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  • [Tip] StatusNotifier for Email, SMS, and Call Notifcation in the Status Bar

    About a year ago the original Taskbar Notifier was released for jailbroken phones. Unfortunately its development stopped at firmware 1.1.4 leaving us with out this neat little mod on firmware 2.x.

    No need to fear today zolee released Status Notifier today in our forums. With a simple install from Cydia (it went on on the MMi repo just a bit ago) you can add notifications for mail, SMS, and call notifications back on your status bar.

    You can find it in the Utilities section of Cydia under the name "StatusNotifier"

    Note: to use make sure you have Erica Utilities and Java Sqlite3 installed as well. They are both available on Cydia.

    Thanks zolee for bringing this to 2.x phones!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Tip] StatusNotifier for Email, SMS, and Call Notifcation in the Status Bar started by Cody Overcash View original post
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    1. stevetheman's Avatar
      stevetheman -
      Quote Originally Posted by evilhomer21 View Post
      I'm not saying this app is fault, I install lots of stuff. But after yesterday's upgrade, my battery always reads 100% full. AGAIN, it may not be this app. I'm just trying ot track it down. Anybody else having this prob also?

      I think i'm getting the same.
      Weird thing is I can't even open up MyBattery to check.

      It looks like it's just an issue with the icon. I've got the numeric battery from BossPrefs and that's saying 86 but the icon is still showing totally full.
    1. maakasu's Avatar
      maakasu -
      im having problems with bitesms . . when there is new email or miss call the status bar will have the icons . . but with new smses . . there wont be any ? anybody encounter this prob . . without installing erica and sqlite it works . . i tried installing the 2 utilities . it doesnt help
    1. evilhomer21's Avatar
      evilhomer21 -
      A reboot didn't help my batter indicator. But after charging @night, its back to normal. Go figure... Good luck stevetheman
    1. idolpunk's Avatar
      idolpunk -
      hmm was going to try this until I read all the problems
    1. heath_rox's Avatar
      heath_rox -
      did any one figure out how to change the sound it makes?
    1. happydude's Avatar
      happydude -
      anyone know why the remider option doesnt work for me??? i want it to notify me with a vibrate 1x every minute but it wont. fyi ive changed the programs icons and my vibrate .plist but i cant see these having any adverse affects. anyone shed any light on this for me.?

      Quote Originally Posted by heath_rox View Post
      did any one figure out how to change the sound it makes?
      find your new sound >>> ssh into your phone >>> go to SYSTEM, LIBRARY, AUDIO, UISOUNDS >>> rename new sound to SNReminder (exactly the same as shown) >>> drag new sound into said location and hit overwrite when promted. easy
    1. zebut's Avatar
      zebut -

      I have tried everthing (sqite/erika) but the reminder feature doesn't work at all...

      Can anybody help?