM4N's Avatar
      F4TM4N -
      Good luck everyone
    1. scottjl's Avatar
      scottjl -
      a great prank? call up mom and tell her i'm ed mcmann and that she's just won "ONE MILLION DOLLARS" in the publisher's house sweepstakes!
    1. jabij1's Avatar
      jabij1 -
      I would use this app to call this restaurant my friends and I used to prank call when we were kids. They actually memorized our numbers and voices and would never answer again. It was always this man with a foreign accent who would answer, and whenever we would hear his voice we would just fall on the floor. And the best part was the restaurant was called Zankou Jej...just hearing the guy saying it everytime "Hello this is Zankou Jej.." Maybe the fact it is an old time, child hood memory is what makes it really funny lol. Anyways this app would let us disguise our numbers and voices!! (I'd also be able to use it on family members and friends when I'm just that bored) Thanks for the opportunity!
    1. Om3r's Avatar
      Om3r -

      One of my good friend put his car for sale on Kijiji. I tooked the phone and a changed my number with one of those caller id changer. I tried to change my voice (using my poor immigrant eglish) as best i could and i got him =)

      This time i would use these minute to call and place order on chineese restaurant place an order put them on hold, call another chineese restaurant place the order and i will ask them to confirm the order and put them on the same line.
    1. nonaki's Avatar
      nonaki -
      ohh pick me
    1. bigstevep's Avatar
      bigstevep -
      Spoofed by boss by having my son (so he didn't recognize the voice) call him using his bosses number telling him that he had some important company restructuring that needed to be done and to be in his office at 7:00 AM sharp. He should plan to spend as much time as needed to get it done so block out the day regardless of what was scheduled. Also bring along his set of office keys.

      He just called me and cancelled the conference call we had scheduled at 8:00 AM and said he had an unscheduled meeting cpme up so it's working so far. Big boss doesn't show up until 9:00 AM so I'll have a secretary let him know he's been spoofed around 8:00 AM.
    1. titchgamer's Avatar
      titchgamer -
      If i could find out the "PHONE JACKERS" number i would ring him pretending to be the mobile phone company telling him that he has a huge bill and unless he pays up he shall be taken to court and phone disconected.

      see how he likes it huh?
    1. Chief Interpreter's Avatar
      Chief Interpreter -
      A great prank would be for you guys to use 123Spoof as an excuse for coaxing all of us into thinking that this IS actually a competition!!!

      Could it be that you have already thought of that?!?!
    1. arkaneivories's Avatar
      arkaneivories -
      As some of you may know, April 1st is also the day that most of the Ivy League schools get back to most students. At my school, we have way too many college-obsessed people, so I would make my number from New Haven (where Yale is) and call someone who's ridiculous enough to know that area code. At that point the "admissions director" calls them and congratulates them on their acceptance, the full scholarship, and that they want to fly them out here right away so that they can tour the school.

      You can go on for a while, but at the end of the call say "Actually, this is totally fake, and while millions of children starve in Africa, you're concerned about which Ivy League school to attend. Have a nice life."

      A bit cruel, but hey, it would be quite epic.
    1. JStraitiff's Avatar
      JStraitiff -
      i would use it to call back this car insurance scam place that keeps harassing me
    1. treble26's Avatar
      treble26 -
      my ultimate prank would be on my BOSS since the place i work at has his home number, i would call his place with the voice changer and say how a customer is pressing charges on him for being hit in the head with an orange. my BOSS has this really bad anger problem and so this prank should fall according to plan. he has been sued in the past for violently throwing things in his own store, so i think this would be awesome! and since i have never been in any serious problem with him and i am one of his top employees i know that he wont fire me and recording his reaction would be so rewarding. and then just to be an *** i would call me friend in california and tell him that he got his job back at E.A. Games and that he was one of the few employees who are being hired back after being layed off due to the economy. he is so going to hate me. please pick me!
    1. werm098's Avatar
      werm098 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jdys_1991 View Post
      LoL wow, never knew such a thing actually existed. I really need to try this out!

      What i would do is actually very similar to theguy386's story. Basically i know that guy who deals (yes, drugs). I got his number as well
      What i would do is scare this sh*t out of him by pretending to be a cop and that someone told "us" what you do and where you live.
      He'll probably drop the call and never pick up if i use the same number. I will change the fake caller Id and scare the sh*t out of him that he's goin to jail. Whenever he drops the call, i will change my caller ID and ring him saying something like "I know who you are, where you are and what you do... *evil laugh* Muhahahaaa..." lol xD
      This will scare the sh*t out of him. Next thing i would do is ring him and tell him "I can see you...". Obviously i would stand somewhere, where i can see him but he cant see me. What ever action he does, i would ring him and say what he is doing right now. Slowly he will start to think that I'm a genuine cop
      Basically after messing about with him and scaring him for about a good few hours, i'll go with one of my mates (who's a cop and would definitelly do me this favour for me! ) and drive with his police car with the light and the sound ON towards his house. Then i would ask him to knock on his door and ask if he is at home. If not, then the "cop" will hand in a written note from me which will say something like "YOU FOOL! ".

      LoL I can already imagine the expression of him!
      I really would love to win and prank him!
      Please dont do that one you may get your police officer friend hurt if you dont inform him of the joke and all circumstances which includes the part about your prank being on a drug dealer and that he thinks hes about to be arrested and go to prison... this is a bad idea that may end with actual jail time which im sure you want to avoid.

      Have a great April fools (some other way )