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  • BTW xGPS 1.2 for GPS Turn-by-Turn Voice Nav Went Public

    Something else that happened during my internet outage! xGPS 1.2 which we gave you a sneak peak of back in February went live. The previous version saw 162078 downloads from our repo and at the time of this posting 121098 have downloaded version 1.2. That leaves about 40,000 of you that still need to update. Do it. The price is right (free). It's worth it I promise . Give some props to the devs!

    From the xGPS folks:
    Everybody would say: Finally! Yes, xGPS 1.2 has been released. The version has been sent to the MMI repository and will be available within some hours. It should be in everybody’s Cydia as the MMI repository is installed by default. Just do a refresh within some hours and xGPS should pop up.

    This version of xGPS has required us a lot of hours of work. We have tried to bring the most advanced and stable navigation software for the iPhone / iPod touch. However, even if we have made our best, you have to keep in mind that this software is free but not bug free. If you experience such a bug feel free to ask in the forum but do not say “It doesn’t work, it’s crappy”.
    Don't forget you can also download their manager for your desktop. If you're having trouble feel free to ask other MMi members here or mosey over to the xGPS forum
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    1. Miro89's Avatar
      Miro89 -
      thx reddawg, ur advice really helped, instead of selecting all of Egypt, i selected only around the part in which i live in. and made the zoom levels 2,3,4,7 and it just saif 49.2 and i selected a large part of Egypt not all of it!!!!

      hi its all working fine but when i try to route it gives me an error saying no driving directions can be found using ur query and i am sure i typed the places correctly wats the problem?
    1. nrowensby's Avatar
      nrowensby -
      It works, but it seems like it's not refreshing the GPS signal constantly... It kinda hops and the speed is always off... Any ideas?
    1. bunnywhi7e's Avatar
      bunnywhi7e -
      I have iPhone 3G 8gb and I'm using T-Mobile on it. Do you need DATA plan in order for this to work. I have no DataPlan @ all.
    1. Miro89's Avatar
      Miro89 -
      yh the speed takes a while to be the same. for example on the car it says 80 km/h and on xgps it said 100km/h and then it jumps to 0 and goes to the original speed 80 which is correct but takes too long. and i have a problem in driving directions. whenever i press on it and choose my current position to a mall in my country, it tells me ERROR: no driving directions can be found using ur query?!!! anyone else with the same problem????
    1. alexcutter's Avatar
      alexcutter -
      Quote Originally Posted by Miro89 View Post
      ok here is the deal: i help you, u press the thx button ok. Otherwise YOU DIEEEEE!!!!!lol
    1. Miro89's Avatar
      Miro89 -
      Quote Originally Posted by alexcutter View Post
    1. av8ndad's Avatar
      av8ndad -
      I've been testing xGPS over the past few days. For those of you who have been using it, it is clear that xGPS is using Google Maps for the map images as well as for the directions it provides. Beyond that similarlity, it is quite obviously superior primarily because it stays centered on your current position while you drive. This has always been a frustration that I've had using the Google Maps app while on the road for business.

      What follows is a list of issues that I've had with xGPS over the past few days, but don't get me wrong. The application solves a lot of issues for me and I like. Besides, you can't argue with the price!

      So here are the issues that I'd like to see resolved in a future version:

      - Voice navigation volume

      - Choice of English or Metric for the turn announcements (currently Metric)

      - An algorithm that takes into account minor GPS accuracy issues before announcing that you are going the "WrongnWay" (sic)

      - A better intereface for using an address from Contacts. Right now, when you go to contacts you have to find the contact, tap on it and then tap on the address. Then you hit Cancel and it takes you back to xGPS where the route has been calculated. This isn't very intuitive.

      - A Recently Found list so that you don't have to re-enter address information for an address that was recently found. For instance, let's say you drove to the local airport yesterday to pick up a colleague and now need to return to get on your flight. Right now you have to re-enter this info. See the Google Maps iPhone app for an example.

      - Auto Night Mode - It would be nice if xGPS would switch Night Mode on or off automatically based upon the time of day at your present location.

      - Search Places seems to have a bug because when I search for and find a location and then tap on it, it shows its location for a split second before the screen returns to being centered on my present position. If I zoom far enough out it does have a pin in the location it found, but I can't do anything with it. For instance, it would be nice to tap on it and be able to drive to it, or at least get its address for the Directions screen.

      - Driving Directions will only allow you to compute a route to a specific address. If you want to search for a place and then drive to it, you need to use the Routes Manager. Perhaps renaming these 'Drive to Address' and 'Drive to Place' might make them more understandable.

      - Add a map scale to the screen so that when you zoom in or out, you have some reference for distances. Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn't offer this, so it might not be possible for the developers of xGPS to add it without Google's support.

      That's about it. Remember, I do like the app and the above issues are simply ways that I believe it could be improved. Frankly, if all of them were fixed I might even consider (dare I say it?) paying for the app. ;-)
    1. Deaf_Raiders's Avatar
      Deaf_Raiders -
      I can not get mines too work Do i have to download the maps first or what?
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Deaf_Raiders View Post
      I can not get mines too work Do i have to download the maps first or what?
      Make sure the GPS settings have the 3G's GPS set...
    1. jeproks77's Avatar
      jeproks77 -
      why is it the maps on my xgps is dark?
      can someone help me ?
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Have you turned on your iPhone?
    1. HAMBIERO's Avatar
      HAMBIERO -
      Hi guys!! does anyone know how to add maps on the xgps app.?I live in cyprus which is not on google maps!! is there anyway to add igo8 onto the iphone??
    1. reddawg's Avatar
      reddawg -
      Hi guys!! does anyone know how to add maps on the xgps app.?I live in cyprus which is not on google maps!! is there anyway to add igo8 onto the iphone??
      Currently xGPS 1.2 only supports Google maps. The developers have suggested that future versions may support other map sources. For direct support on xGPS goto xGPS Users forum • Index page.
    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      I'm loving it!