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  • WinPwn 2.0 Released

    cmw has released WinPwn 2.0 - you can now jailbreak your 2.0 iPhone/iPod Touch/iPhone 3G in Windows easily.

    The WinPwn site is up and down with the intense traffic, but here's the post, in case you can't get it to load...

    WinPwn 2.0

    - Support for both 1.1.4 and 2.0

    - Custom Image Support

    - Custom Payload Support

    - 3g iPhone support

    2.0 How to:

    - 1) First create a custom IPSW using the IPSW Builder.

    - 2) Click "Ipwner" and browse for the custom IPSW that you just created. This will pwn itunes and allow you to flash
    Custom IPSW files via DFU mode

    - 3) Once you have pwned Itunes, put your phone into DFU mode. If you don't know how to do this click

    - 4) Once you are in DFU mode Itunes will pop up and then you can hold shift and click restore and browse to your custom IPSW file.

    Important Notes
    Remove Winpwn 1.0 completely if you have it installed. Installing over the top of WinPwn 1.0 will cause problems.
    Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes ( Currently 7.7)
    If you already have service with AT&T do not activate or install Youtube Fix

    Thanks again for all those who supported me. WinPwn was made possible by PlanetBeing, Squpix and the dev team ( Especially Wizdaz, MuscleNerd, Gray, Pumpkin, bgm, roxfan ). I will be updating WinPwn with some better features and upgrading the credits and help sections over the next few days.

    Much love
    Here's a ModMyI.com mirror for ya of the file (here's a non-member one), or you can grab it from RapidShare.

    Thanks to the dozens that sent this in.

    Also, cmw says there seems to be issue with Cydia on some XP machines, and he will be releasing a fix tomorrow.

    Edit Poseidon: Here is a nice guide written by theiphoneproject. I'm sure we'll have one up soon...

    WinPwn 2.0 Guide

    The new release is out which should fix the Cydia/XP bug along with some others listed

    Here's some more useful info on firmware files:

    Quote Originally Posted by skillzdan
    for the new winpwn, you need to make sure you're using the right firmware for your phone or it will be buggy / cause problems.

    there is one firmware for the 3g (which winpwn recognizes and doesnt allow unlock) and there is one for the 1st gen which winpwn will recognize and allow unlock. you should put this in the post so people can download the correct firmware.

    here is link to both.

    iPhone 3g firmware:

    iPhone first generation firmware:
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    1. stezza333's Avatar
      stezza333 -
      Didn't work for me either. Had a bit of a heart attack lol. My iPhones back to normal but it's still not jailbroken.

    1. cyruskayos's Avatar
      cyruskayos -
      still alternating between errors 1600 and 1601...someone please help
    1. 2Pixel's Avatar
      2Pixel -
      Hi to all, I have a few questions:

      1. Is there any apps running slow on iPhones after JB/Unlock with WinPwn 2.0 ?

      2. What i must do to change the size of system disk like in the custom .ipsw made by Tor (where the size was changed to 850 MB) ? I want to make it of about 1.5 GB

      Thanks in advance!
    1. Dog Lover Man's Avatar
      Dog Lover Man -
      my iphone is 1st gen can I update it into 3g using 2.0 3g firmware

      at your service
    1. gsbedi's Avatar
      gsbedi -
      Quote Originally Posted by JK1234 View Post
      Hey thanks for your reply about the images not loading I will give it some time to see if it settles down. About the error 1600 1604 1601 I got that error when my 2.0 restore.ipsw was not in my itunes device folder I made that folder, copied the ipsw into it and It worked fine

      oh and what itunes are you using? Not sure if it matters for winpwn 2.0 but it wouldnt let me restore the custom ipsw unless I downgraded my iTunes back to 7.5

      I upgraded to 7.7 for the drivers, went down to 7.5, pwned, then back to 7.7

      worked on an both my iPhone 3g's and my First Gen iPhone

      hopefully that helped

      just thought I would let you know


      This worked for me after numerous 16xx errors! I used winpwn 2.0 to ipwn itunes 7.5 and then restored! worked like a charm! for some reason itunes 7.7 won't work for some people. Thank you very much for this tip, it helped!!
    1. vanliren's Avatar
      vanliren -
      I try to pwn, but I have no idea where to locate the bootloader files after downloading from the link. Yet, in the advance option, only thevtop 2 can be checked, the rest are all grey. Anyone can help? My iPhone is 1.1.4 with iTunes 7.7.
    1. mopplecrump's Avatar
      mopplecrump -
      as Winpwn is having probs creating firmware, I created my custom firmware using xpwn, then using winpwn, loaded it in and it worked no probs. now running 2.0 unlocked jailbroke with cydia and appstore.
    1. alfatreze's Avatar
      alfatreze -
      Here's a quick little pack of boot images I did, most are from Deviantart.

