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  • iTunes 8 + Pwnage = Error 1600

    After upgrading my iTunes to 8.0 on my Mac (and reports on a PC also) and DFU restoring to a custom built firmware I get error 1600. I have tried to downgrade back to 7.7.1 and STILL get error 1600. I have seen scattered reports of similar issues. Quickpwn still works because it doesn't go through iTunes. Everyone please stay tuned for further details. If you plan to use pwnage do NOT upgrade to iTunes 8.0 yet.

    Conclusion - if you have updated to iTunes 8, use quickpwn to jailbreak and download bootneuter from Cydia to unlock if needed.
    *If your device has already been pwned it will continue to accept custom ipsw files... this issue is for phones in a factory state.

    Update: Dev team is working on releasing patches for iTunes 8 which will fix this issue.
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    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Quote Originally Posted by yoko666 View Post
      if u get a 1600 error u just need to re-pwn ur itunes. go into the device support folder and delete anything thats in there. open pwnage/winpwn and pwn itunes again. now it should work.

      vista: c:/users//appdata/roaming/%APP%/ITUNES/DEVICE Support
      XP: C:/Documents and Settings//Application Data/Apple Computer/iTunes/Device Support
      mac: ~/Library/iTunes/Device Support
      (Where  is your login-user name)
      im not entirely sure about the vista path but it will be something close to that
      This didn't work on my mac... updated to iTunes 8. Restored to my stock apple 2.0.2 firmware. Deleted the file in device support... attempted DFU restore (error 1600) and Recovery Mode Restore (error 6).

      I've downgraded my iTunes back to 7.7, THEN delete that file, build a new firmware in iTunes....and everything now works. iTunes 8 needs to be patched from the Dev Team for it to work consistently. Until then we have Quickpwn.
    1. JazJon's Avatar
      JazJon -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jay316 View Post
      Basically, as long as Quickpwn gets updated then there are no problems with iTunes 8.
      This brings up a good question. I've been happy enough to jailbreak with a simple quickpwn. It gives me Cydia and can install all apps/themes/etc.

      So the question is:
      What benifit do you get by loading a custom firmware via winpwn / itunes? I never really understood why you would want to do something the hard way if you get the same result.
    1. Steen's Avatar
      Steen -
      Just used QuickPwn (mac) + Cydia/Bootneuter = Joy

      1st gen iPhone, was on, 1.1.4 (Ziphone) -> 2.0.2 upgrade under iTunes 8.0 (35)

      Shut down iTunes & helper.

      Jailbroken + Unlocked.

      Just finished re-sync & ALL good!

      Thanks to the poster in this thread 4 the heads up!
    1. angel129116's Avatar
      angel129116 -
      Thank god some news! I thought i was doing something wrong when i kept getting the 1600 error. I should know better than to doubt myself.

      I was trying to restore an iphone on 2.0.2
    1. kcrmson's Avatar
      kcrmson -
      I wasn't able to restore in DFU mode either and letting it boot "normally" would make iTunes throw a fit (my OS apparently got corrupted after an app crash, will halt up iTunes indefinitely if booting in normal mode). I just tried plain recovery mode (plugged in, hold Sleep and Home forever until iTunes recognizes it) and I'm restoring and no 1600 error so far like I did with DFU mode. Restoring using my Pwned ipsw as well, under iTunes 8.
    1. Atokadd's Avatar
      Atokadd -
      Thank god I upgraded.
      Figures, im not suprised that something like this would happen.
      Stay tuned people, I will.
    1. jailwut wunnow's Avatar
      jailwut wunnow -
      Anyone having an issue syncing new/updated apps from iTunes 8 to your device?

      Mine: quik-pwnd 2.0.2 16gb iPod, win-xp.

