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  • MobileMusic Player/iTunes Replacement

    To download and play music what do you use? Typically the iPhone's included iTunes store to purchase albums and then the MobileMusic Player (iPod feature) to play your music.

    Coming soon to Jailbroken iPhones everywhere (the beta testers got their copies a few days ago) PwnPlayer and iSoulSeek will look to provide the same service and functionality as the stock options except free downloads and a few other neat features thrown in the mix.

    iSoulSeek is a newer 2.0 version of iSlsk a very popular port of SoulSeek to the iPhone. If you aren't familiar with SoulSeek it is a peer to peer file sharing app that has a lot of users sharing their music. The original iSlsk did a great job bringing this to the iPhone allowing you to download music and then import it directly into your music library. We've been waiting for iSlsk on firmware 2.x for awhile but there has been a major hiccup in the process - the import into your music library doesnt seem to be possible.

    To solve the import problem developer errrick has created PwnPlayer (featured in the video above) to play music files from a directory on the iPhone. PwnPlayer looks like a great alternative to the current iPhone iPod feature and has a ton of features.
    • Plays from the file directory. Just throw your music in to a directory on your iPhone via sftp or iphonebrowser and PwnPlayer will recognize it and allow playback. No more syncing with iTunes to add music! This feature also allows playback of music downloaded via iSoulSeek.
    • Music Library compatibility allowing you to use both the current iPod app and PwnPlayer.
    • Search for music. You can search your music for the song/artist/album you are looking for.
    • Lock-Screen gesture controls to allow you to control PwnPlayer while your iPhone remains locked.

    • CoverFlow. Just like coverflow in the current iPod app there is a coverflow option in PwnPlayer. At the moment it only works with music in your iTunes library.
    • PwnPlayer runs in the background so you can do other things while listening to music.
    • SpringBoard integration allows you to see see current song info on the lock screen and also allows for the lock screen music controls.
    • Playlist managing allows you to create and manage your playlists.

    Future releases of PwnPlayer will also include more features like Plug-ins, Video playback, possible genius support, and syncing with the iPhone's music library if the security checksums are cracked.

    This combination of iPhone software looks like great fun and I am eagerly waiting the public release. For more info check out errrick's blog.

    Thanks Cody for the tip
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    1. f_itunes's Avatar
      f_itunes -
      Quote Originally Posted by Stephenstudios View Post
      What a pointless App. It basically just duplicates the iPod app on the iPhone with a few unnecessary bells and whistles, EXCEPT search. Stupid.
      ROFL, it's not pointless at all. Even though I run windows I absolutely can't stand itunes, it's the worst media library/player software there is. Finally I'll be able to have the same functionality on my ipod and be itunes free. Oh and the ability for plugins will be awesome, maybe now we will have a solid FLAC player on the ipod/iphone, screw apples crappy codecs.
    1. NGE's Avatar
      NGE -
      Quote Originally Posted by liton View Post
      I manage to get the beta 3 and really this is cool application. Now I can search my music and create a separate play list and also good control on lock screen. If there is shake control it could be much better.
      Where did you get it?I'am looking like nuts in google and didnt find nothing...

      It seams to be really a great application much better then Default Iphone Music Player, and the functions of switching music on the backgroud without opening the Music player it really rocks!!!

      Keep the good work!!
    1. rickypointing's Avatar
      rickypointing -
      Apple phone s very good and i am waiting to release the new slim one...
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      Has anyone heard anything about a release on this?
    1. wolfnumba1's Avatar
      wolfnumba1 -
      released today!!!!
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Pwnplayer seems great. Mewseek is rather unstable and crashes a lot.
    1. philhu's Avatar
      philhu -
      Any updates for PwnPlayer?

      Moving along well, cool program, then NOTHING!