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  • QuickPwned: Fast Windows Jailbreaking Released!
    The iPhone Dev Team released a new jailbreak tool that uses the application processor, and "is impossible to permanently damage your device." Based on a new exploit, no custom firmware building required.

    Currently this software is Windows only but support for other platforms should arrive soon. This also requires that your iPhone is already firmware version 2.0.1 but further support should also be added soon. No this IS NOT a 3g unlock. Don't ask.

    How to use:
    1) Drop an unmodified 2.0.1 IPSW downloaded directly from Apple into the same
    folder as the quickpwn.exe binary.
    2) Close all other applications, including of course iTunes and iTunes Helper
    3) Double-click:
    iPhone 3G.bat if you have an iPhone 3G
    iPhone 2G.bat if you have a first-generation iPhone
    iPod touch.bat if you have an iPod touch.
    3) Follow the on-screen instructions

    If you need the 2.0.1 firmware files find them in our downloads.

    Edit: poorlad created a quick gui version of QuickPwn. Note: It IS still beta
    QuickPwn GUI MMi Member Download | iphone-dev Download

    QucikPwn MMi Member Download | iPhone-Dev Download

    [via iphone-dev]
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    1. imode's Avatar
      imode -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mourgne View Post
      im sorry, did you mean 2.0.2, because 2.0.1 certainly can be unlocked, as i am holding the evidence in my hand...
      2.0.1 can only be unlocked on 2G iPhones. 3G are still locked.
    1. mod_monkey's Avatar
      mod_monkey -
      to people who r stuck on the pineapple logo
      just restore your iphone via itunes and use 2.01 ipw via shift restore. once very thing is done. run QuickPwned again. make sure NOT TO EXIT ITUNES. LEAVE IT OPEN DURING QUICKPWN
      working now Iphone 2G 2.01
    1. liton's Avatar
      liton -
      Will it be only Jailbreak or Jailbreak + unlock together ?
    1. satyasingh's Avatar
      satyasingh -
      thanx bro

      thank you dev team and quickpwned team
    1. RiNo808's Avatar
      RiNo808 -
      my question is, if i have apps already installed from cydia on my 2.0 and want to upgrade to 2.1 will i loose my app from cydia when i quickpwn it??
    1. grahampaull's Avatar
      grahampaull -
      Ok - I installed this last night and got it working after a few attempts - It all worked but now my phone wont come on - Its stuck on the Pineapple logo and wont go any further.

      So i am trying to pwn it again but its saying "Waiting for iPhone to power off" IT IS OFF!

      Any help once again would be much appreciated lol

      Cheers n Beers


      OK Now i see a man saying something in Russian - Looks like my father in law
    1. daytoncj's Avatar
      daytoncj -
      Quote Originally Posted by imode69 View Post
      Just spend some time doing some reading of the guides and learn something about your iphone first. Otherwise, you will screw something up. Read through one of the pwnage guides about 2 or 3 times until you are clear. The questions you've been asking have been answered 1000x on MMi.

      iTunes syncs/backup your contacts, photos etc for reason... Why would they not be there after you've jailbroken your phone?
      Hey thanks. I've jailbroken/activated before and had no issues. My only question which I cannot find an answer to is this: will this activate the phone when its completed? I cannot activate through Itunes. Nobody has answered this yet.
    1. cadsii's Avatar
      cadsii -
      We posted another guide on our site

      and i had to activate via itunes after this process
    1. socialchameleon's Avatar
      socialchameleon -
      Fantastic, cheers for that. My 3g is now jailbroken, back to freedom like my old iphone!
    1. bscott1504's Avatar
      bscott1504 -
      Quote Originally Posted by imode69 View Post
      2.0.1 can only be unlocked on 2G iPhones. 3G are still locked.
      Quote Originally Posted by Mourgne View Post
      im sorry, did you mean 2.0.2, because 2.0.1 certainly can be unlocked, as i am holding the evidence in my hand...
      I wasn't clear in my statement! Gen. 1 phones running 2.0.1 can be unloced but not the 3G phones. I am also using an unlocked Gen 1 phone on 2.0.1...
    1. Dmoney10's Avatar
      Dmoney10 -
      i did it but my phones not unlocked wtff just jailbroken
    1. zareeba's Avatar
      zareeba -
      Loaded the standard 2.0.1 FW (2g) onto iPhone via Itunes (restore option). Phone boots ok, but iPhone obviously SIM locked message appears in iTunes (non-ATT user). Shut down iTunes and Helper. ran QuickPwn as per instructions, and ran successfully. Only problem now is, when firing up the iPhone I have "no signal" and no carrier option under Settings.

      What gives here gurus?
    1. iphone1027's Avatar
      iphone1027 -
      Works great. Got it on the first try. Jailbroken 3G w/2.0.1. Thanks Dev Team!
    1. Answer1o1's Avatar
      Answer1o1 -
      So let me get this straight. We can update to 2.0.2 and then JB it? Or will it be back to 2.0.1?
    1. kamikazi4's Avatar
      kamikazi4 -
      Every time I try it, it ends up getting an error message (the error report message)

      I always end up getting an error report message when the cmd gets to Loading: restore.plist why is this happening it works fine for everyone else...I'm using an iPod Touch.
    1. cg_ai4's Avatar
      cg_ai4 -
      first open the winpwn the click the browse isp. Button wait for it to load then click the pwn button wait until a window popout and said itunes have been pwned then click on the build iwsp. Choose ur boot img. Click on install cydia,installer and youtube fix then click on the activate button and so on the partition put it on 550mb. then hit the build iwsp button and wait for it once is done creating ur custom iwsp. With ur itunes open hit on the pwn again wait until a window popout saying itunes have been pwned restart itunes with ur iphone in dfu mode and click on restore while pressing shift then choose ur custom iwsp. And click open and buala as soon as u see ur iphone with ur custom boot logo is a sing dat u did good and u just have to wait for the restore is done
    1. msgkunked101's Avatar
      msgkunked101 -
      what window2 are any of you using to get it to work i am using vista and every time when i get to the pwn part where the comand promt pops up it's say this progam has stoped working
    1. projectdwnshft's Avatar
      projectdwnshft -
      ok quick question i have sync'd up and backup all my contacts and such yet after i upgraded to 2.0.1 then pwned it all my contacts r gone i try restoring them but nothing shows up
      any way i can get them all back???

    1. iExodus's Avatar
      iExodus -
      I have a 2g iphone which I unlocked using winpwn, running 2.0 with 7.7itunes.

      when I unlocked it with winpwn, it already added cydia. what are the benefits to jailbreaking with this new quickpwn?

      I'll admit to being somehwhat new to this, please for give my lack of exprience and knowledge.
    1. CMPLX's Avatar
      CMPLX -
      whats the difference of this than winpwn?