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  • Possible Next Generation iPhone Pics Leaked

    Still months away from June when the next generation of iPhone is expected to be announced/released possible leaked pics of casing design are already popping up on the web.

    If these images are real it appears that the next generation iPhone will do away with the glossy casing and have a matte finish instead. The finish is textured for better gripping. It is also rumored that the rear casing is going to be returning to metal instead of the cheap plastic casing used in the iPhone 3g which has caused many complaints and class action lawsuits due to cracking. Also to note from the pictures it is probable that the next iPhone will have a 16 GB size option -- the question is will that be paired with a 32 GB or a 8 GB.

    In addition to the picture above a couple more shots of the possible casing:

    [via ipodobserver and macrumors]
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    1. loafomatic's Avatar
      loafomatic -
      Looks like it still doesnt have a flash for the camera. Apple isnt getting it. They broke through a wall and just sat and admired the view instead of moving forward. Nokia here I come.
    1. dman112's Avatar
      dman112 -
      Yeah hopefully they will add a better camera to iphone and make it faster
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Not quite sure why people are still discussing this mock up.
      Apart from the fact it is matt rather than shiny the only other difference is a fake FCC number.
      But if you want to continue discussing it, feel free.
      Have fun