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  • yellowsn0w live demo coming right up

    yellowsn0w, the dev team's coveted 3G software unlock for the iPhone, is set to have a live demo today at 3PM EST (about 2 and a half hours from now). The Dev Team posted on their blog
    MuscleNerd will use Qik to broadcast a live video and audio stream (from an iPhone 2G) of an iPhone 3G being soft-unlocked with yellowsn0w... if you have a question that hasn’t already been answered in our previous blog posts, please tweet them in advance to Musclenerd.
    MuscleNerd's Twitter account is here if you're wondering.

    The Dev Team has previously stated yellowsn0w will only work on iPhone 3Gs that have 2.11.07 baseband or earlier (check Settings > General > About > Modem Firmware to find your baseband version). The actual yellowsn0w package will be a simple install from Cydia once its released New Years Eve.

    UPDATE: Here's the video of it in action.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HorEuJ2lIf0]YouTube - iPhone 3G Software Unlock[/ame]

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    1. bballcat03's Avatar
      bballcat03 -
      WAIT to update to 2.2 till DEV TEAM says its ok.

      That's what I'm going to do.
    1. moonboy509's Avatar
      moonboy509 -
      yes, 3g 2.28 unlock
    1. heotran's Avatar
      heotran -
      iphooooo, It's been released
    1. iMack007's Avatar
      iMack007 -
      no it's not! I just checked at the dev team blog and in Cydia. Pranks like this will only serve to hog bandwith unnecessarily causing us all delays once it really is released.
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      ^YES, it has....theres a big article on our main page about it. It is on Cydia, but you have to add a repo source.
    1. iMack007's Avatar
      iMack007 -
      Oooops! I stand corrected. My bad.
    1. globeriderb777's Avatar
      globeriderb777 -
      It works great. UAE with ETISALAT postpaid.

      Great jobb Dev Team

    1. poetic_stud's Avatar
      poetic_stud -
      can some one contact me via email [email protected]
      i upgraded to 2.2 then i jailbroke it the first time when i was in the flash part of the jailbreak an error message on my laptop came up and said quickpwn may have not installed properly but there was nothing i could do by that pouint so i went into cydia updated everything then downloaded boss prefs turned ewverything off but wifi opend cydia took out att sim put tmobile sim add yellosnow source and installed then went to general then and reset network settings then waited and nothing happened for 30mins so i rebooted and still nothing then i restored my phone again so i could rejailbreak and that when it began to go in dfu mode i restored it 6 times because it wouldnt work i tried jailbreaking it 3 times with my att sime and 3 with tmobile i even reinstallled quickpwn and still the same thing
      i dont know what to do anymore
    1. deeps427's Avatar
      deeps427 -
      in the philippines.. i did exactly wt is required on my iphone 3g.. bt still it dint work with other network. how come?
    1. i pimping's Avatar
      i pimping -
      Quote Originally Posted by deeps427 View Post
      in the philippines.. i did exactly wt is required on my iphone 3g.. bt still it dint work with other network. how come?
      can you post which sim you are using when it works couse iam going to cebu in 2 weeks
    1. alyelsherbiny's Avatar
      alyelsherbiny -
      Many Thanks for this nice work. It works with me with Vodafone Egypt. I swiched to Mobinil sim and it works.
      Thank you very much and keep the good work.
      Aly H. El-Sherbiny