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  • Skype Coming Tomorrow (Already out in Japan)

    Well the rumors were true. Skype really is coming out on Tuesday (it is already tuesday in Japan and they have Skype). The folks at PC World got a sneak peak so we already know what to expect.
    • Only works over WiFi
    • Calls to landlines 2.1 cents/min
    • Integrated with address book
    • Conference calling (if someone invites you)
    • Chat works over the cellular network
    • Missing SMS, video and proper conference calling, file transfer, and voicemail
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    1. aussiebob's Avatar
      aussiebob -
      Its Tuesday here in Australia ....cant find it in itunes

      He was first ( better now )
    1. JStraitiff's Avatar
      JStraitiff -
      ^^^this post jumping thing is really starting to piss me off

      awsome... obviously at&t isnt going to allow it to work on 3G

      im sure they will improve it over time

      why wouldnt they let us use our plans that we have now which are $3.00 for unlimited calling to us and canada
    1. greenleaf187's Avatar
      greenleaf187 -
      How much for this one?
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      Its FREE
    1. leram84's Avatar
      leram84 -
      Quote Originally Posted by him121213 View Post
      ^^^this post jumping thing is really starting to piss me off
      Post jumping?
    1. aussiebob's Avatar
      aussiebob -
      Quote Originally Posted by leram84 View Post
      Post jumping?
      him121213 was the first to post a comment.
      When I posted it was above him.....hmmm maybe because Im in Australia and am "in the future" to you guys
      Scarry stuff ...its like Matrix!
    1. automoglow's Avatar
      automoglow -
      does it cost anything to use skype chat on the iphone or will it just count towrads data and text messages?
    1. Zer0FreeZ's Avatar
      Zer0FreeZ -
      I'm in Australia and just searched for it in App Store on my phone and found it. No reviews yet and the strange thing is that it was posted up on App Store on the 23rd of March :-/

      I have installed it, extremely buggy at this stage, crashes after about 30 seconds every time. Even rebooted my phone, no effect. Hopefully they release a patch soon Will be great once it runs smoothly and over slower bandwidth.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Not working on 3G? Worthless (to me at least)....
    1. Rescuer's Avatar
      Rescuer -
      Skype for T-Mobile G1 can place calls over 3G. did they have to remove that feature to comply with apples rules?

      here is a c-net review

      Skype for iPhone: It's official | CTIA show - CNET Reviews
    1. porkepig's Avatar
      porkepig -
      it's on app store now, but yeah also very buggy, I'm using a 1st generation Iphone,
      and it crashes every time i tap on username to enter my details.

      any suggestions,
      I've tried re-installing and rebooting etc

    1. tosbsas's Avatar
      tosbsas -
      Disable Clippy appstore apps support -and it works, at least here

    1. cf125's Avatar
      cf125 -
      i just got it from the uk store went to log in and it just drops out
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      wow, for once i believe fox news, lol i heard them say this in themorning but thought to myself , FOX NEWS...........they usually stretch the truth but wow....still not watching fox tho, cant wait till morning
    1. mrfreddy's Avatar
      mrfreddy -
      Thx tosbsas,
      disabled Clippy for "appstore apps support" and can login now. However tried "Test call" and quality is very poor and the app closes after 20-30 seconds. I guess i'll wait for update.
    1. llj1137075's Avatar
      llj1137075 -
      Just now searched in US appstore. It's on there.
      Just won't download yet.
      Will edit when downloaded.

      Working good.
    1. flacogp23's Avatar
      flacogp23 -
      Its already on itunes in USA, and its only 11:45pm!!!early.....im gonna try it out
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      Yep. Just installed it. But just to test it out. I'm going to delete it soon.
    1. maz's Avatar
      maz -
      Yeah folks! Its up in Sweden and Thailand as well! But it seems to crash all time after a while :-(
    1. seaeagle's Avatar
      seaeagle -
      yep, I had the same trouble. About 20 seconds then gone. I tried disabling clippy app support but the same happened. I will wait till it works before i re- install it.