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  • Skype Coming Tomorrow (Already out in Japan)

    Well the rumors were true. Skype really is coming out on Tuesday (it is already tuesday in Japan and they have Skype). The folks at PC World got a sneak peak so we already know what to expect.
    • Only works over WiFi
    • Calls to landlines 2.1 cents/min
    • Integrated with address book
    • Conference calling (if someone invites you)
    • Chat works over the cellular network
    • Missing SMS, video and proper conference calling, file transfer, and voicemail
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    1. mr.sparky's Avatar
      mr.sparky -
      It worked fine for me on 2G using wireless someone call me thallock75
    1. GodzillaAteMyiPhone's Avatar
      GodzillaAteMyiPhone -
      Can confirm working over 3g and Edge thanks to voipover3g

      add: com.skype.skype to voipover3g's plist file

      edit- can make about one call, then the app crashes. might be more stable over wifi in safe mode but won't be able to utilize voipover3g. so far i prefer nimbuzz
    1. nutz's Avatar
      nutz -
      It's out on the Brazilian store as well.

      Same thing: crashes after no more than 2 minutes.

      I wonder if non-jailbroken phones (more free memory than most of us here) will be able to use more than a minute or two of iSkype...

      EDIT: Works fine in Safe mode!
      Made a few calls (over wi-fi), fiddled around the options, and no crash so far (more than 15 minutes so far).

      At last!
      I can now enter touch tones in a Skype call on a mobile phone!

      Fring doesn't allow it, as well as any other phone VoIP client I've tried, e.g. Nokia's native SIP client.
      Haven't tried Nimbuzz though, as far as I remember...

      Does anyone know of other free Skype or SIP clients for the iPhone (or Nokia S60_3rd (OT, I know)) that lets you enter touch tones during a VoIP call?

      [Edit 2] Could it be detecting voipover3g (or cydia) and halting at that point?
    1. mrblader's Avatar
      mrblader -
      Quote Originally Posted by nutz View Post
      Edit 2] Could it be detecting voipover3g (or cydia) and halting at that point?
      I dont think it can detect Cydia..... MAYBE, JUST MAYBE voipover3g... but i thought appstore apps arent suppose to have access to those files... I dunno just guessing here.

      But whether from WiFi, or VoipOver3g... they both take you to the same place, the internet, so i dont think it is voipover3g either.

      It COULD be due to jailbreaking and low RAM, I will try to confirm tomorrow... My neighbor has a 3G that is UN-jailbroken (iew...) I keep trying to talk him into joining the community, but I jailbroke his girlfriends phone when the 3G first came out, and she had no idea what she was doing, started to download random apps and it started to flake out on her... So, he's a bit skeptical... I'll bring him over to the dark side sooner or later though.

      i TRIED using MemTool to clear out ram and got about 36 mb free and SKYPE still crashes, anyone able to confirm same issue with more free ram??
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      the only way it runs for me is in safe mode
    1. los4vws's Avatar
      los4vws -
      I just donwload it as well and its crashing every time I try to type my user name , I cant even get pass that. I think att is having something to do with this cuz my void is also been doing that now for a minute now.
    1. cranie's Avatar
      cranie -
      iTunes Store
    1. ilovemycat's Avatar
      ilovemycat -
      it only crashes constantly on jailbroken iphones.
    1. CaCHooKa Man's Avatar
      CaCHooKa Man -
      it works for me after disabling clippy for app store apps. i could only test it with the skype test call number since i dont have anyone to test it with.

      it crashes every minute though
    1. slavipz's Avatar
      slavipz -
      It doesn't work here either. Crashes when i try to enter my user details
    1. aussiebob's Avatar
      aussiebob -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zer0FreeZ View Post
      I'm in Australia and just searched for it in App Store on my phone and found it. No reviews yet and the strange thing is that it was posted up on App Store on the 23rd of March :-/

      I have installed it, extremely buggy at this stage, crashes after about 30 seconds every time. Even rebooted my phone, no effect. Hopefully they release a patch soon Will be great once it runs smoothly and over slower bandwidth.
      Wasnt there at 6am this morning.
      Downloading now.
      I am using 3 and have 1000 min a month to use on the account through 3G.I dont suppose it will support this yet.Heres hope.

      Allot of noise for nothing
    1. Eminem1976's Avatar
      Eminem1976 -
      there was something out weeks ago for skype. IM+ for skype

      it works exactly like the app that's just new out. i've had no problems with it to this point.
    1. imode's Avatar
      imode -
      Quote Originally Posted by ilovemycat View Post
      it only crashes constantly on jailbroken iphones.
      I have a 2G jailbroken 2.2.1 iPhone and haven't experienced crashing yet. Both IM and VOIP work fine (so far). It may be related to conflicts with some other jailbroken app.
    1. chris55's Avatar
      chris55 -
      Works on my iPhone 2G - jailbroken...

      Great App!

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    1. mr.sparky's Avatar
      mr.sparky -
      It's working just fine on my 2G I tested it out lastnight with stealthbravo but his kept crashing.
    1. Tundra's Avatar
      Tundra -
      the suggestion on turning off clippy app store support helped with the login issues. There is an update for mobile substrate via cydia which appears to have fixed the crashing issues. Only thing is the 3G/edge wifi trick will not work with this app. It still says you need to be connected to wifi. Overall for a first release the calls are clear and works well.
    1. princemarko's Avatar
      princemarko -
      If you have a jailbroken iphone and Skype crashes... go to Cydia and update. It's a mobilesubsrate issue.

      Also, someone give me the Voipover3g info to edit the plist for skype.

      Update: Cydia corrects the crash issues with Skype

      For anyone that wants it to work over 3g... Voipover3g.plist edit for skype is com.skype.skype
    1. Dragonx's Avatar
      Dragonx -
      I just downloaded it and it crashes every time I try to put in my username. I even reboot and no cigar. I'm using a 2G with 2.2.1 firmware....

      Opps sorry didn't see the previous posts....I'll update via cydia and see how that works...
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Saurik is working on fixing the mobilesubstrate problems with cydia and Skype.
      Check Cydia to see if it's been fixed yet.

      [Edit]As soon as I posted this I saw princemarko had already mentioned it 2 posts before mine - it wasn't there when I started typing - homnest![/Edit]
    1. tosbsas's Avatar
      tosbsas -
      did you guys try to disable preformace boot in intelliscreen - that did the job for me

      After substrate update of course