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  • Early 2.2 Opinions

    Editors at MacWorld have begun to review the iPhone OS 2.2 update and are somewhat disappointed to see that certain desired improvements for business functionality have not been made. However, the order in which iPhone owners can now view podcasts is said to be an improvement.

    As far as the business features go (and certainly some in this list would be very handy for personal use too), just some of the desired ones not part of the update that MacWorld notes include no on-device data encryption, passwords are limited to four-digit numeric PINs, no ability to synchronize notes or set up calendar items with the same scheduling controls as in Exchange and cut and paste. MacWorld even goes as far to say that since the 2.2 update does not accommodate more of the needs of the business community that the BlackBerry Storm has “a real chance to push the iPhone out of the enterprise, at least as a standard sanctioned device.”

    Although the 2.2 update does not change much as far as business needs go, there are two main User Interface changes that MacWorld pinpoints. One is on the Safari browser - it now has a small search box on the same row as its URL box. MacWorld calls this design change “inelegant.” However, a welcome UI change according to MacWorld is that there is now a preference setting to turn off or on the iPhone's autocorrect feature when a user types. In addition to several minimal application changes the other big functional change is the new ability to download podcasts from Apple's iTunes Store while not having to sync via iTunes on the desktop.

    Also as far as podcasts go, the older OS used to list podcasts with the newest at the top. Now the podcasts are listed in chronological order, as MacWorld describes, with the “oldest at the top. Which means you can start playback at any episode, and after that episode is finished, the next-most-recent one plays automatically.” This is also a welcome change.

    MacWorld says it’s still too early to tell if the update will fix bugs in e-mail and browser operations.

    Source: iPhone finally gets its podcasts in order | iPhone Central | Macworld
    iPhone 2.2 update doesn't fix key business flaws | iPhone Central | Macworld
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    1. rryyddeerr's Avatar
      rryyddeerr -
      im a complete noob, but i know that this version is way better than the last. no crashing, things opening faster, no wierd glitchy crap. i had all kinds of wierdness going on with 2.1
    1. nkgneto's Avatar
      nkgneto -
      Blurry pics on 2.2 when saved from website or email what is up with this. My favorite pic of my son for my Bday taken with another iphone and it appears blurry and I can’t use it as my wallpaper. I’m smoking mad now.
    1. Carrbone's Avatar
      Carrbone -
      Quote Originally Posted by jollywombat View Post
      It sounds like you and the previous person have "Kate" installed. I had a similar issue back when 2.1 came out and had Kate installed. It was incompatible with the new firmware and caused all of the exact same issues as you described with the phone not being able to hang up and the springboard icons re-arranging themselves every time it respringed or rebooted. Remove Kate through cydia/installer, then reboot and you should be fine.

      FYI, even if Kate says its compatible, its usually not. Have had nothing but problems with it post 2.1, would just avoid it personally.

      Hope this helps
      no help at all... not even indirectly related to anything I said.
      dont use kate. never have, never will.

      I never said I had any re-arranging nor problems hanging up the phone.
    1. keysloser's Avatar
      keysloser -
      First off I am a VERY happy iPhone 3G owner (in my country it's unlocked - the baseband)

      I also use a Mac and with Pwnge Tools I couldn't be happier.

      YES I have bought apps (and searched a lot trust me) so i have MMS,Video,PowerSearch,Cut-copy-paste from and to e-mails,notes,sms and docs,vCard mailer,Spreadsheet AND use DiskAid to completely manage all files on my iPhone,etc etc)

      SO people please stop complaining! iPhone IS a SOLID device - it's just been handled very POORLY by Apple...

      I Do have 2 issues regarding the 2.2 version (to which i updated without a thought since the phone works much smoother and faster)

      iSSUE 1: Offline Maps DOESN'T WORK with v2.2 *

      *Ooops...I just answered this one by searching the net...
      It seems many people are working hard out there for iPhone software!
      You can convert your offline maps for iphone v2.1 to v2.2 here:


      (site is in russian, no worries just download the Mapv4v5converter.zip file)

      Many thanks to Offline Maps author, mask (maybe the best app ever for iphone)...

      ISSUE 2: LogoMe doesn't work (it's not up to date yet since it downloads some files first)
      I'm fed up with pineapples... Want my own (football team) logo when I reboot....Plus a full restore will take me two days (cydia packages,custom icons etc - though a nice trick is to take screenshots of all your categories,cydia and installer packages to make the process faster)

      Apart from this I can't LIVE without my iPhone and am happy to see it working faster on v2.2- especially categories....

