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  • Real Copy Paste on iPhone with Clippy

    EDIT: Another little copy pasted popped up a couple days later called hClipboard. Using Both Clippy and hClipboard together is the way to go .

    What is the #1 most important basic feature that the iPhone has been lacking since day one? Copy & Paste. Yes it is more important than MMS; everyone would benefit from some nice copy/paste action (which is standard on nearly every other smartphone on the market). As of just a couple short hours ago the dream has come one step closer to reality with a Cydia app named Clippy.

    Clippy is a new native app (not a web app) that allows you to copy paste between the stock iPhone applications like Mail, Safari, Notes, etc. While it doesn't work with some AppStore apps (it does however work in twitterverse & ireal) and you can only copy paste when you are editing txt it is a good step in the right direction.

    To use you first need to be in the txt editor mode on the iPhone. In this case we're replying to an email. First drag the cursor over the text you want to copy, press the ".?123" button and select copy. Next move to whatever other app you'd like where you can edit text, press the ".?123" button again, and select paste.

    Unfortunately you must have have the keyboard up to be able to copy/paste. This means if you want to copy from an email you received into a txt message you first have to hit reply to the email so you get a text editor so you can copy. I can come up with other examples but you get the idea. You also no can no longer drag the cursor between words/letters in text because now it just highlights for copy. Clippy also doesn't seem to be working for many third-party apps yet -- hit-n-miss for which apps it will work with.

    Even though Clippy needs to be developed further to be more feature-rich and better integrated it does something that nothing else has (not counting web apps) so far by allowing you to copy paste between Apple applications on the iPhone. This is the closest anyone has come with the most potential to be improved into a viable copy/paste solution.

    Great work so far by app dev Ryan Petrich! We look forward to improvements in the future!

    Clippy is available via Cydia. Just refresh and search for "clippy."
    Yup Cydia. Apple's limitations don't allow this sort of thing on the AppStore.

    thx billchase2 for the tip
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    1. reyza's Avatar
      reyza -
      Quote Originally Posted by iChopPryde View Post
      hmmm not completely satisfied with Clippy it won't let me sometimes select editable text which is a bit annoying for example using this ability from a bookmarklet CopyingTextFromSafari - networkpx - How to Copy Text from MobileSafari using â„ŹClipboard. - Google Code the text is editable and won't let me highlight it to copy. Even in the address bar it comes pre highlighted but if I un highlight it then try to re highlight it will not work. I am going to try the other copy and paste to see if it works better now.
      This was one of my major gripes with Clippy: it can't copy editable text fields within Safari.
      hClipboard CAN and it's a more full solution in my opinion. That bookmarklet was actually meant for use with hClipboard. Get it from Cydia, it's better. Here's instructions on how to use it. Don't forget to enable the hKeyboard in settings:
    1. iraethan's Avatar
      iraethan -
      i'm finding this app somewhat frustrating. it definitely works in certain instances, but it is in no way a replacement for a native clipboard. hopefully they can figure it out.

      okay, i got rid of clippy and downloaded hclipboard and i like the feel of it way more. it almost feels like a true clipboard... not quite, but we're patiently getting there.

    1. mimiosusume's Avatar
      mimiosusume -
      Is there a limited number of characters you can copy and paste? The last copy/paste program I tried wouldn't allow too many characters :/
    1. iPh0wned's Avatar
      iPh0wned -
      well this work with custom keyboard? i downloaded it, but didnt se ethe globe icon. i have the storm keyboard, and figured the glove probably wouldnt show on a custom keyboard!?
    1. dlhuss's Avatar
      dlhuss -
      deleted clippy

      keepin' hclipboard
    1. echo's Avatar
      echo -
      Using both clippy and hClipboard and finding them both extremely useful. A Big thanks to the developers.
    1. nfl46's Avatar
      nfl46 -
      Clippy is now updated. It now has a new feature(s). Check it out!
    1. intel inside's Avatar
      intel inside -
      i keep getting an error when installing clippy

      http/ 1.1.404 not found

      what should i do / pls hellllpppp

      thanks in advanced
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      From reading the comments and personal use of clippy, lots of ppl are using hclipboard instead. What would u guys recommend? Has the update to clippy helped?
    1. Shinner23's Avatar
      Shinner23 -
      hclipboard crashes my phone.
    1. llj1137075's Avatar
      llj1137075 -
      I couldn't get hpclipboard to work.
      But the update to Clippy works very well.
      The stack and double tap feature works really good in txt messages if you don't have an alternative txt application.
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      I've used both and they each have their pros and cons.

      Clippy is simple and to the point which some people will like over the more complex/robust hClipboard. That said, it seems Clippy is the only one that works in password fields.

      hClipboard has a better approach imo. It let's you copy whole sections, and has the ability to store multiple things at a time. But like previously mentioned, it doesn't show up on password fields.

      Also, they both play well with each other so it really doesn't hurt trying both.

      EDIT: Oh yeah, Clippy doesn't copy from Safari (but can paste to it.

      EDIT2: The Clippy Update is awesome. The stack option throws it over hClipboard for me. Now it just needs to be able to copy from Safari :P
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      It doesn't seem easy to make it highlight. Hit or miss for me. Mostly miss.
    1. makesmoves's Avatar
      makesmoves -
      I have yet to enable Clippy. I have a modded neo-white space bar keyboard with emoji enable. I downloaded twice and everytime I tap the "123" or globe icon, nothings there. anyone else having issues like this? No clippy with Emoji or modded keyboard?

      Tracking this issue seems to me like people with a ".?123" button instead of an "@123" are having this issue also.

      ok, i found the problem.

      If you are an intelliscreen user and have app launch boot enabled, you have to activate clippy in the “performance” setting menu…
    1. NArush's Avatar
      NArush -
      Do you have Intelliscreen? I too have a modded keyboard and got both copy/paste apps to work once I 'enabled' them in the performance boost section in IS. Good luck
    1. reyza's Avatar
      reyza -
      I like the new update. I deleted it for hClipboard but the new features of Clippy are handy.
      I noticed Clippy can now copy text that is within webpage text fields in Safari. Very nice add. It also now saves your last copies to a 'stack' or clipboard for use later.
      The one downside I have noticed is that you can't select specific parts of a text field in Safari. If you click copy, it will copy the whole field and I couldn't find a way to highlight anything in the field. This is where hClipboard is better.
      It's a nice update nonetheless and I now use both.
      Clippy for quick copy/paste and hClipboard for specific copy/paste and for it's clipboard. They complement each other nicely.
    1. ndprunner22's Avatar
      ndprunner22 -
      anyone else getting a 404?
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Thanks everyone for ur feedback. To me it sounds like Clippy released a nice update, gonna try it out. I might just give both a try, some comments said it works good.
      Keep the feedback coming
    1. bjm9282's Avatar
      bjm9282 -
      Almost perfection in 0.93! The semi-transparent buttons are GREAT! The double-tap to copy SMS is AMAZING. I also love the new stacking ability!

      Now, the final hurdle is copying text from web pages.
    1. makesmoves's Avatar
      makesmoves -
      Quote Originally Posted by bjm9282 View Post
      Almost perfection in 0.93! The semi-transparent buttons are GREAT! The double-tap to copy SMS is AMAZING. I also love the new stacking ability!

      Now, the final hurdle is copying text from web pages.
      We're all eagerly anticipating the 1.0 release hopefullt with selctive capying and web page/site copying.