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  • iPhone MMS Apple Allowed. Could it be True?

    Uh well um. Better extremely late than never? The lack off MMS has been one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone since day one way back in 2007. Who is going to bring MMS to the masses? Swirly MMS 1.2 already has via Cydia but what about all those poor fools that haven't jailbroken yet? While Apple is leaving its users hanging in the wind Mobispine is working hard to create a MMS app that Apple will allow out the door.

    The other day the rumor initially broke on MacWorld that Swedish-Finnish carrier Telia is on the verge (read with in the next two months) of pushing their MMS app out the door and into the eager hands of people subscribed to their cellular network. That's all well and good that someone is getting MMS without jailbreaking but leaves most the world with out.

    An update hit Engadget today that gives those not on Telia some hope! It turns out the MMS app that was originally reported to be developed by Telia is actually being developed by a third party developer called Mobispine. Mobispine has plans for MMS on a much broader scope. According to their press release Mobispine CEO Dusyant Patel says that “Mobispine continues its strong track record of innovation and is proud to unveil the first true MMS service for iPhones. We are confident that global operators will find Mobispine’s MMS service for iPhone easy-to-use and profitable.”

    MMS users can only hope that Mobispine's dream of carrier backed MMS on iPhone's everywhere will come true and make it through Apple's approval process - it's pretty evident that Apple isn't going to create MMS on the iPhone themselves.
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      off topic anyone?

      Quote Originally Posted by JAG2621 View Post
      Well if your iPhone is a POS then why i gods name do you still own it. Throw it away and quit complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      No one phone has it all. IMO the iPhone still has more features than most phones and i guess thats why you still own your POS!
      troll alert.. you know what he meant.. quit talking just to be talking.

      Quote Originally Posted by seanobx View Post
      Actually, the phone can send pix msgs. use the App called quip. Someone who works with my wife told her about it. I checked it out and i must say all in all its not that bad. I mean it doenst work like traditional MMS. one has to have web access, but when you click on the link it takes you right to the pic you sent tried it with both 3G and 2G. works both ways. It is also just a text msg, so high MMS fees would essentially be a thing of the past. I like it and recommend it, not like I am anyone though)
      will look into it thx
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      okay... just reading through this... i called AT&T twice today and tried it... but no luck there... The one guy swore if he turned it on, it would mess up the phone... I asked him, well what exactly will it do... "It will mess the phone", i asked again, so what will it do the phone... he goes again, "It will mess up the phone, sorry I can't do that for you"... Now I am wondering, if I jailbreak it with the new jailbreak and unlock it (i am already jailbroken, just not unlocked) and call them up and give them a BS story that i dropped the iPhone in the pool and I am going to use my Samsung Sync would they enable the MMS and possibly media max? and would this work with my iPhone... Really all I want is the MMS I am so sick of this nonsense with the e-mail (it never works for me... At least outgoing... they always bounce back to me... I could (and have) send the same message 56 times, only ONE will go through...) otherwise I would not have an issue with the e-mail idea...