      BTW is there another phone where you can navigate using google maps without internet connection? Don't think so....
    1. smittyjf's Avatar
      smittyjf -
      I upgraded both the baseband and the firmware since our company has at least 2 more years on our contract.

      I've found both the connection and searching for signal is worse than 2.1 and the old baseband. I was duped into the better call setup and signal that was claimed by Apple. I manage a grocery store and had the lay of the store as far as signal from my 2g thru my 2.1 3g and it is now worse.
    1. norcalmike's Avatar
      norcalmike -
      I have had more dropped calls since 2.2 than all the other firmwares combined. This is really getting ridiculous. I love my iPhone but it needs to function as a phone.
    1. smirkis's Avatar
      smirkis -
      all u 3g complainers seem to be the only ones.

      all 2g users seem happy with the update, minus features that the iphone hasn't had since day 1 anyway so no reason to complain. steve jobs said it him self. its a damn pc phone, why do u want mms crappy pic sending? it has email, tell ur friends to stop being cheap and update to a real phone and they can recieve the emailed pics.

      ill be updating my 2g iphone tonight and ill report back later with my results. all the complaints scared me but it seems to be all you unlucky 3g users.
    1. TheOnlyest's Avatar
      TheOnlyest -
      So far so good, Safari seems to crash less often, BUT, now my cookies apparently dont work anymore. I dont know if its just me, but my phone doesnt remember anything anymore as it used too. Even MMi acts crazy, I have to sign in everytime I go to it, and it bounces me back and forth from the iphone site to the regular site when I click on links.

      If I sign into the MMi iphone site and click a link, it takes me to the regular site. If i'm on the regular site and click the banner to go back to the iphone site, I have to sign in again, even if I havn't closed the browser.... its making me nutz!!
      BTW, I have my cookie setting on ''always'', I tried changing it to ''visited'', same thing.
      Am I alone on this??
    1. IPhone_Man4u's Avatar
      IPhone_Man4u -
      First off dont get me wrong i like how Apple has increase the speed of the phone, and the added Gmap thing, but its garbage for me and i have a 3G, i have had over 90% of my calls DROPPED in one day and i just got this phone a month ago, and i have NEVER had a dropped call until i updated to 2.2 can someone please tell me if i go back to 2.1 that will ERASE all traces of 2.2 off my phone, including that bandpass whatever that **** is? i am so FURIOUS right now, i wish i had never EVER updated to 2.2, can someone please tell me where i can go an download a Factory 2.1 Firmware. because i am totally DONE with 2.2, all this crap and i had to reinstall everything im so freakin PISSED
    1. mikele1959's Avatar
      mikele1959 -
      I'm coming from 1.1.2 fw with 2G iPhone, and 2.2 are top. Less fast than fw 1.1.2 but top.
      I think it's possible to overclocking with ibooter but dont know exactly how... devteam seem to be will prepare something to run ibooter
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      Wrong thread :P
    1. Cannonball-Lee's Avatar
      Cannonball-Lee -
      battery life seems to go away quickly, im not doing anything diff with my phone since ive updated and hacked but for some reason with in one school day it used to only b 50% depleted when now its dead and off by the time school lets out...
    1. boe_dye's Avatar
      boe_dye -
      I had an odd issue when i was using some ********* stuff where it would not update apps that i got from the appstore. After removing ********* i had no problems.

      I will say that turning off autocorrect is nice, before i was using the bossprefs app.

      Push appears to work a bit better, but it could be an isp thing too.

      Im not really impresses with street view. It would seem you have to guess where it is supported as there is no real indicator for it on the map.

      I would have prefered some tweaking to the gps tracking feature and navigation function to make it a bit more detailed.

      Otherwise, i see no majour improvements.
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -

      It looks as though Apple has started locking the new games into 2.2 FW. Might want to watch this one if it is true. If someone with 2.1 wants to take a whack at installing monopoly. go for it. That's the latest app store release.
    1. benjiuk's Avatar
      benjiuk -
      Quote Originally Posted by dangersnert View Post
      I'm not sure but I think my battery lasted longer on 2.1 today did about 20-30 sms, played around on face book, and played some games for about 30 minutes. Battery was down to 60%. Anyone else notice this?
      I am having a problem with battery life being reduced to 10% overnight 2 nights running.
      I had a sniff around and it seems its pretty common so wondered if there is a fix around yet ?

      Here is what I read :

      Sorry If posting this link makes me a naughty boy