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  • Turn By Turn Voice Navigation on iPhone. Really! Not a Rumor!

    I had some places to get to today and had the opportunity to try out the newest beta 1.2 of xGPS for turn by turn directions with voice navigation while driving to my destinations. It was a pleasure to use and I got where I was going on time without issue. If you haven't jailbroken yet this is yet another reason why you need to. TomTom and TeleNav haven't been able to get the turn by turn voice nav out the door (presumably because of Apple's restrictions) but for jailbreakers a public version of xGPS with both turn by turn and voice nav will be out via the MMi Cydia repo later this month -- maybe even as soon as February 20th!

    • The voice navigation is great. The voice engine is pretty accurate and although it has some issues with a few words and abbreviations for the most part the voice directions are clear and easily understandable. It also will provide voice directions while music is playing though for me this feature needs to ability to mute the music while giving directions before it will be practical - I just couldn't understand the directions while music was playing.
    • The turn by turn instructions are basically Google Maps directions. They are accurate in a lot of places and I can't fault them most the time. Turn by turn is initiated by pressing the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app and then either searching for something to get directions to or entering in an address. In the future I'd like to see the search list results in a more friendly fashion with distance to the results etc.
    • Night mode. Who wants to have a bright white screen shining at you while driving at night? The latest beta of xGPS includes a night mode feature with automatically turns on between 8pm and 7am or turns on by a timer which you can set manually. The night mode screen is pretty click looking with a black/purple background and streets.
    • Maps Manager. If you're going to a location and are worried that the network wont be fast enough to download maps while you're moving you can use the map manager to download maps ahead of time. A simple menu allows you to select an area to download by creating a red box. Pretty simple. There is also a desktop client for both Windows and Mac allowing you to download and manage maps on your computer before uploading to the iPhone.
    • For iPhone 1st Generation and iPod Touch users you aren't out of luck. xGPS supports a number of external GPS modules including the iGPS360 from the xGPS hardware partner Orangegadgets.com
    • There are a lot more features to go into detail about including the ability to set miles or km, latitude and longitude, lots of language support, landscape view, etc. Check out the screenshots below for a peek.
    • edit: I may have forgotten to mention the price tag of Free
    Keep your eyes out in Cydia for xGPS version 1.2 coming soon. For more information check out their blog and forums. You can also get the previous version 1.1 of their repo @ cydia.xwaves.net but it doesn't include voice navigation among some other features.

    Some pics

    Video of xGPS in action.

    LESS exciting but related
    We got a tip about another iPhone turn-by-turn app that is set to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress and Exhibition on February 19th. The folks at Sygic are known for their GPS software on other platforms but we have no details about their iPhone app except for the image below (click for full size)

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    1. ssvegeta873's Avatar
      ssvegeta873 -
      awesome, im on my way to get the xgps360, thanks
    1. Napoleon_PhoneApart's Avatar
      Napoleon_PhoneApart -
      Quote Originally Posted by J273 View Post
      As anyone tried this with the 3g's GPS ?

      Is the GPS chip good enough and does it manage to keep track?

      It keeps track fine for me using the 3G's GPS.
    1. shannon.harvey's Avatar
      shannon.harvey -
      Hey All,

      Just downloaded and installed the app...and must say that I am stoked. But on the same note have a question or two that I figured I’d reach out and ask a few of you folks here. Within xGPS there of course are several options, one of which speak to the downloading of maps….but I must say that I’m not sure I see the benefit of downloading maps when I can use the one that are encompassed within google maps….can someone here speak to that…please?

      Also I tried setting the “GPS to use” option to that of the “xGPS Module” however when doing so I find that GPS state shows as disconnected. Am I doing something wrong or does that module not work? Either way from what I’ve seen this app is awesome…it rocks….loving it….thank you
    1. kakemix007's Avatar
      kakemix007 -
      I tried the xGPS and it works great, but i noticed one issue: It handles some abbreviations like states -- it will say "Nebraska" instead of "North East" when it sees "NE" in an address. i.e. 103 Cribbs St NE
    1. NickTuso's Avatar
      NickTuso -
      I used it at least 6 times in the last 24hrs, worked well for me. I found everything I wanted to find. I like how you can tap on the "WRONG WAY" thing when it pops up and it asks you if you want to re route your itinerary(I know its an option for it to auto do that, it's faster touching it}. I like it and it works great for me. The voice I would like to be a hot British girl or something.
    1. aussiebob's Avatar
      aussiebob -
      Quote Originally Posted by kakemix007 View Post
      I tried the xGPS and it works great, but i noticed one issue: It handles some abbreviations like states -- it will say "Nebraska" instead of "North East" when it sees "NE" in an address. i.e. 103 Cribbs St NE
      It uses text to speech so will speek what is written.
      Make sure you guys download maps using XGPS mamager found on the new web site xGPS Official Website
      I downloaded over 400 mb -took a while for Sydney area and a little further up and down in Australia (around 100 km in all directions) but the wireless transfer to the iphone only took minutes.
      You can blame the Google maps for telling you certain directions as the maps dont seem to be updated in some newer areas -dont blame the program.
      I tried it yesterday and seems to work well.
      Actually found some of the businesses I wanted to visit.
      Should be awsome when the kinks are out of the system.
    1. tha5150's Avatar
      tha5150 -
      i am still needed a way to use diskaid or ftp to transfer the files to the phone manually. the wireless in the office will not allow me to transfer the file. someone PLEASE HELP
    1. andygev35's Avatar
      andygev35 -
      couldn't u transfer them via WinSCP or an equivalent?
    1. tha5150's Avatar
      tha5150 -
      You have to copy the xGPS_map.db file generated by xGPS Maps Manager into the directory /var/mobile/Library on the iPhone.