      If anyone would for any reason like any of them removed just let me know.


      Enjoy the pwning.
    1. renoranes007's Avatar
      renoranes007 -
      I don't know what the hell I've done now, I've got up to the point of putting the phone in DFU Mode, followed it exactly, held both buttons untill screen went black, let go of power but kept home held for around another 10 secs untill iTunes made a noise and a notice poped up but the notice didn't say the phone was in recovery mode, it said "iTunes must check the iPod software update server to identify this device" and it gives 2 buttons to click "Check" or "Cancel", if you click "Check" it then comes up with "An iPod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please Disconnect and Reconnect the iPod, then try again. An Unknown error occurred (-48)" click "Ok" and thats it, nothing else happens and the iPhone doesn't appear in iTunes. Now if I try again but click "Cancel" on the first notice that pops up it does nothing aswell and the iPhone Doesn't appear in iTunes. Meanwhile the iPhone still has a black screen and pressing either of the buttons does Nothing so I can't even disconnect and use the phone.

      I also have the latest version of iTunes, save anyone from having to ask.

      ANY Help would be Great,
    1. andrunious's Avatar
      andrunious -
      awesome! wish i woke up earlier so i could do this before work.
    1. mwr_allen's Avatar
      mwr_allen -
      What do I need to do on winpwn if I'm on an O2 contract and I dont want to void any warranty so I can easily restore my iPhone 3G to its original settings if ever I need to take it back to the store for repairs?

      What settings must I use in winpwn?

      I know these may seem like stupid questions but I just want to be careful.

    1. A Retired Mod's Avatar
      A Retired Mod -
      I received a (unknown command) error on itune after loading the 2.0 customs F/W, but after a few seconds itune found the phone, an made a backup, synced. The Cydia and everything else seem to be working just find.
    1. davkav's Avatar
      davkav -
      em guys correct me if im wrong. I built my custom ipsw file with Pwnage for MAC. But i didnt have to enter DFU mode to write it to the iPhone.

      I just restored whilst the phone was in normal mode and all went as planned.

      I dont think you have to put the phone into DFU mode.....
    1. garryb's Avatar
      garryb -
      when i load up winpwn everythig is workingfine until i get to the advanced tab where i can only check the first 2 option whihc is activate and no wipe others are all greyed out i can check any other option pelase helpppppp
    1. slickric's Avatar
      slickric -
      thats all i got too but still built the ipsw without any drama - everything else went smooth after that
    1. A Retired Mod's Avatar
      A Retired Mod -
      Quote Originally Posted by davkav View Post
      em guys correct me if im wrong. I built my custom ipsw file with Pwnage for MAC. But i didnt have to enter DFU mode to write it to the iPhone.

      I just restored whilst the phone was in normal mode and all went as planned.

      I dont think you have to put the phone into DFU mode.....
      Most of us or going by what we read in the first post.

      (- 3) Once you have pwned Itunes, put your phone into DFU mode. If you don't know how to do this click )
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      will this work on mac?

      ...sorry. had to. ;-)

      Edit Poseidon: You suck haha. j/k
    1. davkav's Avatar
      davkav -
      Quote Originally Posted by billchase2 View Post
      will this work on mac?

      ...sorry. had to. ;-)
      Im not too sure. Think there still working on the MAC version.
    1. garryb's Avatar
      garryb -
      well its not working
    1. boostin4hp's Avatar
      boostin4hp -
      Ok i finally got this to work after getting many 160x errors. I uninstalled itunes 7.7 from add remove programs but not Apple Mobile Device Support (the Driver is still needed) rebooted computer then installed itunes 7.5 then restored the winpwn firmware.