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  • Unofficial QuickPwn 2.2.1 for Windows Users
    If you have windows and just can't wait for the dev team to release their official version of QuickPwn for 2.2.1 there is another option out. I don't suggest you use this but since I know many of you just can't wait any longer and will anyways we might as well have a post here for the discussion. This is basically poorlad's 2.2 tool with some 2.2.1 bundles crammed in there (without his permission). This "version" of QuickPwn is not endorsed by the Dev Team.

    MMi recommends you wait for the Dev Team's official release.
    as MuscleNerd said
    If people want to trust the integrity of their seczone and wifi calibration tables to "Vortex", so be it
    NOTE: We have previously warned, if you have an iPhone 3g and want to unlock now or anytime in the future DO NOT use this method to jailbreak. Wait for an official solution from the Dev Team.

    This unofficial QuickPwn 2.2.1 is said to work for the iPhone 3g, iPhone 2g, and iPod Touch 1g. Use at your own risk. You can download from here or here [Windows Only]

    Once again for good measure. If unlocking the iPhone 3g matters to you do not upgrade to 2.2.1.
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    1. cg_ai4's Avatar
      cg_ai4 -
      it does not support 2.2.1 ipsw already try it didnt work no wonder why is unofficial
    1. sedhand72's Avatar
      sedhand72 -
      I downloaded the quickpwn 2.2.1 from the quickpwn website. but I am not sure whether to use it as there are mixed reactions from people in the forums section. Some say it works and some give step by step method of going back to 2.2 incase upgraded to 2.2.1.

      should one try using quickpwn 2.2.1 or wait for the dev team to endorse its integrity?
    1. JAG2621's Avatar
      JAG2621 -
      Quote Originally Posted by cg_ai4 View Post
      it does not support 2.2.1 ipsw already try it didnt work no wonder why is unofficial

      Personaly i would wait for the official version. I am not going to upgrade because the fix's seem very few and not woth the time to have to redo my phone.
    1. BenzoHartt's Avatar
      BenzoHartt -
      yeah.... i think i'll just sit this one out coach! They're ruthless out there.
    1. designgears's Avatar
      designgears -
      it actually works just fine.. not sure what is up with you who cant get it to work.. user error i assume.


      looks like the official quickpwn for mac has been released.. headed over to my hackintosh
    1. MrWHOx's Avatar
      MrWHOx -
      yup. i'll probably go get an osX tiger or something and use the released pwntool.
    1. boxxa's Avatar
      boxxa -
      i like how some people use "unofficial" to describe crap.

      I just left a pile of unofficial in the toilet.
    1. newbielife's Avatar
      newbielife -
      steps to jailbreack my iphone
    1. Yusufkamil18's Avatar
      Yusufkamil18 -
      i wanna change my firmware to 02.28 and now its 02.30....any ways i could do that??..i restored my 3g iphone to 2.2.1 and nothing works on it now!!

      are there any ways i can fix that problem??