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  • Firmware 2.2 JAILBROKEN

    The DevTeam has released Pwnage Tool and QuickPwn 2.2 (Windows folks only have QuickPwn).

    We are uploading mirrors now, and will get you links ASAP. I'll have a full guide on upgrading from 2.1 to 2.2 here in the next hour.

    3G Jailbreak Guide is here
    1st gen Jailbreak Guide is here

    --|| LINKS ||--

    Member Mirrors:

    PwnageTool 2.2 | OS X
    QuickPwn 2.2 | OS X
    QuickPwn 2.2 | Windows

    iPhone 3G 2.2 Firmware
    iPhone 2.2 Firmware

    Non-Member Mirrors:

    PwnageTool 2.2 | OS X
    QuickPwn 2.2 | OS X
    QuickPwn 2.2 | Windows
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    1. myst789's Avatar
      myst789 -
      Quote Originally Posted by myst789 View Post
      hey guys quick question.. I've tried searching but cannot find a solid answer. I have a 8gb 3g iphone locked to att but jailbroken 2.1 firmware.

      My question is can I just use a jailbroken 2.2 firmware file to restore through itunes thus having 2.2 firmware running with the 2.1 baseband? or would I have to go through the quickpwn process?
      sorry if this has been answered before but if anyone finds a post please link it!
      ah i found the answer! ModMyi - Custom 2.2 firmware
      so it IS safe to upgrade to 2.2 jailbroken firmware from a 2.1 jailbroken firmware! just gotta find the right custom 2.2 firmware to restore with
    1. Brandon954's Avatar
      Brandon954 -
      Ok, I just jailbroke my phone and it worked fine. If I change themes, how do I get it back to the original apple theme?
    1. tvamvarg's Avatar
      tvamvarg -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zwayne View Post
      That is what the forum is here for to help and to spread the knowledge!!
      Yeah, but no knowledge is spread if information about the firmware and how it's working is mixed up with troubleshooting posts.
      Better thread subjects and order in keeping posts where they should be.

      This here thread spreads no knowledge, so better close it and start new ones (separate experiences and troubleshooting).
    1. 97vrsix's Avatar
      97vrsix -
      TVAM....You are correct!!! And that is my point!!! Thanks!

      Thats what we are here for, I MADE MENTION OF THAT, I'm Not A Fool...But again it does not excuse that fact of RULES!!

      Rules to: Post, Ask question, and using the search. they are here to help us, and make things run well.

      If your not good with computers, READ!! thats all i'm saying, people (may not be you) Keep asking the same question over and over...Why dont you think your getting a quick result? Cause I'm assuming that the people that do help get a little tired of writing the same answers to the same questions..that's all.

      Brandon954, Did you read the letter to new people that signed up, Or did you just hit thanks? If you did read the same letter that i had to it tells you about how, and what the common rules are around...I get your phone is every thing to you...It is with me as well!

      I bet that if you messed up your phone, being a poor, broke and un-employed, you would be very pissed...Now with that being said, insted of getting your self in a panic, asking same questions to deff ears, why would you not read more about what and how to do? Read the post and different threds pertaining to getting this fixed up. By using the search, i came up with over 35 post that answer your questions...And by doing that, you will find out a lot faster how and what to do..And by thus following the rules, you throw up a lot less re-post for people to read through..

      Working with computers and the phones is easy for some, harder for others i get that too! I ask questions all the time...But again i guess i just feel for others, before myself! So i search, and search, and READ!!...

      I mean no disrespect...If you think that...Grow up...I'm simply trying to get you to understand that well all have a duty to uphold! to make this place run smooth, and with out problems...Like you said...Who wants to mess up there pride and joy...I dont...I learn! I read! And i do my best to uphold rules..Can we all do the same since we are all here for the same thing..

      Oh by the way, Losing your information, or back-up or such is not really the end of the world, nore will it make your phone INOP..It will only effect your information...IE:Contacts-Pictures-Music, and as all ways any programs installed with Installer, or Cydia will be lost when you use Pwnage tool..

      I Promote learning! I promote helping, and thinking of others first...Thats my way..Oh and trying to follow rules...i try that too!! lol

      Good luck again!! I gave you good advise above on how and what to do to save your information...Back it up to outlook or something for your contacts...If apple then to your contacts..thats the most important, i'm guessing..

      Text msg. only way to back that up is using an app through Cydia...It uploads your text to a on-line server, and then wipe your phone..After re-install the program through Cydia, and re-update your text..

      Anything else should come easy..Music-ITunes..And so on..
    1. msb2008's Avatar
      msb2008 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lilskaterpunk View Post
      Well I just upgraded my 2G iPhone from 2.1FW-2.2FW using iTunes and quickpwn 2.2, so far everything works good.

