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  • iOS 4.2.6 Firmware for Verizon iPhone Goes Public

    This one slipped by me the other day, but it appears that Apple has made a new firmware publicly available, iOS 4.2.6 Build 8E200, for the Verizon iPhone (iPhone3,3), which is only a few weeks away.

    While the Verizon iPhone was being shown off earlier this month; Engadget showed it loaded with iOS 4.2.5, which leads us to believe that Apple has had some time to make changes and tweaks since we had first gotten a glimpse of it.

    Don't get too excited though, this firmware is ONLY for the Verizon phone right now. Although it will be interesting to see what happens, as this means that the Dev-Team and other teams can take apart the IPSW and dig around inside to see what exactly is in store for Jailbreaking an Verizon iPhone.

    You may ask, What is the difference? Well one big advantage to the newer firmware is that it includes the new personal hotspot feature.

    MuscleNerd (Dev Team) thinks that the jailbreaking process of the Verizon iPhone shouldn`t be a problem:

    If the i4 crypto engine couldn’t get those, it would have been bad sign for limera1n. But it did, so there’s still hope.
    MuscleNerd: @damon_taylor If limera1n is still there, it means at *least* tethered JB on 0-day (and for those who buy early, forever)
    @MuscleNerd on twitter

    iOS 4.2.6 for Verizon iPhone
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    1. gotanmp3's Avatar
      gotanmp3 -
      Quote Originally Posted by 97vrsix View Post
      I'm wondering what Baseband the Verizon phones will have! If it will be in the 5.14.x range for 3GS or what?
      It's most likely going to be a Qualcomm baseband and not really useful from a hacking/modding standpoint as Verizon's postpaid phones always have a SPC code of "000000".

      What's going to keep the CDMA iPhone off Sprint is Sprint's unwillingness to activate a foreign MEID and Verizon's unwillingness to sell the iPhone without a service plan - not any baseband hacks.

      The hacks to watch for on the CDMA iPhone will be jailbreaking (obviously), diag mode (which allows CDMA tools to access the phone's service programming over a virtual serial port) and any iOS mods required to get data and MMS working.
    1. 97vrsix's Avatar
      97vrsix -
      Good point! Wait, so I guess I
      Gonna have to do research! The modem or radios are totally different. They would have to be! So yea, different modem firmware! Sucks!

      ATT does not sell it over the counter with out contract I thought? Just apple.

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    1. EskimoRuler's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by steve-z17 View Post
      Hopefully the JB community will grow with Verizon peeps getting the iPhone.
      yea, we should see a spike here for the forum, that would be nice.

      would be great news for veriphone owners if thy could jailbreak right away