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  • iTunes 8 + Pwnage = Error 1600

    After upgrading my iTunes to 8.0 on my Mac (and reports on a PC also) and DFU restoring to a custom built firmware I get error 1600. I have tried to downgrade back to 7.7.1 and STILL get error 1600. I have seen scattered reports of similar issues. Quickpwn still works because it doesn't go through iTunes. Everyone please stay tuned for further details. If you plan to use pwnage do NOT upgrade to iTunes 8.0 yet.

    Conclusion - if you have updated to iTunes 8, use quickpwn to jailbreak and download bootneuter from Cydia to unlock if needed.
    *If your device has already been pwned it will continue to accept custom ipsw files... this issue is for phones in a factory state.

    Update: Dev team is working on releasing patches for iTunes 8 which will fix this issue.
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    1. wlrm84's Avatar
      wlrm84 -
      Finally some news on this situation. Thank you
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      Chefanim -
      Thanks for the tip
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      Macboy67 -
      Same problem
    1. Reako's Avatar
      Reako -
      iTunes 8 breaks everything. You need to do a FULL uninstall of iTunes 8.0. That means deleting all files left behind such as MobileDeviceHelper files, Update support for iTunes and so forth. Once you clear your system of iTunes 8.0 files, then go about and reinstall iTunes 7.7.1 or lower, and then plug your Touc/iPhone into the USB port and allow the support files to install. Once that goes through, you should be good to go.

      I know this works, because I just spent an hour doing it on a PC.


      Since I haven't tried this on my Mac yet, this is the located files to delete on the PC.

      C/Program Files/Apple Software Update
      C/Program Files/Common Files/Apple

      Also, you need to uninstall QuickTime. Once you uninstall both applications, delete the aformentioned locations, and then do a FULL re-install of 7.7.1 you should be good to go on a PC.
    1. ojrtega's Avatar
      ojrtega -
      raptor jesus will save us....... i know its random and off topic.......
    1. JazJon's Avatar
      JazJon -
      Yet another reason not to update to 8.0 yet. I'm always happy to rush to a new iphone firmware, but I'm not excited about 8.0 so no rush for me anyway. Itunes 8.0 also breaks the Iphone Browser program, and causes AirTunes-AirPortExpress problems unless you upgade airports firmware. (see engadget)
    1. mbaharvard's Avatar
      mbaharvard -
      I dunno! No problem here on PC with 8.0 and pwned. Syncing is working fine - all of my tunes, videos and calendars. I am thankful for that. but I am sorry others are having troubles.
    1. otee670's Avatar
      otee670 -
      so should we upgrade itunes?
    1. flounder21's Avatar
      flounder21 -
      Oh well too late for that warning...
    1. reznor9's Avatar
      reznor9 -
      UPDATE!!!: You dont have to downgrade back to iTunes 7.7
      I also am using a mac... I also upgraded to iTunes 8.0... I also was getting the error(1600) when trying to restore a custom pwnage firmware in DFU mode... was getting frustrated and then decided to try it while NOT in DFU mode, and guess what, it worked! Well it did for me, tell me if it does for you please

      So there you have it, you do not have to enter DFU mode. Infact in my case the only way to get the custom firmware to install was to do it out of DFU... just in regular mode.
      Step my step:
      1) Turn on your iPhone
      2) Plug it into your computer and allow iTunes to detect it as normal.
      3) Now hit option/restore and select the custom firmware
      thats it!

      If your stuck in DFU mode and dont know how to get out, just hold the sleep and home button at the same time for about 10 seconds... then release both buttons and just hit the sleep button. The phone should power on like normal
    1. Reako's Avatar
      Reako -
      Well syncing is perfect with a Jailbroken 2.0.2. The only problem is re-Jailbreaking and iPhoneBrowser does NOT work with iTunes 8.0..

    1. bluaeon's Avatar
      bluaeon -
      doh, thats harsh for windows users.
    1. Dark246's Avatar
      Dark246 -
      How odd. Im using iTunes 8.0 on both my mac and pc. I havent seen this error code and Ive restored to 2.0.2 twice already
    1. Eserel's Avatar
      Eserel -
      No error for me and I just upgraded to 8.0. My ipod is 1.1.4. But I can't go on the internet. My ipod just doesnt recognize the wifi. Know anything bout that?
    1. elildo's Avatar
      elildo -
      Just don't go into DFU mode
    1. popmanbx's Avatar
      popmanbx -
      I thought the error 1600 code meant you were not properly in DFU mode. The Itunes 8.0 shouldn't give you a 1600 error, it might just not take DFU mode. Try without being in DFU. Option restore from the regular screen.
    1. Birken's Avatar
      Birken -
      I thought you get that error when you not going to DFU mode, but instead "the other mode" which I cannot remember the name of :-)

    1. Sirius389's Avatar
      Sirius389 -
      Quote Originally Posted by flounder21 View Post
      Oh well too late for that warning...
      +1 Eventually I will learn. Lol
    1. mbaharvard's Avatar
      mbaharvard -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sirius389 View Post
      +1 Eventually I will learn. Lol
      The only way we all learn is just to jump in and do it We can wait and see what happens to others, but if we do that, we have nothing to offer as far as information - we are only bystanders! I choose to jump in and see what happens - I can always restore if I need to. (Which I have done about 50 times!) I enjoy SSH'ing and playing, but, then, again. I am comfortable with computers and you shouldn't be JB'ing your iPhone if you are not.

      Quote Originally Posted by Birken View Post
      I thought you get that error when you not going to DFU mode, but instead "the other mode" which I cannot remember the name of :-)

      You must be thinking of the restore mode which is different from DFU. That is when you are simply powered off and iTunes finds the phone. Not any different than just restoring from hooking up live. I have never restored from DFU - only pwned.
    1. VBLUE42's Avatar
      VBLUE42 -
      Yea same thing here. I knew better then to update itunes so soon but a friend of mine didn't. I spent several hours last night trying to down grade his itunes to 7.7.1 to try and jailbreak with no luck. Also tried with other restore modes with no luck. I didn't know however that quickpwn doesn't use itunes to install the custom firmware so that is good news. I will be trying that as the solution. No doubt however that this itunes 8 jailbreak circumvent will be squashed soon.