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  • The next 'Metal Gear' is...

    ...for the iPhone?

    Source: Wii @ Everyday: Famitsu 20081219

    The scans are for this month's Famitsu (japanese mag if the picture didn't made it obvious) show Metal Gear on the iPhone. The story seems to be based around MGS4 but aside from this scan there's no more info.

    What's really curious about this is that it's coming on the iPhone rather than a PSP of all places.

    EDIT: it is now OFFICIAL! Holy crap MGS on the iPhone.
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    1. Dizz's Avatar
      Dizz -
      Being that I have a PS3, I can never get too excited about games on the iPhone. The biggest problem with gaming on the iPhone is the controls. whether it be with the accelerometer or with soft buttons on the screen, the controls are horrible. I have MGS4 for PS3, great game although I fell asleep once or twice watching all the videos they show (over 7 hours of video is crazy).
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      IPHONE owns! samsung good owned by the iphone! They thought they could compete with there stupid omnia!
    1. Naughty_Ottsel's Avatar
      Naughty_Ottsel -
      Quote Originally Posted by mwr_allen View Post
      Just a quick question, how much better can the graphics get on the iPhone without Apple releasing hardware upgrades?

      Most of the games although they are very good are lacking in graphic quality but how limited is the iPhone at the moment?

      I think many players will agree with me on this, every MGS game has pushed the platform it is on to it's limit. MGS2 is an excellent example of this, it was released in 2001/2002, if I remember rightly, close to the launch of the PS2, the graphics for MGS2 are amazing, there are many games released for the PS2 nowadays that are close to the same style and thats 6/7 years later. So I think MGS on the iPhone will show the true potential of the iPhone
    1. hustle's Avatar
      hustle -
      i have silent hill for the iphone i think it sucks but thats just me. mgs will a crazy game i cant wait for it