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  • Samsung Inflates Galaxy Tab Sales, Gets Busted

    After claiming to have sold two million Galaxy Tabs, Samsung has been forced to admit that the number was exaggerated. A financial analyst pressed a Samsung executive on the numbers during an earnings call, finally eliciting the acknowledgement that the number represented how many supposed "iPad-killers" were sold to carriers and other resellers, not to actual users. The exec declined to provide hard numbers, but insisted that sales to real people were "quite OK." Meanwhile, a study has shown that many of the people who did buy Galaxy Tabs aren't happy with them: they are apparently being returned at a rate eight times higher than the iPad's.

    In early December, Samsung announced it had sold a million Galaxy Tabs, and bragged that sales were going "faster than expected." Then, in early January, Samsung announced sales had reached two million. This set off a predictable round of crowing from journalists and observers who all but declared the iPad dead. One analyst predicted that Apple will "have less than 50 percent of the global tablet market" two years from now. "I think that's a certainty," said Neil Mawston, director at Strategy Analytics. His firm published a report that gave Android tablets a quarter of the market in the fourth quarter of 2010, based on the reported Galaxy Tab sales.

    Then came Samsung's quarterly earnings call on Friday, and Android fanbois sensed a great disturbance in the force... as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

    Samsung executive Lee Young-hee said the 2 million represented what she called "sell-in:" sales to distributors and wireless carriers, which she said "was quite aggressive." The "sell-out" - distributors' sales to consumers - she said, "wasn't as fast as we expected" because "it was required to have consumers invest in the device." (wow, really?) Nevertheless, Ms. Lee insisted that "we also believe [the "sell-out] was quite smooth," but refused to give any specific totals, saying that "the tablet is relatively new and we need to see how the market develops before we give any firm numbers."

    It seems obvious that those numbers are not that impressive, or one would think that Samsung would rush to publicize them as loudly as they had the original misleading report. The problem may actually be worse than that, though: ITG Investment Research says people are returning their Galaxy Tabs at an abnormally high rate. Crunching numbers from nearly 6,000 wireless stores in the US, ITG found that as many as 16% of all Galaxy Tabs sold from when the device first went on sale in November through January 15th were returned. The Wall Street Journal notes that he return rate for the iPad at Verizon since its debut on the carrier is just 2 percent.

    Source: AppleInsider
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    1. donkeykongking's Avatar
      donkeykongking -
      Samsung isnt that bad, the technology is there and they definately have the right idea, like realistically the galaxy tab itself is way ahead of the ipad simply because of its awesome camera and display *holds for fanboys to critize* but what im saying can be compared to the 360 and ps3, technically the ps3 is way more advanced than the 360, but content wise and functionality wise we just get an inflated psp, like how the tab is an inflated galaxy s
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post

      Honeycomb is a COMPLETELY different story; so much so that if Android had the same tablet developer capacity as iOS, I would PREFER an Android tablet to my iPad. IMHO the best tablets are not blown-up phones, nor are they shrunken-down PCs. And if you've seen video of Honeycomb or even used it yourself on a tablet, you'll (hopefully) realize that Honeycomb is not either of those; it is its very own UI, and finely tuned for a tablet experience.
      Agreed. Honeycomb was the Android version I was waiting for to test drive an Android tablet.
    1. Rob2G's Avatar
      Rob2G -
      Quote Originally Posted by DRFP View Post
      Would be nice if you knew what you were talking about....... You have lost truth in defending the Ipad, an Ipad is great but its not a replacement for a hard working computer its more like a large Iphone. Honestly I think android tablets are not that great of idea anyway........ I think the energy should be put to making netbooks better.

      HP has a new DMZ1 super light 3lb gem with the new AMD dual core Fusion chip its awesome! Its as powerful,better battery life and function as a Desktop. Lenovo is coming out with the same thing both under 500 USD

      There are some tablets that are light and decent battery for under 800, In fact lenovo will be putting out one with the new Fusion chip, the AMD fusion chip will change everything in these light notebooks.
      First off don't say I don't know what I am talking about, I majored in computer science and build them for a living. AMD is junk and that chip is a mobile chip. Desktop chips will always be more powerful. They let off alot of heat. Unless they can make the CPU run alot cooler or find a way to get rid off all that heat we will never see such a powerful chip in a tablet.
    1. Rob2G's Avatar
      Rob2G -
      Quote Originally Posted by DRFP View Post
      And yet again, I too have built Computers since in Highschool and programed as well ( Graduated 1982 BTW) I have built and rebuilt laptops, I beta tested most of the windows versions and IE. Beta tested a lot of software for that matter, but I have done all this as a Hobby. AMD chips are not junk, funny for you to say so, they are in some of the hottest Gaming rigs out there.