      I keep getting the error "application(s) could not be installed because the ipod is not compatible." Syncing is quick and painless, genius playlist are created and loaded to the iPod, and even the app I installed on the Touch made into Applications in iTunes. It's only the updated and new ones I dl'd thru iTunes that won't sync to the iPod.
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      devs got a patch already!

      gotta love the devs!
    1. adrian1480's Avatar
      adrian1480 -
      *awaits 2.1 and pwn with bated breath*
    1. erikcarrie's Avatar
      erikcarrie -

      This was done yesterday. I synced my iPhone first before doing anything. Unmounted my iPhone and downloaded iTunes 8.0 and installed the update. After browsing iTunes (Genius) is really strange. Some of its suggestions don't make sense. But going back, I turned off Genius and reconnect my iPhone and proceeded with syncing. No issues. Well, backing up is the same. I thought there would be significant change in speed as what was mentioned by Steve. Just a little feedback.
    1. chapelfreak's Avatar
      chapelfreak -
      Quote Originally Posted by JazJon View Post
      This brings up a good question. I've been happy enough to jailbreak with a simple quickpwn. It gives me Cydia and can install all apps/themes/etc.

      So the question is:
      What benifit do you get by loading a custom firmware via winpwn / itunes? I never really understood why you would want to do something the hard way if you get the same result.
      someone correct me if i am wrong, but when you use winpwn, it doesn't upgrade your baseband. When using quickpwn, you upgrade to the newest firmware(or whatever one you want to quickpwn), and you upgrade the baseband. Upgrading your baseband and lessens your chance of unlocking your 3G iPhone(if you hate att, or whatever carrier you have), whenever the dev team finds a way to unlock it.
    1. luca.cremona's Avatar
      luca.cremona -
      oh my god f#& i tunes and the new 8.0....but thanks to this wonderful website.very helpfully...
    1. Starfleet's Avatar
      Starfleet -
      I resolved my issue by expanding my root partition from 500mb to 800mb using winpwn2.5 (w/update). I do not know if it will solve all the issues but it did for me....

      --iBrickr recovered from my brick attempts....
    1. Terrill's Avatar
      Terrill -
      good thing I didnt upgrade
    1. Yetti12's Avatar
      Yetti12 -
      So i forgot that there was issues with pwnage and itunes 8, and went ahead and tried to use pwnage tool to restore with FW 2.0.2.

      Now i am stuck in restore mode and nothing works. I tried quick pwn for Mac but it doesn't reconize my phone. I tired using itunes 7.6 and that didn't work i got the 1600 error again.

      Can someone please help me here i'm phone-less lol

      Issue resolved did a restore to the factory FW 2.0.2 not the custom.
    1. Macboy67's Avatar
      Macboy67 -
      That worked for me too
    1. taz1981m's Avatar
      taz1981m -
      I just wanted to say that today my friend brought his iphone over never been pwn jailbroken or unlocked. And I already updated to 8.0. But I figured i would give it a try anyways. So I ran Winpwn 2.5 for firmware 2.0.1 on his phone. Winpwn Crashed. I when into Itunes Shift click restore selected the Custom firmware i just created and it worked great no issues or anything. Just thought i would share that The Custome fireware worked for me on Itunes 8.0 Hope maybe this helped someone out there. I havent tried this out on my iphone which has been pwn'd worth a shot tho just to re pwn itunes
    1. Flatbeats's Avatar
      Flatbeats -
      let me get this right.
      If my iphone is allready pwned then I wont get the 1600 error? while restoring to custom ispw files.

      If it was un pwned then id be getting the error? unless I used quickpwn.
    1. myvibe's Avatar
      myvibe -
      I also got the error in iTunes 8 when trying to restore my phone in DFU. It was a 3G 2.0.1 done through pwnage.

      Instead of going into DFU I tried someones recommendation of opt + restore when the iPhone is running like normal. BAM. Worked great!
    1. kal3idosc0pe's Avatar
      kal3idosc0pe -
      Quote Originally Posted by reznor9 View Post
      If your stuck in DFU mode and dont know how to get out, just hold the sleep and home button at the same time for about 10 seconds... then release both buttons and just hit the sleep button. The phone should power on like normal
      *n00B* Thanks for the tip! Didn't know that. Better do my research first before hacking.