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  • 123Spoof April Fools Prank Giveaway Inside!

    Tomorrow is April Fools! This year you can prank your family and friends with your iPhone using 123Spoof for extra fun and enjoyment (including a call recording option for later laughs ). 123Spoof is packed full of features for the job of April Fools pranking with a list including:
    • Change Caller ID to any number you want to whomever you're pranking doesn't know it is you.
    • Record calls for later laughs.
    • Straight to voicemail to leave a prank message without the other parties phone ever ringing.
    • Voice changing to disguise your voice during the pranking.
    123Spoof allows unlimited calls of two minutes or less in length. To call for longer than two minutes you must purchase minutes. This year to celebrate April Fools the friendly folks at 123Spoof are allowing us to give away minutes here at MMi to help you get the most out of your April Fools pranks!

    To enter simply reply to this thread describing a GREAT PRANK to use 123Spoof for!

    1st Place wins $100 of minutes. Ten 2nd Place winners get $25 of minutes. Twenty-five 3rd Place winners get $10 of minutes. The contest/giveaway will run through April Fools. Winners will receive their prize codes via the email they used to register on ModMyi.com.
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    1. goody72's Avatar
      goody72 -
      I disguise my caller ID as a Government issued phone number, act as an aid to the present then I'd call all those guys at AIG and tell them that if they gave their bonuses back, or distributed them to worthy causes in their community, I'd see to it that they were Trippled next year.
    1. salzraina's Avatar
      salzraina -
      ooh, how much i love this one.. ooh.. would be awesome if i win!!

      i would call everybody on my phone book, from different numbers, and ask them to come to a designated place at a precise given time.. because their facebook account has been randomly selected by MTV for a special new episode of "prank your friend" !! i will keep a lot of lousy pastries, food and ofcourse drinks and music.. so when they finally show up.. all at once.. we could indulge in a massive drunk food fight.. hehe..

      ooh.. i wanna win!!
    1. superthrust's Avatar
      superthrust -
      i would call my wife and say that for the past couple years, that her sister's kid, who was supposed to be from a fertility clinic, was actually mine, and that she wants me to help take care of it, with her help.
    1. kycround's Avatar
      kycround -
      great prank. if i'll win i will do that do my parents.
      i'll call them as i be a teacher and i'll say how smart, how calm, how perfect i am and they should buy me a car.

      after that i'll use for my friends. i'll call my best friend and pretend to be the girl he loves.

      hmm. if i win i'm sure i'll figure it out how to use them properly to have fun.
    1. goody72's Avatar
      goody72 -
      I'd call Rush Limbaugh, and say that his family tree reveals that he and President Obama are brothers and their dad was from Mexico.
    1. fbjones's Avatar
      fbjones -
      change my voice to a woman and call my wife tell her in a womans voice tell her that her husban been seeing me dateing me for over a year while recording everything then come home and get put out sike play the recording april fools
    1. reanimationxp's Avatar
      reanimationxp -
      My friend lives in the apartment across from me and I have a key to his apt. A long time ago we had an argument because I said I would be good at being a thief (as we were watching It Takes a Thief on TV). I'm going to get into his apartment while he's at work, take most of his expensive stuff over to my apartment (computer, stereo, etc.) then call him using 123Spoof and the voice changer. I'll claim to be the maintenance supervisor and let him know he needs to be home right away, then watch the havok begin.. lol
    1. ninthchamber99's Avatar
      ninthchamber99 -
      I have a couple:

      1) the first one is to use ATT's number to call a friend who I know has a jailbroken phone (cause I jailbroke it for him) and tell him that ATT's technology has improved and detected his phone as being jailbroken and that he is in possession of an illegal phone and require him to buy a new phone.

      2) Get the number to the lottery commission and call a friend informing them they won the lottery but they only have a short amount of time to call back in order to get their prize.
    1. baludo's Avatar
      baludo -
      The way this prank would work, is if the person that you would like to prank, owns dog,a small non-aggresive is preferable.
      In my case my friend had a chihuahua.

      My friend went for a vacation and left her dog in a dog daycare.

      What you would do is call the person, saying that you are a representative from the daycare.

      Your going to say is that her dog is going crazy, biting everything and everyone. That it had bit 3 other dogs, and 2 staff members and even left one person bleeding. You then are going to tell her, that you r calling to let her know that all the staff members have agreed to put the dog to sleep (euthanize) due to it's severe aggresion.

      Very funny prank if done right. It's priceless to hear the reaction of the person being pranked when they know that its pretty impossible that their tini little dog, being acussed of being very aggresive, and whats even worse is when u tell that you r going to kill the dog, because of it. Mean but funny joke
    1. ensigma's Avatar
      ensigma -
      This seems like fun
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      There are quite a few new members with their first posts being in this thread. Makes me wonder if they're all just signing up to win the prizes or if they're the same person...

