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  • WinPwn 2.0 Released

    cmw has released WinPwn 2.0 - you can now jailbreak your 2.0 iPhone/iPod Touch/iPhone 3G in Windows easily.

    The WinPwn site is up and down with the intense traffic, but here's the post, in case you can't get it to load...

    WinPwn 2.0

    - Support for both 1.1.4 and 2.0

    - Custom Image Support

    - Custom Payload Support

    - 3g iPhone support

    2.0 How to:

    - 1) First create a custom IPSW using the IPSW Builder.

    - 2) Click "Ipwner" and browse for the custom IPSW that you just created. This will pwn itunes and allow you to flash
    Custom IPSW files via DFU mode

    - 3) Once you have pwned Itunes, put your phone into DFU mode. If you don't know how to do this click

    - 4) Once you are in DFU mode Itunes will pop up and then you can hold shift and click restore and browse to your custom IPSW file.

    Important Notes
    Remove Winpwn 1.0 completely if you have it installed. Installing over the top of WinPwn 1.0 will cause problems.
    Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes ( Currently 7.7)
    If you already have service with AT&T do not activate or install Youtube Fix

    Thanks again for all those who supported me. WinPwn was made possible by PlanetBeing, Squpix and the dev team ( Especially Wizdaz, MuscleNerd, Gray, Pumpkin, bgm, roxfan ). I will be updating WinPwn with some better features and upgrading the credits and help sections over the next few days.

    Much love
    Here's a ModMyI.com mirror for ya of the file (here's a non-member one), or you can grab it from RapidShare.

    Thanks to the dozens that sent this in.

    Also, cmw says there seems to be issue with Cydia on some XP machines, and he will be releasing a fix tomorrow.

    Edit Poseidon: Here is a nice guide written by theiphoneproject. I'm sure we'll have one up soon...

    WinPwn 2.0 Guide

    The new release is out which should fix the Cydia/XP bug along with some others listed

    Here's some more useful info on firmware files:

    Quote Originally Posted by skillzdan
    for the new winpwn, you need to make sure you're using the right firmware for your phone or it will be buggy / cause problems.

    there is one firmware for the 3g (which winpwn recognizes and doesnt allow unlock) and there is one for the 1st gen which winpwn will recognize and allow unlock. you should put this in the post so people can download the correct firmware.

    here is link to both.

    iPhone 3g firmware:

    iPhone first generation firmware:
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    1. bewie's Avatar
      bewie -
      I think I just bricked my iPod...
    1. kadinh's Avatar
      kadinh -
      im just going to wait until everything works fine and all the bugs are fixed. im happy just to finally have the iphone.
    1. crime_suspect's Avatar
      crime_suspect -
      hi mystur
      is this is for 3g also
      one thng more is 3g is same as first genration iphone
    1. babybia175's Avatar
      babybia175 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jgdsl View Post
      hi everyone well for some reason I can't build a custom firmware I am using windows vista x64 here is what happens plz help

      7/24/2008 12:01:33 PM - This is winpwn ver.: RC1
      7/24/2008 12:01:33 PM - Apple Mobile Device Support Version installed.
      7/24/2008 12:01:34 PM - 62 logos available online
      7/24/2008 12:01:34 PM - 0 custom payloads available online
      7/24/2008 12:01:38 PM - File from:F:My ProgramsIphone appiphone frimware3G iPhone firmwareiPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw
      7/24/2008 12:01:38 PM - Recognized as:iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw Type: IPSW_iPhone3G
      7/24/2008 12:01:38 PM - Be sure to connect an iPhone 3G!
      7/24/2008 12:03:26 PM - Preparing ipsw file.
      7/24/2008 12:03:27 PM - Adding custom Boot Logo
      7/24/2008 12:03:29 PM - Adding custom Recovery Image
      7/24/2008 12:03:31 PM - Extracting Root Filesystem
      7/24/2008 12:03:35 PM - Growing Root Filesystem
      7/24/2008 12:03:35 PM - Replacing Kernel
      7/24/2008 12:03:35 PM - Applying patch fstab.patch
      7/24/2008 12:03:35 PM - Applying patch Services.plist.patch
      7/24/2008 12:03:35 PM - Adding package Cydia.tar
      7/24/2008 12:03:37 PM - Rebuilding Root FileSystem
      7/24/2008 12:04:56 PM - IPSW creation failed!
      and without the cydia install?
    1. tchan012's Avatar
      tchan012 -
      Quote Originally Posted by boostin4hp View Post
      Ok i finally got this to work after getting many 160x errors. I uninstalled itunes 7.7 from add remove programs but not Apple Mobile Device Support (the Driver is still needed) rebooted computer then installed itunes 7.5 then restored the winpwn firmware.
      Thank you! After six hours of fighting - this did the trick.the trick is to uninstall 7.7 but not Apple Mobile Device Support - and then install 7.5 (does not require reboot) and then use winpwn - everything went smoothly from there
      now all I need is cydia (had to uncheck it coz of issues while building my ipsw)
    1. xyumeyx's Avatar
      xyumeyx -
      make your own ipsw?!?!? im new at using the iphone, i've only unlocked the 1.1.4 myself...im new to all these programs alil help?
    1. Sniper366's Avatar
      Sniper366 -
      If everyone is so anxious for 2.0, and you see 13 pages of failure, then go here - http://www.modmyi.com/forums/pwnage/...eshooting.html

