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  • Walmart iPhone Coming but at Normal Price

    There is nearly no doubt that the iPhone is coming our for sale at Walmart before the end of the month. Bloomberg has all but confirmed the rumor with a couple Walmart store representatives and five cell-hone department employees in Walmart stores across California.

    On the other hand it is appearing more obvious that the $99 4 gb iPhone is no more than a rumor. First of all bloomberg confirmed that Walmart will be offering two models of iPhone. Those two models will most likely be the 8 gb and 16 gb versions that are currently out on the market at normal prices. Second, Macrumors has come up with an image of some iPhone advertising from Walmart (above). In the advertisement there is no mention of a $99 iphone -- all that is there is the 8 gb iPhone we alread know and love for $197 (ooo $2 off). The fact that there has been nothing to reinforce the original $99 iPhone rumor just makes it all the more likely that it is not true and wont be happening.

    iPhone at Walmart in December? Yes.
    $99 4 gb iPhone? No.
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    1. McQuackers's Avatar
      McQuackers -
      I lol'd.

      I think it is an asian knockoff. The Slide part is completely different, saying Slide to Lock and silliness.
      The home button also features a circle, as oppose to the square.

      I mean, it'd be shocking if it were true, and I'm not gonna make any allegations here, but it just looks straight up too silly to be real.

      I can't help but think of that 'Japanese girls love tiny things' skit from Family Guy.

      Secondly, I would think that apple would have Nano-ized the iPod Touch with that kind of technology instead of its latest iteration.

      Lastly, the phone lacks apple's love of aethetics. The "Slide to Lock" bar is in block letters, and downright ugly. And a slide to LOCK? There wouldn't be that large a difference between the iPhone and an iPhone mini for the mini to have a completely different OS function like that, especially with the rather recent release of 2.2
    1. Hondamaker's Avatar
      Hondamaker -
      I wonder if they will require the usual 2-yr contract?
    1. blkeagle1's Avatar
      blkeagle1 -
      I find it hard to believe that apple would manufacture a specific model ($99 4 gig model) for a specific retailer and not for its brick and motor retail stores, that is, unless they plan on stocking this model in Apple stores as well. I also wouldn't think that apple would want to re-release a storage capacity that it has already discontinued over a year ago now but who knows.

      @ boe_dye, if you go into any costco or sams club, you will find apple products such as the ipod touch for a few bucks cheaper then what apple demands it to be sold at. Im not sure if said retailer eats the difference.
    1. angelzhope720's Avatar
      angelzhope720 -
      4gb are obsolete