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  • Firmware 2.2 Hidden Features
    In the recent Firmware 2.2 seeded to developers there are a few very interesting hidden features:
    • A switch to turn off the loved or loathed auto correction. Maybe now your lols wont turn in to LOLS.

    • Google Street view. This is one of my favorite features of google maps. Street View is just neat. Now on the iPhone Google Street View provides 360 panoramic street-level views and allows users to view parts of selected cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas at ground level.
    • Japanese emoji icons. These aren't used much here in the US as far as I know but are very popular in Japan. They are little icons to add to messages and are also included in 2.2 which may help Japanese iPhone sales.

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    1. ASar08's Avatar
      ASar08 -
      Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
      [*]A switch to turn off the loved or loathed auto correction. Maybe now your lols wont turn in to LOLS.
      Sweet. People keep complaining that I can't spell, and that I constantly write "duck" in my text messages...
    1. JazJon's Avatar
      JazJon -
      Forget shutting off auto correct, how about editing / adding our own?
    1. addybgrilla's Avatar
      addybgrilla -
      Quote Originally Posted by JazJon View Post
      Forget shutting off auto correct, how about editing / adding our own?
      Yeah, I totally second that

      LOL? Since when did anyone ever write it like that....
    1. Alperovich's Avatar
      Alperovich -
      very nice! so we'll be able to txt/send smiley's and stuff, very cool stuff. i like the auto-correctless feature too.
    1. frankydabull's Avatar
      frankydabull -
      EXACTLY!! Autocorrect definitely helps me a lot, but it gets frustrating when it refuses to recognize that im constantly keep have to respell certain words. I think that some words are never changed, no matter how many times you change it around

      Quote Originally Posted by jboone View Post


      Only 19 post and each one is probably the same bs "1st"! wHO cares coward?
    1. feng303's Avatar
      feng303 -
      "Maybe now your lols wont turn in to LOLS"

      hahahaha that is so true. cash7c3 you hit it on the spot
    1. kadinh's Avatar
      kadinh -
      DANG!! just as i got 2.1 just like i like it they come out with a new one. IMO i think that the 2.1 FW was pretty good. but jailbreaking is pretty fun too
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      YES! thankyou apple, thankyou steve, once 2.2 drops i might send you a thankyou e-mail with a 'emojicon' to show just how happy i am!

      you just keep on delivering with these firmware updates, thankyou!
    1. smiska2's Avatar
      smiska2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jboone View Post

      There, corrected it for you.
    1. skatertrash's Avatar
      skatertrash -
      google street view? that is going to be so badass. i really wish they would let us edit the auto-correction. i dont think i could live with it turned off, but it would be nice to not have to edit words when the auto-correct to "duck" or "LOL". still waiting for copy & paste!
    1. 24trepid's Avatar
      24trepid -
      Looks pretty good ...........
    1. nrowensby's Avatar
      nrowensby -
      Quote Originally Posted by skatertrash View Post
      still waiting for copy & paste!
    1. ady199's Avatar
      ady199 -
      Any ideas when this will get released..???
    1. Carrbone's Avatar
      Carrbone -
      I hope we get the emo icons, I was kinda amazed we didnt have them / along with copy and past
      my palm has had both of them since 1996 I think we're due!
    1. Eurisko's Avatar
      Eurisko -
      Hidden? There they are, right there. Do they mean undocumented?
    1. ronfin44's Avatar
      ronfin44 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jboone View Post

      This crap has to stop. Grow up.

      Mods. Please start temp banning ALL individuals that post this "1st" post crap. The only way to kill it is to remove these morons.
    1. r1994augusto's Avatar
      r1994augusto -
      you meaned iPhone FW 2.2
      Is it jailbreakeable???
    1. jiniej's Avatar
      jiniej -
      are these "emojicons" like little images, like teeny PNGs? if that's the case and we can send them in text messages, shouldn't we be able to send images?
    1. Hellbuster's Avatar
      Hellbuster -
      the google streetview was kinda interesting, but the EMO icons will only work with other mobiles that supports them, and as far as i know.... ok then... i belive there are not so many mobiles supporting this chinese smiley fanatic....
    1. lillewis51's Avatar
      lillewis51 -
      thoes icons are kick ***!!! has apple given a release date yet? and is this an offcial update like baseband update so a new jailbreak method is needed?

      o and 21st!!!!!