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  • Boxee Preps iPhone Remote - Pre-Releases in Cydia

    If you haven't used Boxee - you're missing out. Boxee is a brilliant, net-enabled, social media viewer. Think Joost, but with all your local media, and Hulu, and ABC.com, and YouTube, and much much more. Integrated with your Twitter. And your friendfeed. Its tough to explain without a nice visual, which, as it turns out, the guys at Boxee have already made for us. Check out the video.

    [ame=http://www.vimeo.com/2010794]quick intro to boxee on Vimeo[/ame]

    The guys at Boxee are obviously ultra-suave masters of glory, as they've submitted a Boxee remote app to Apple, but are also freely offering jailbreak users a shot at it first - just add their source (http://apt.boxee.tv/cydia/) to your Cydia install. You will need Boxee installed on a host on your network, whether that be on your Mac or an Apple TV down by your TV (NOW you know why to buy one).

    If you're already using Boxee, simply download the Boxee app from Cydia and start it up - the app will automatically find your host. There are two modes, either Gesture, where you just swipe left/right etc to control the interface, or Button, which, predictably, is button navigation. You can control your Boxee install directly from the iPhone. Just to clarify - this does NOT allow you to WATCH videos from the iPhone.

    Boxee itself is worth checking out if you haven't - they recently added ABC.com support to the Mac version, which means you can watch Lost as well (are they gonna go back to the island or what?) now. Its a great open app, and integrates with Twitter and various other social networking sites as well.

    No word on whether the app will be free or paid, but its already been submitted, so we're just waiting on approval from Apple and you'll see it. Boxee is currently available for Apple Mac OSX (and Apple TV - hello, personal network media server for my TV) and Ubuntu Linux (Windows very soon).

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    Thanks, Patrick
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