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  • iLiberty+ - #1 Windows Jailbreaking, Unlocking, Activation for iPhone/iTouch
    We are proud to announce the release of iLiberty+. iLiberty+ is the combination of iLiberty and iPlus bringing you the best Windows software for releasing your iPhone or iPod touch from the grasps of Apple and ATT.

    thephoneproject | Download | Non-Member Mirror

    iLibery+ allows you to do the basic things like unlocking, jailbreaking and activation, but also adds in the flexibility of iPlus allowing you to load custom payloads from a nice GUI interface. If the standard features aren't enough for you there are a lot more options build -- you'll just have to download it, click the advanced tab, and check it out!

    OS X Version HERE

    Big credit goes out to francis, pepijn, George Zhu, AViegas, cmw, w__, Baalbeck, bgm, cRAKn, GeoHot, MuscleNerd, pumpkin, SoLoR, sunny, tjcarter, and the iPhoneDev Team.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: iLiberty+ - #1 Windows Jailbreaking, Unlocking, Activation for iPhone/iTouch started by Cody Overcash View original post
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    1. nathanhogan316's Avatar
      nathanhogan316 -
      getting a little desperate now

      been told that my problem may be to do with a springboard.plist file

      when i receive an sms my 1.1.4 iPhone halts whatever its doing, shows the loading wheel thing then simulates unlocking, i then have to put in my pin and go into messages to read sms

      i get no preview, no noise, nothing...

      i have tried a new com.apple.springboard.plist file under /System/Libray/Launchdeamons but had no effect

      can someone please help, i dont wanna restore on itunes and then use iLiberty to jailbreak nto end up with a bricked phone just need to know the correct file that needs replacing
    1. AXN's Avatar
      AXN -
      I can't believe it - I made it work.

      If I made it anyone can - trust me.

      Fantastic piece of software - Thank YOU.


      I am just having one slight problem. Here we have 8 digit phone numbers, but when I try to dial, it only accepts 7. When I dial 8 the iPhone changes the first 3 in to area code.

      Any ideas what I can do?

    1. zahibaba's Avatar
      zahibaba -
      great work guys
    1. borz777's Avatar
      borz777 -
      can I use this program if I have already activated my iphone???
    1. celiboy07's Avatar
      celiboy07 -
      I'd like to say that this software worked well for me. After the download, it went and updated with an udpated patch. From there it was simply click and go.

      My main reason for jailbreak and what not is to get SummerBoards to change the theme. Can any point me in the right direction as to how to get SummerBoard installed, and where to download? Thanks!
    1. clay363's Avatar
      clay363 -
      im new and want to un lock my phone is this an easy method i have a 114 do i have to downgrade and is it hard to downgrade? im an extreme rookie but want to play with my phone

      im new and want to un lock my phone is this an easy method i have a 114 do i have to downgrade and is it hard to downgrade? im an extreme rookie but want to play with my phone
    1. savages911's Avatar
      savages911 -
      When i try to update iliberty I get this error message
      "cannot delete target file:
      Cprogram files\\iliberty\iliberty.exe"

      and when i try to unlock my phone without the patch this is the message i get.
      "unable to create payload folder.
      please retry once, if the problem persist
      please restart i liberty"

      what am i doing wrong?
    1. supershartie's Avatar
      supershartie -
      I wanna get into the Iphone and set my text and email tones to something else, But when I use jailbreak it justs hides my phone on my computer so I cant get to the files. anyone know what to do to make it work?
    1. jjprata's Avatar
      jjprata -
      My 16g , 1.1.4, 04.04.05_g, bought at att, was first use with liberty +. However every once in while a notice that i was not receiving any calls. So i noticed that the phone was frozen at the unlock button that woundn't unlock. So i searched all threads and found the press the power and the home button all together. It does indeed works, however the problem remained. So i restored and load the iplus instead. The problem remains and only recovers thru the procedure above. There must be some reasonable conflict whatsoever to the problem persists on. What should it be ?
    1. fathinour's Avatar
      fathinour -
      will try first and than reply but thanks any way
    1. MattMac's Avatar
      MattMac -
      PwnageTool is so yummy. Lol
    1. rrsodl's Avatar
      rrsodl -
      Quote Originally Posted by poyntesm View Post
      Just wanted to say WOW.. Perfect. I bought a brand new 1.1.4(OTB) phone from the USA and brought it back to Europe.