      This is the method I used. I have Cydia working, 2.0 unlocked.Jailbroken/T-Zones $5.99 fix from Cydia. IF you decide to restore your contacts/everything from backup, use the fix for mail in page 11 of that thread. EASY, and it WORKS.
    1. Jeckel's Avatar
      Jeckel -
      Quote Originally Posted by crime_suspect View Post
      hi mystur
      is this is for 3g also
      one thng more is 3g is same as first genration iphone
      1. Yes (but no unlock)
      2. No

      This seems to be a good tool (made custom firmware), and for all of those getting errors, reinstall iTunes (7.5 as said before, or 7.7 if wanted) and check you are using the custom firmware .ispw and not the restore .ispw that you downloaded before.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Well without Cydia there's not too much point in going through with it since you'll just have to restore again once this bug gets worked out.
    1. kaschew89's Avatar
      kaschew89 -
      Hey guys i think i'm gonna wait a little more. Reading threw this thread and seeing what going on, I have a 1.1.4 phone that i unlocked with iLiberty and Installer.app done right by me so when they make installer.app for the 2.0 and add great app like video recorder,pool,mxtube,isisk,orblive,TTR,iSteamy.
      etc.. Some of these app i pay for and some were free to upload. I enjoy my phone now and to lose these just for a Firmware 2.0 i'll wait a bit more. For sure those great developer would make those app i listed work for 2.0...

      Hey quick question would winpwn 2.0 work for after i use iLiberty+

    1. lillewis51's Avatar
      lillewis51 -
      wow i can believe it came out this fast. great job guys. but i really like those images. anyway to get them on to the mac version of pwnage?
    1. oldskoolkid13's Avatar
      oldskoolkid13 -
      for some reason i cant get itunes on vista to recognize the iphone in dfu mode- i get an error 48 or something and it asks me to unplug the iphone and try again but i keep getting the same error... i am sure im puttin it in dfu mde correctly bc i have done it many times before and every time my xp recoginized it fine... so... does any1 no y this is happening?

      nevermind i got it- i forgot to empty the device support folder...
    1. bluemax189's Avatar
      bluemax189 -
      starting to work for me. somehow got winpwn to create the ipsw with cydia, not sure how, just dumb luck i guess. lets see how this turns out.
    1. fabianv's Avatar
      fabianv -
      it fails to build the ipsw on my xp machine ;[ any fixes yet?
    1. MalayZN's Avatar
      MalayZN -
      2 questions....... should I enable baseband update? and is there a difference between bootloaders? I have first gen 3.9 boot loader right now so does it matter?
      Thanks in advance.
    1. bewie's Avatar
      bewie -
      Alright, I'm going to quote a post I made at the ipod touch fans forum.

      Now, I know you guys are all fed up with noobs posting threads about their bricked iPods/iPhones. And yes, I do realize this thread is almost 3 months old, but I have a small problem here...

      I tried to jailbreak my iPod with 2.0 firmware using winpwn 2.0. I followed all steps carefully, and got to the point where I'm supposed to use pwned iTunes to restore to the jailbroken firmware.
      This is where it got complicated - I kept getting errors like 1600, 1601 and 1604, despite everything I tried to do to fix it.
      So, I heard one guy talking about working around this by uninstalling iTunes 7.7 and installing 7.5, and using it to restore. Worth giving it a shot, I thought.
      The 160x error kept on haunting me, so I figured that I might have to restore to 1.1.4, pwn it, and THEN try restoring to a jailbroken 2.0 firmware.

      After installing 1.1.4, I opened winpwn 2.0, selected the 1.1.4 firmware file, and clicked iPwner button.
      The funny thing is, winpwn recognized my iPod as an iPhone (judging from the diagnostics it displayed), and began pwning it... Ten seconds passed, and my iPod went black. I thought that it's just restarting, so I let it sit there for ~40 minutes.

      So, I check back after 40 minutes. It's still black - My PC doesn't see it through USB, the backside of it is hot, and it doesn't respond to anything I try to do - I try the home-sleep button method. Nothing. I disconnect it holding the home button, then reconnect it still holding the home button - nothing.

      Nothing I throw at it works. It's completely dead D:

      Is there a way to unbrick it, or will I have to send it over to Apple for repairs?
      Any help? Pwees! :3
    1. lucasps's Avatar
      lucasps -
      Quote Originally Posted by Flip_Jlo View Post
      thanks hmm i need help im still on 1.1.1 do i need to go to 1.1.4 just to be safe or can i just go ahead? any body ? much appreciated
      Yeah, I need to know this too

      I was thinking to update to 2.0 and then run WinPwn .. Is this correct ??

      Please Help us!
    1. f3nd3rmus1c's Avatar
      f3nd3rmus1c -
      orrrr... You couldve done it like me on my vista machine about 5 days ago... Everything works fine lol.
    1. RaMod's Avatar
      RaMod -
      Quote Originally Posted by yomino View Post
      If I choose to "setup as a new iphone", is there any way I can transfer my contacts? I don't mind losing music/settings/etc as long as I can keep my contacts info.

      There's no way to output save to SIM and then import SIM again? Or something of the sort to backup my contacts?
      Once you're going to sync your phone with iTunes it will put all your data/contacts back on your phone because you still have it stored on your PC. The only time you will lose it is when you're going to restore your PC and you don't save your files.

      Have fun!

      PS1:Thank you to the Dev team for this release and all the hard work!!
      PS2:For all the people that got this to work, without Cydia!!, tell me what was the point?!
      PS3 I have the 1st gen phone and I've tried everything posible in the past 10 hrs! I got all the errors posible We all need to wait for the Dev team to release a bug free vers!!! OR not!
    1. MalayZN's Avatar
      MalayZN -
      Remember not restore mode but DFU mode they are different apparently.