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  • iPhone Exclusivity Ruled Illegal in France

    Much like here in the states and across many other countries there is an exclusive iPhone carrier in France. On Wednesday the French competition authority barred the agreement between France Telecom SA (Orange) and Apple to have the iPhone sold exclusively through Orange in France saying that "by nature introduces a new factor of rigidity in a sector that already lacks competition."

    So for now while the case continues the iPhone can be sold by any operator in France. OF course the operator has to get Apple shipping them phones, their network has to be ready (of course 3g is the norm in Europe) and then this decision could be reversed down the line and so on and so forth. BUT they CAN -- maybe -- if they try hard?

    Too bad the here in the U.S. the iPhone will be exclusive to AT&T until their contract with Apple expires.

    [via ft & cnn]
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    1. catriple's Avatar
      catriple -
      A lot of people might not like the french, but at least the French has a government that looks out for their people! I, like cash, find it regretable that nothing will be dome I'm the us until that agreement expires!
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post

      Too bad the here in the U.S. the iPhone will be exclusive to AT&T until their contract with Apple expires.
      Not necessarily true if lawmakers find it prudent to make the same claims. But... we have other things to worry about currently. Like, budget :P
    1. seill's Avatar
      seill -
      what they done in france is normal - it is how it should be everywhere. In many countries in central europe for example the situation hasn't changed at all.
    1. Je5's Avatar
      Je5 -
      I totally agree with you both because we should have this right..you know to be able to have whatever phone on any carrier...Apple would make so much money if the phone was sold on T-mobile, or even US Cellular here in the states..but oh well who knows what the iPhone will look like or have running when the contract expires...I can only hope for the best..
    1. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
      M4tt Dam0n -
      What!? Why aren't they doing this in Canada?!??? Oh wait...Rogers/Fido are the only GSM carriers *sigh*
    1. huntor's Avatar
      huntor -
      apple's american based. the only laws they have to follow are american laws.
      if they wanted to, they could pull the iphone out of france completely. it's apple's right to serve (and not serve) whom ever they want, including curtain providers. we (the public and the gov) have zero rights to say what carrier a certain phone shouldn't or should belong to. it's called capitalism and it's what america was built on.

      thatd be like if france ruled halo being xbox exclusive illegal.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      You pay your money and take your choice.

      In Belgium and Italy (I believe) it is illegal to sell locked phones - which is why they are far more expensive in Belgium and Italy than they are here in the UK.

      In the UK we have 4 main operators - T-Mob and Orange lock their phones and usually Voda and O2 don't.

      Except the iPhone is on exclusive contract to O2 so is locked! Go figure.

      In America you have far less choice - so prices are more expensive, in the UK if you buy a phone with a contract it's a lot cheaper than on Pay As You Go (PAYG)- the iPhone is free on some contracts and the most you would pay for a 16Gb on an 18 Month contract is 156.

      They block them so they can subsidise them - no lock, no subsidy. Your choice.