      The fusion chip with a 5w power usage is impressive and the specs I have seen are as well.

      How can you say the fusion chip is not as powerful or has a lot of heat without reading the specs and tests of the chip or testing it yourself?

      Your assumption that a Tablet cannot have a lot of power is, well unproven and just an opinion, Intel has dual core Atom processors,
      AMD has the new FUsion CHips, low heat and more power per the specs and design.

      I think we need to step back and see if the chip lives up to the hype before we say its trash and look like fools............

      BTW Desktops are DEAD....... Gammers are the only ones really caring about a Desktop, Businesses are server based and with Cloud computing I see Desktops as dinosaurs...... The focus will be on notebooks for gaming ( heard of Alien and ASUS I would think?) and light notebooks for college and tablets are used everywhere already, I used one in medicine for years now, a few have been quite powerful Fujitsu's.

      AMD white Papers
      I use my Desktop for media rendering as well as gaming. I would put my house on the line that my computer blows most AMD rigs out the freakin water.

      2x - Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition Gulftown 3.33GHz
      32 GB Ram
      1 512 gb SSD (System Drive)
      3x 2 TB hdd
      2x PNY Quadro FX5600 1.5 GB GDDR3
      OS X 10.6.6 (Hackintosh)
      Windows 7 ultimate 64 Bit
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      What do you do with 32 gigs of RAM?
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Media rendering would be the biggest use of it.
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      Some companies will do anything....
    1. Zokunei's Avatar
      Zokunei -
      I just read AT&T is inflating data usage to charge people more money.
    1. Rob2G's Avatar
      Rob2G -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zokunei View Post
      What do you do with 32 gigs of RAM?
      2 words..."After Effects"
    1. Retrolock's Avatar
      Retrolock -
      I got to try the Galaxy Tab for a while. The UI was clunky and the overall build quality looked cheap to me. I agree Honeycomb will be probably suit Tablets much better than Froyo but I wouldn't get a Galaxy Tab for that.
    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      wow samsung really lol lying to the world like that, and whats with all those investors wanting someone to kill the iPad lol it aint happening till Apple kills it with the next iPad. this really should hurt their stock bad lying to investors and the public like that. Hype up their product to get more to buy it and it turns out a lot of those people are returning it. SMH
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      Wow. Another my processor is bigger than your processor thread. The biggest downfall of the Samsung is the 7" screen. You may as well just buy a handheld gaming station.
    1. Rob2G's Avatar
      Rob2G -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zokunei View Post
      I just read AT&T is inflating data usage to charge people more money.
      Where did you read that?
    1. Shady6's Avatar
      Shady6 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rob2G View Post
      Where did you read that?
      I believe this is probably the article he is talking about. Saw the wife reading it last night.

      Lawsuit: iPhone users systematically overcharged - The Red Tape Chronicles - msnbc.com
    1. Moosestache's Avatar
      Moosestache -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zokunei View Post
      What do you do with 32 gigs of RAM?
      Brag online that you have a desktop with 32 gigs of ram.
    1. JLick's Avatar
      JLick -
      Everyone does this...

      ESPECIALLY artists and music execs...
    1. iPhoneThereforeIAm's Avatar
      iPhoneThereforeIAm -
      I'm not one to gloat - but HA-HAAHAA-HAAH-HAAAAAH!
      Samsung rushing to get ahead of the curve and falling flat on its face again.

      Google warned that Android Froyo wasn't a tablet ready release.
      But no, Samsung wanted to be at the leading edge.

      It can't have done their branding a lot of favours.
      But what makes me laugh is the laughable maneouvring of sites like Carrypad, around the inept elephant in the living room that is Android ... always blowing the Android trumpet - while the iPad community p*$$es itself laughing at the pitiful scrabbling and straw-clutching.

      More of a brand-killer than an iPad-killer methinx.

      Samsung = (the usual) FAIL.

      Someone really ought to tell them that people are content to WAIT for quality.
      An abject demonstration of the folly of the If in doubt, ship it out mentality.
    1. Mikey724's Avatar
      Mikey724 -
      I had the Samsung wave and it was terrible for receiving texts and emails a couple of days late...know doubt the galazy will be the same pile of crap.Nice phone to look,but the iphone leeps ahead of it bigtime...
    1. iPhoneThereforeIAm's Avatar
      iPhoneThereforeIAm -
      Be interesting to see whether Samsuck updates the Tab to Honeycomb when it ships.
    1. Rokesomesmeefer's Avatar
      Rokesomesmeefer -
      Tsk tsk, Samsung. Was it really necessary to steal plays out of Microsoft's playbook? I thought you were better than that...