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  • 123Spoof April Fools Prank Giveaway Inside!

    Tomorrow is April Fools! This year you can prank your family and friends with your iPhone using 123Spoof for extra fun and enjoyment (including a call recording option for later laughs ). 123Spoof is packed full of features for the job of April Fools pranking with a list including:
    • Change Caller ID to any number you want to whomever you're pranking doesn't know it is you.
    • Record calls for later laughs.
    • Straight to voicemail to leave a prank message without the other parties phone ever ringing.
    • Voice changing to disguise your voice during the pranking.
    123Spoof allows unlimited calls of two minutes or less in length. To call for longer than two minutes you must purchase minutes. This year to celebrate April Fools the friendly folks at 123Spoof are allowing us to give away minutes here at MMi to help you get the most out of your April Fools pranks!

    To enter simply reply to this thread describing a GREAT PRANK to use 123Spoof for!

    1st Place wins $100 of minutes. Ten 2nd Place winners get $25 of minutes. Twenty-five 3rd Place winners get $10 of minutes. The contest/giveaway will run through April Fools. Winners will receive their prize codes via the email they used to register on ModMyi.com.
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    1. badass1469's Avatar
      badass1469 -
      call bill gates saying that ur steve jobs and tell him you want to let him have all his apple patents =]
    1. illinijeff217's Avatar
      illinijeff217 -
      Won one of the Grand Prize $100's I can't wait to get started with this. Thanks 123Spoof!!!
    1. dominic56's Avatar
      dominic56 -
      I called my brother from his wife's number. I told him that he should tell his wife that she left her phone at my house after our quickie this afternoon. I told him that if she could come back and get it right now, that I could give her another quickie.
      My brother went ballistic and started screaming and yelling. He ended up punching his car... It was hillarious...
    1. deadcow's Avatar
      deadcow -
      I just read an article about a missing elderly from a retirement home. I thought, perhaps we should call that one retirement home and say hey, there's a guy standing outside my house and he matches the exact same description that you guys posted. "What should I do? OH $@!^ he's violating my lawn with his body waste! What should I do? What should I do? HEY, GET OFF MY LAWN!" *Starts turning on my water hose* "I'M GIVING YOU ONE MORE CHANCE!" then tell the person on the other line "Never mind! Sorry to bother you! I think I have found a solution" and spray the hose into a wall and pretend like you're spraying the old man.
    1. aamodr's Avatar
      aamodr -
      i am in India can i use it here??
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      f'in classic