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  • New App Allows you to Control Lights in your House with iPhone

    There is a new app that will allow you to turn on/off or dim all the lights in your house. The app works with a lighting system by Lutron, the same company that developed the dimmer switch in the 1960s.

    The lamp in the picture above is screwed into one of Lutron’s modules. The module allows iPhone owners, with a simple app, to control their lights from across the room or from a different story in their house.

    The app also allows for your house to be separated into different zones, so the many lights do not get confusing.

    While the app is free and available in January, its been reported that to set up your house with all these modules would “cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars.”

    Ok, so this is app takes things to a new level and you have to admit that this would be a great way to wow friends and guests who are over visiting your home, but I wonder how many people would actually use this because of the high up front cost? I could not justify the cost.

    Source: DVICE: Control the lights in your house using the iPhone
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      Quote Originally Posted by yomike007 View Post
      Home automation control has been around for many many years, its called X10. One can already control x10 modules from your iphone, its calle 'x10 commander' and is available from the app store for about 7 bucks.

      great, but the server is only for Windows! Crap!

      Quote Originally Posted by m600i View Post
      If anyone has any questions let me know.
      I use X10 all over the house, with a mac.
      is there a Mac-based server for this?
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      Quote Originally Posted by m600i View Post

      MUCH BETTER APP! Much easier to use, and much much cheaper. I can control nearly any light in my house, from any internet connected iPhone, anywhere in the world, for 9.99, plus the cost of a module, (about $10 each, and the CM17, last seen on x10.com for like $40 I think)

      Guys like this, Melloware, need our support in what he does. Programs just work. No BS, no expensive hardware, but the promises of a programmer that the program works, just as its supposed to, when its supposed to...
      Did you read post #16. Melloware links were already provided.
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      Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
      Now I can get even fatter because I don't have to get my fat @$$ up off the couch to turn on/off or dim the lights. Now I need an app that will bring me my cheetos from the kitchen
      You could use this thing...

      You're welcome

      Seriously tho, home automation is far from new, and systems like X10 have been around for a while. There are better systems out there tho besides x10, and some that cost the same or only slightly more. There's a good list of them here:

      Automation - LinuxMCE wiki

      There is also a company called Savant that builds home automation hardware based on macs. Kool!

      Savant - Now You Can!
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      The modules for this system are way too expensive. If you want to make lighting magic from your pocket just buy this starter kit - FireCracker Kit - CM17A - and download the iPhone application called - X10 Commander - From the application store for $9.99. This will get you up and running to control one lamp. Additional modules for lamps, wall switch lights, appliances and even flourescent lamps can be added for very reasonable prices. There are a number of different devices that will allow your PC (sorry windows based only) to be used by the iPhone application for controlling just about any electrical device in your home. Check out the required items for the X10 Commander application at the Application Store. I have been a long time user of the X10 devices in my home. I was very happy to find the app for the iPhone. It was very easy to integrate into my existing system.
    1. Melloware's Avatar
      Melloware -
      Thanks you all of you in this thread giving X10 Commander props. I am the developer of X10 Commander and I appreciate that people out there are using my product and it provides a cheap alternative for people already using X10 hardware to control from their iPhones and iPod Touchs!

      X10 Commander - iPhone/iPod Touch X10 Controller