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  • Future iPhone and Netbooks to Sport OLED Displays Designed by LG!?!

    An Australian Magazine reports that Apple has entered into a multi-billion dollar deal with LG to supply OLED screens for future use.

    It’s also believed that a new iPhone and iPod Touch due later this year will include an OLED screen made by LG who last year scored a multibillion dollar deal to manufacture display screens for Apple.
    Apple currently uses the LED screen which sucks a lot of battery as well compared to OLED which requires no backlight. This would be a really nice move to counter the iPhone 3G battery issues. It would also help with the new 3.0 battery consuming features such as PUSH notification.

    I believe we can expect the rumored netbooks and future iPhone/ iPod Touch models to sport an OLED due to apple's infatuation with the latest.

    [Smarthouse via BoyGeniusReport]

    Graphic made by at004 a.k.a Amine
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      Quote Originally Posted by waseem1963 View Post
      nothing is perfect in this world ...
      You've obviously not met my g/f then
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      Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
      You've obviously not met my g/f then

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      Honestly, don't trust wiki for you information. Do your research!! Panasonic and Toshiba have more than doubled the life of OLED diodes. Also Sony's OLED tv has 30,000 hours of life. A heck of a lot more than 5 years.

      Don't just take for fact something a user quotes from a Wiki page.
    1. xjuliephanx's Avatar
      xjuliephanx -
      The extra battery life would be useful for me. I use my phone so much I have to charge it 2-3 times a day (I'm a text whore)... any extra battery life would be much appreciated
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      The problem is, the benefits from one energy saving technology are usually outweighed by new features that use more energy than you have saved
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      Im so f'in stoked i want the new iphone STAT!!!
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      @ xjuliephanx. What a lovely face/Avatar to behold whilst reading all this speculation. :P

      @ DaMan Fool. You sound like a fool with all your snidey remarks. If you just want to chat shite for the sake of it, I suggest you find another site to do it on, but hey, frredom of speech is a wonderful thing. Just don't expect to join a tech forum and start to slate other members off without good cause...and for the record, your opinion does not equate to good cause.

      As for OLED in the 'supposed' upcoming iPhone....I hope it's so, accompanied by some much needed RAM, battery and storage upgrades!