      So this is what I did in exact details.

      1) Placed phone in recovery mode by holding power and home for 25 seconds.
      2) Started itunes
      3) Connected usb cable
      4) Accepted itunes prompt to restore since phone was in recovery
      5) Waited till recovery complete
      6) Disconnect iphone cable
      7) Exit itunes
      8) Start itunes
      9) Connect iphone cable
      10) Allow itunes find phone again which it prompts to activate on at&t
      11) Exit itunes, & kill ituneshelper
      12) Turn off iphone
      12) Remove at&t sim
      13) Place vodafone sim in iphone
      14) start iphone (it complains about SIM )
      15) Start iliberty+
      16) Select all options on standard tab
      17) Click go for it
      18) Prompted to disconnect iphone so did so.
      19) Reconnected and click OK
      20) Watch iphone screen as it does the work
      21) Done.

      wifi works, edge works, youtube works, find my location works.

      All worked like a absolute charm. I am so chuffed. I have a fully working iphone and not a single problem.

      EDIT: Damn after about 10 minutes wifi has stopped working and I can not get it working again

      AN EASY question for you guys.... Can I use iLiberty+ on a brand new 1.1.4 OTB or I must restore to 1.1.4 first?

      Thanks in advance

    1. Dyoung's Avatar
      Dyoung -
      Wow this has opened me up to a whole new world for my iTouch Thanks.
    1. PureEvil's Avatar
      PureEvil -
      I have all the software and everything but my itunes wont recognize my iphone and on device hardware there is an unkown device called apple mobile device recovery mode

      Also this phone belonged to my friend and he had tmobile and i have at&t so i reallt watc to unlock it and the firmware on it is 1.1.4 hope anyone can help me with this problem.
    1. rrsodl's Avatar
      rrsodl -
      Well, I unlocked the iphone, 1.1.4 OTB no need to restore to 1.1.4

      Very easy - 15 min max

    1. Tarwathiel's Avatar
      Tarwathiel -
      I have used Iliberty+ to unlock my phone, and switched out the sim card for my t-mobile sim card but am still unable to make calls. It always says no service. please help
    1. jen_aries08's Avatar
      jen_aries08 -
      Thank you very much for your idiot proof steps! =) tried everything for the first time and it worked perfectly! =)
    1. NoRawkus305's Avatar
      NoRawkus305 -
      I have an unlocked/jailbroken iphone 1.02BB used for tmobile. Do I have to go to itunes and upgrade to 1.14 first? Never did anything like this so what will happen to my iphone when I do the upgrade? I don't have an att sim so will that be a problem, or do I just go directly to Liberty+ after I do the upgrade through itunes?

      From my understanding(probably wrong), these are the steps I should take;
      1. Connect to itunes.
      2. Prompt to upgrade to 1.14.
      3. Connect to iLiberty+ and follow directions.

      Please, if anyone can chime in I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

      EDIT: I finally took the plunge after doing a little more research. Surprisingly, the steps I posted are actually correct in a more simpler way. It work perfectly with no issues at all. The longest part was probably downloading the upgraded 1.14. After that, no more than 5 minutes and iLiberty+ does all the work. Everything works on my iphone and not a hint of anything. For the noobies like myself, take a look at some youtube videos regarding this jailbreaking/unlocking process with iLiberty. Hope this helps some.
    1. modbox14's Avatar
      modbox14 -
      i dont think i'm liking cydia very much... how do i install installer back on my phone after using ilibirty

      i have a pc and a mac so it doesnt matter how i need to do it i just need to do it lol
    1. drchuck's Avatar
      drchuck -
      If I unlock my iPhone, will it then work with an AT&T Gophone Sim Card?