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  • Fabrix Cases- Handmade iPhone 3G Pouches (Giveaway Ended)

    Fabrix cases are unique handmade pouches for iPhone and your other devices. The cases are mostly made of cloth like linen, corduroy etc (yeah, that’s true!), enhancing the “wow” factor. Recently, the company launched some nice printed designs for the cases too. These are “limited” editions of the case and cost a bit more than the normal ones.

    Although these cases are hand stitched, there’s no compromise with the quality! The stitches are perfect, though the case is a bit loose, which can be taken as a positive point (read below). When it comes to design, their collection is varied, ranging from base cloth changes to three great printed designs that give your device a personal touch. A small “cute” feature of the case is that it sports a little lanyard inside to hang a keychain or some other small stuff.

    The limited edition cases have their name hidden at the bottom with a little company tag on side. The stitching is clearly visible on the inside of case but it’s completely invisible outside. There’s even some extra space in the pouch that allows you to put the phone in with a thin case on it - but thick ones like the Mophie doesn’t fit at all.

    The case even provides decent shock absorption as a surplus, although its not meant for protection of that kind. One major issue - the phone can slip easily off the case as the top of the case is open and it isn’t quite tight enough to grip the iPhone.

    I recommend the case to anyone looking for something different for the price tag of just $29.90 (normal edition is $21.90) - but if you are not willing to spend that money, we are giving away two limited edition cases namely, the “Mojoko” and “eeShaun” for iPhone 3G. To enter the contest, just post a comment in the thread with the format “F- your views about the case ” (mandatory). The format is strict and any comment ignoring it will not be counted. All double entries and PM entries will be disqualified. The two winners will be announced in a week and the prize can be shipped worldwide as well.

    For those who can't wait for this contest to end, use the coupon code "modmyi" at Fabrix Cases - Protecting the things you love… in style to get a modest 10% discount on the whole order! The coupon is valid till 7th March.

    P.S If you don’t own an iPhone 3G but a device having similar dimensions (like iPod Touch or iPhone 2G), you can still participate in the contest.


    UPDATE 2: Chase817 and whateverman24791 wins the two cases!

    UPDATE 3: If
    whateverman24791 doesn't claim the prize within 4 hours from this edit by replying to the PM I sent, someone else will get the case (Mojoko left).

    UPDATE 4: thetoothfairy wins the Mojoko case in place of whateverman24791. Congrats to the winners!
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    1. jayfoxer9's Avatar
      jayfoxer9 -
      F- my view about the case
      I think this case is sweet and would love to win one!
    1. dkaye's Avatar
      dkaye -
      These are cool. I was looking for a pouch to put the iphone in - to augment the air support jacket. I ordered one. Let's see how long it takes to arrive. FYI - that eshauna - that would definitely be a watercooler conversation piece at the office. Debbie does... Haha.

      Also, while using the "modmyi" coupon gets you a 10% discount, using their coupon code "bundledjoy" will save you $5 per item ordered. With shipping, total cost was a little under $20.

    1. saadlive's Avatar
      saadlive -
      F - Very good looking, lots of color and a nice contemporary style.
    1. EGutierrez91's Avatar
      EGutierrez91 -
      This case would let me use my phone as a tool to communicate in many different languages. So I can steal Sayam's girlfriend. =P
    1. JamalJones's Avatar
      JamalJones -
      F- This sleeve would go great on with my new Bodyguardz. Glad I got rid of my Slider case it was hiding my iPhone's sexyness
    1. ericwuzneverhere's Avatar
      ericwuzneverhere -
      F- "It is great! So colorful. Reminds me of Japan for some odd reason"
    1. Micara57's Avatar
      Micara57 -
      F- This case seems very genuine, a smooth look and feel. It seems like it wont be getting stuck in my pocket like most of the rubber ones do. I'm going to check it out more.
    1. rumjungle's Avatar
      rumjungle -
      F- very attracting case to show iphone is more than just a phone..
      great for my iphone, because it doesn't hold the heat as a plastic or silicon case.
      no damage to my iphone and not sticky.
    1. wePhone's Avatar
      wePhone -
      F - I'm lazy and want one. I don't care about the rest of your needs right now - I want this damn case.
    1. Preyslayer's Avatar
      Preyslayer -
      F- Real retro and hip It looks like the cloth could clean the iphone while it's in the pouch in your pocket it would be awesome to win one of these
    1. Tokyo's Avatar
      Tokyo -
      F- I want in looks like a cool accessory
    1. KeviN | NiveK's Avatar
      KeviN | NiveK -
      F -
      I got to say, that for an iPhone 2G holder, 3G has better cases than us. Not only is this a thinner, and intuitively made case, but the design on the brand of case makes the iPhone look better. If your look at my case, my case makes the iPhone a huge block of blackness.And is not very Appealing.
      Now Just imagine showing your friends this case; the case makes the apparel/appearance of the iPhone just so much better. It makes ur friends like WHOA! What is that case? DANG dude, let me see your phone?

      It is diferrent. Something that people want. And something that an iPhone 2G holder would definily need as a replacement of those bricks of cases Apple has at their store.
    1. bgname's Avatar
      bgname -
      F- this case makes every other case look dull.. it's original, fun, practic and colorfull, just what i've been looking for. Want one.. now!
    1. theepolarbear's Avatar
      theepolarbear -
      F-it might as well make (one of, if not) my first post here an entry for one of these F-ing cool cases!!
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      F - it certainly looks different!
    1. wsupitstonyy's Avatar
      wsupitstonyy -
      F- Looks like a really good lookin' pouch. Hope whoever wins it deserves it. I hope I win it too (:
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      Quote Originally Posted by wsupitstonyy View Post
      Hope whoever wins it deserves it.
      I hope not!

      I want to win it and I don't deserve it
    1. Abcdefs's Avatar
      Abcdefs -
      F- your views about the case..
      Dude this case looks so good.
      Hand made too!
      Hope i win!!!?!?!
    1. greenleaf187's Avatar
      greenleaf187 -
      F- Eyecatching, yet classic. The design and colors adds life and excitement to the boring look that iPhone has been having since forever, that no other case could match up. This one is a new experiment. I am kinda dissappointed that I don't find two more popular language, Arabic and Farsi.
    1. Jaesian's Avatar
      Jaesian -
      "F- That case is definitely unique; haven't seen anything like it and it's awesome that it's all hand-stitched. I'd love to get my hands on that."