      Although I have one question... I only use WIFI since in Canada and Rogers is retarded to get a data plan since im unlocked and using my own plan. I noticed I was able to get mail and etc. when I was not in a WIFI area... I looked and Data was being used! So I used the SBsettings and looked that Edge was already turned off and WIFI was suppose to be used only! I browsed through the phone settings and couldn't find anything about Edge settings like in the older FW version. So is there something different with 2.2FW that im just missing?????

      did you cancel your internet access with rogers? you have to call them and tell them that you dont want internet access on your phone. Not getting a data plan doesnt mean you are not able to browse.
    1. woom's Avatar
      woom -
      This is my first post. I am new. According to:
      "DO NOT USE QUICKPWN if you want to have a potential software unlock on your 3G iPhone anytime soon. QuickPwn will update your baseband to the new one included in the 2.2 update. This == bad. Use PwnageTool to create a custom 2.2 firmware. OS X guide will be up soon."

      does it mean never upgrade to firmware 2.2 by windows? My 3g phone using turbo sim for unlock. If I upgrade to 2.2, will it be lock?
      The PwnageTool is not for window in future as I think.
    1. vicoguerrero's Avatar
      vicoguerrero -
      just downloaded quickpwn...I have been trying to jailbreak but keep getting error...sayin that i didn't follow the steps right or i have a faulty usb cable...can anyone help?
    1. saifeeab's Avatar
      saifeeab -
      For the past two days I have been trying in vain to update my iphone firmware to 2.2. Everytime i use restore in iTunes i get an error message "An unknown error occurred (1403)". I have tried to download the firmware from different sites thinking one might be corrupt. But so far I still get the same msg . I used restore as well as update keys but both give the same.

      Please help guys !!

      PS.: I have upgraded my iTunes to 8.02.
    1. A Retired Mod's Avatar
      A Retired Mod -
      ^^^Put the phone in DFU mode.
    1. n.albrecht's Avatar
      n.albrecht -
      I am fairly new to all of this.... I did manage to upgrade and use PwnageTool to upgrade to 2. However, this time when I am trying to create the .ipsw in PwnageTool, when it asks for the bl39.bin file it says that the file I have is not the correct file. I just downloaded the file from this sites link. What am I doing wrong.

      And I am sorry if someone or multiple people have already asked. I read 17 pages and didn't see the answer.

      So, I just read 17 more pages and think that I found the answer. But... I have tried downloading the Bootloaders from different sites and none seem to work.
    1. nitram's Avatar
      nitram -
      I am having the same problem with the boot loader and now I have updated my brand new phone to version 2.2 unjailbroken so now its a really good ipod but no phone
    1. BoostedEvoIX's Avatar
      BoostedEvoIX -
      Used Quickpwn for windows last night, and jailbroke 2.2 flawlessly No issues here
    1. evscholla's Avatar
      evscholla -
      it does not accept the bootloader v3.9 when it asks to brows i do and i select it but says its not it WTF!!!???? i am running a mac fyi
    1. submerger's Avatar
      submerger -
      Hey, Did anyone post a guide for upgrading from 2.x to 2.2? I want to make sure I am doing this the easy and right way. (or at least the quick and dirty way)

      - WIN XP
      - iPhone 3G
      - JailBroken With WinPwn
      - Cydia & lots of apps
      - Not as green as my user says

    1. Hpquintero's Avatar
      Hpquintero -
      I need help asap please.... I updated my phone from 2.1 to 2.2 just a few minutes ago and everything was cool. Now I'm trying to jailbreak my phone using quickpwn and its stuck at "flashing Bootloader, DO NOT INTERRUPT!!!"

      It's been like that for a good 20 minutes now... should I just keep waiting? Last time I jailbroke my phone on 2.1 it took like 10 minutes tops.
    1. A Retired Mod's Avatar
      A Retired Mod -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hpquintero View Post
      I need help asap please.... I updated my phone from 2.1 to 2.2 just a few minutes ago and everything was cool. Now I'm trying to jailbreak my phone using quickpwn and its stuck at "flashing Bootloader, DO NOT INTERRUPT!!!"

      It's been like that for a good 20 minutes now... should I just keep waiting? Last time I jailbroke my phone on 2.1 it took like 10 minutes tops.
      ^^^Is the phone 1st Gen or the 3G? What OS or you running?
    1. Hpquintero's Avatar
      Hpquintero -
      Iphone 2G.... 1st generation.... Windows XP

      I'm reading off the BootNeuter 2.1 and this is what it says...

      Version 4.6
      Neuter On
      Fake black off
      Unlock On

      I don't know if that helps :/ ... I'm going crazy! :/
    1. A Retired Mod's Avatar
      A Retired Mod -
      So it is stuck on the bootneuter correct?
    1. Hpquintero's Avatar
      Hpquintero -
      Quote Originally Posted by Zwayne View Post
      So it is stuck on the bootneuter correct?
      yes it is .... It's been over 45 minutes now...

      EDIT: After an hour of waiting I decided to do it all over again... now to wait and see what happens

      EDIT 2: I'm back to where I started... I upgraded my phone and now I'm at 2.2 again... I'm really glad it works...

      I don't know if I should try jailbraking again... I'm scared now
    1. 0.o's Avatar
      0.o -
      so does this work for first gen ipod touch?