      this is what i found on their forums.. and i cant do it at work other than by using a data cable. every port is blocked at work for wireless transfers or anything else for that matter...

      ok, i got the maps transfered but i can not use the blue button to search for that direction.. i am so lost on this and so many people have issues like me.. on the other hand, people are loving it.. i just want it get it to work dangit!!!

      open program, press the search button on the bottom in the middle, driving directions, from current position, i try to search for my home from my work and i get " no driving directions can be computed using your query" but i have 250mb of maps downloaded and my house is right in the middle. so what now?.. edit.. i guess you have to put the address in and then the zip.. like 123 happy street 33484 and it just found it.. yeahh

      but what does the signal strength mean when it says poor? if i have full wifi or 3g, why would THAT be poor? before i installed the maps, i went to the gas station today and was testing the mph feature and it kept up somewhat decntly. maybe it was an every 3 seconds update to change the speed. although in mc donalds drive thru i was going 38. hahaha
    1. Gregorio's Avatar
      Gregorio -
      Quote Originally Posted by shannon.harvey View Post
      Hey All,
      but I must say that I’m not sure I see the benefit of downloading maps when I can use the one that are encompassed within google maps….can someone here speak to that…please?
      You can use it to basically pre-download all the maps for your area so that as you're driving your iPhone hasn't got to be constantly contacting Google Maps to download the next 100m or so of map for the bit you're driving towards
    1. virus666's Avatar
      virus666 -
      Merging Maps to my desktop and it was stuck at 91% for awhile... Give it time and it will complete. I have drove around a bit and love the turn by voice. Granted like the rest no music while driving On the other hand though I do not have to look at where I am going! It is a compromise that I will gladly deal with.

      This is for the developers. If a patch can be made to make the device as loud as you wish then we can use the radio and the iphone maps at the same time. For now I will use it with the aux port on my radio and listen to Stephen Hawkins give me directions. I'll toggle between music and gps as I need directions or music greater. Thank you sooo much for this leap and bound!!!

      For users... Download the app, reset your home address and other settings. Sync with the xGPS desktop, then download maps either from your wireless on the iphone or via your desktop. Leave the iphone GPS selected. The others only work if you have them connected to your device. Good Luck
    1. bhz1's Avatar
      bhz1 -
      Just tried this out today and it worked pretty well.

      When driving at highway speeds, it would crash to springboard about every 2 minutes. This may have been because I was driving too fast for it to keep up (75mph+) I turned off logging and night mode and it seemed to help.

      A few times it would tell me I was going the wrong way when i was in fact travelling in the correct direction. I attributed this to the fact that the GPS itself had not properly located me. This issue popped up mostly when i first started the app. It settled itself by waiting then having it recalculate your route, or if you have the stock Maps app GPS locate your position first, then opening up xGPS and calculate the route.

      Once, the voice said turn left but the words on the screen said to turn right, (turn right was the correct direction).

      Its getting better and bettter.
    1. tha5150's Avatar
      tha5150 -
      yea, i noticed all those things also.. the turning left or right was a small issue.. especially if you really dont know where your going.. right now, i use it to get home, work, mc donalds, etc.. just to use the app ya know? but the gps is a minor issue that needs to be fixed and the voice kinda sucks..

      hey, i am NOT dogging this app. i am sure it took alot more than the alot more i think it took to make. lol. cheers to the devs.. but i am sure if will be better and better with future updates
    1. thurman's Avatar
      thurman -
      I just downloaded iGPS on Cydia and now I have a ton of questions. I have a 2G Iphone. I was wondering if I need to buy one of those orange module things. I want a cheaper alternative.
    1. tomheben's Avatar
      tomheben -
      There isnt really a cheaper alternative for GPS location on the 2G iPhone. The Orange Gadgets Module is the cheapest External GPS Module set that is offered.
    1. andygev35's Avatar
      andygev35 -
      Well, if you want xGPS to work.... well.... you're gonna need a gps antenna, it's as simple as that. Not sure if an aftermarket gps dongle can be classified as "cheap".
    1. NickTuso's Avatar
      NickTuso -
      I used xgps again tonight and I will say it worked very well. Crashed a few times but worked really well other than that. I love using night mode, looks great.

      And whats all this about downloading the maps for your area? I have never done that and other than crashing a few times tonight the program has been really solid.
    1. FamousAmos's Avatar
      FamousAmos -
      some one can tell me where can i download it? thanks!^^
      email:[email protected]
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Quote Originally Posted by FamousAmos View Post
      some one can tell me where can i download it? thanks!^^
      email:[email protected]
      Make sure ur iPhone is jailbroken, then download through Cydia. It will be in the MMI repo. xGPS v1.2

      More info..

    1. ssvegeta873's Avatar
      ssvegeta873 -
      you can find that module @ orangegadgets.com

      on the xgps app when i open it sends me directly to some place in europe, i selected to use my current location, how come this is happening cause when i use maps original app it works just fine, plz help