      IP checks? :-)
    1. ensigma's Avatar
      ensigma -
      Quote Originally Posted by cmcmillan View Post
      the best phone prank i have done is call a chinese food restaurant, place your order and put them on hold. Call another chinese food place and put the call on three-way. Let them start talking and see the chaos that ensues
      That's funny because that's exactly what this guy did a couple years ago
      [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0wq6bCiuLo]YouTube - Chinese restaurant prank call[/ame]

      Nice try though...
    1. wcgcollects's Avatar
      wcgcollects -
      Let me say there are prank calls and then there is the fbi, so try not to be too creative.. Here is an example.

      Phone phreaks spoof LSD-induced multiple homicide

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      By Dan Goodin in San Francisco Get more from this author

      Posted in Crime, 5th December 2007 22:25 GMT

      Free whitepaper Trend Micro delivers security cloud

      Three more individuals have admitted they participated in a series of phone phreak hoaxes that prompted raids by armed special weapons and tactic police teams on the homes of unsuspecting victims.

      Jason Trowbridge, of Louisiana and Texas, and Chad Ward of Texas pleaded guilty to multiple felonies, including conspiracy, access device fraud and unauthorized access of a protected computer. Each faces maximum penalties of five years in prison, fines of $250,000 and costs for restitution.

      As previously reported, Stuart Rosoff also pleaded guilty to charges in connection with the pranks, which over a course of almost five years snared more than 100 victims and resulted in as much as $250,000 in losses, according to court documents. Angela Roberson, who was charged alongside the trio, also entered a guilty plea but court documents did not elaborate.

      A sentencing hearing for Trowbridge is scheduled for late February. Hearings for Ward and Roberson are scheduled for mid March.

      Swatters, as the malicious pranksters are referred to, use a combination of social engineering, phone phreaking prowess and computer hacking to spoof the phone numbers of individuals they want to harass. They then make emergency calls to police departments and report crimes in progress, in many cases prompting a response from SWAT teams who conduct emergency raids on the homes of people whose numbers were spoofed.

      In many cases, the victims were fellow participants in telephone party lines, which largely act as the phone equivalent of internet relay chat groups. Trowbridge, who went by the names "Jason from California" and "John from California," furthered the scheme by mining personal information about the victims from a host of sources, including consumer reporting agencies, pizza delivery records and newspaper subscription records, according to court documents signed by the defendant.

      The personal information Trowbridge provided allowed the gang to make fake emergency calls that had the ring of authenticity. In one case, they posed as an Alvarado, Texas man whose daughter was a party line participant. They told a police dispatcher that he had shot and killed members of his family and was armed with an AK47 machine gun. The caller, who claimed to be high on hallucinogenic drugs, then threatened to kill his remaining hostages unless he was given $50,000 and safe passage out of the country.

      Police responded by sending police to the residence of the real man.

      In September of last year, Ward himself was swatted by members of the gang. But just a month later, as he admitted in court documents filed last month, he offered money to anyone who would carry out a Swat attack on the Alvarado family. Ward, who went by the name "Dark Angel," also confessed to obtaining personal information on victims by socially engineering telephone company employees.

      The documents provide other colorful details. Among them, Rosoff threatened to have the phone service of a Cheboygan, Michigan woman disconnected unless she agreed to provide him with phone sex. When she refused, Rosoff used social engineering to terminate her phone service. He also made false reports to police claiming the woman's children were being abused and discussed ways of having her falsely arrested.

      During the course of the conspiracy - which lasted from late 2002 to June of this year and involved as many as 20 individuals - the participants also initiated calls to employers, landlords, families and friends of party line members they held a grudge against. Some of the members who refused to stop using the line found their friends and families swatted.

      The case was investigated by the FBI field office in Dallas and prosecuted the the US Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Texas.

      as a previous victim I wouldn't use this app if I had too
    1. Airedale1's Avatar
      Airedale1 -
      I would call my girlfriend under one of her x-boyfriends numbers and see if she wants to meet up
    1. EGutierrez91's Avatar
      EGutierrez91 -
      Great Prank.

      I would call a classmate of mine saying they were accepted to Harvard Law.
    1. metaljay's Avatar
      metaljay -
      can some 1 help, both ispoof and 123 spoof app crash every min on my iphone, i have cycontact, intelliscreen and mcleaner, 5 icon row and springboard installed, any tips?

      i cant disable them all, and dont fancy uninstalling them all,
      ive checked permissions, and changed all to 0755 but still no luck.
    1. chris52204's Avatar
      chris52204 -
      I would call my co-worker from my boss' number and tell him he's fired!!
    1. Zer0FreeZ's Avatar
      Zer0FreeZ -
      I would call my girlfriend with her own number and say "stop calling yourself, stop calling yourself"... Childish, but still funny
    1. braids's Avatar
      braids -
      I always wanted to try this out. Hope I win.