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  • iLiberty+ - #1 Windows Jailbreaking, Unlocking, Activation for iPhone/iTouch
    We are proud to announce the release of iLiberty+. iLiberty+ is the combination of iLiberty and iPlus bringing you the best Windows software for releasing your iPhone or iPod touch from the grasps of Apple and ATT.

    thephoneproject | Download | Non-Member Mirror

    iLibery+ allows you to do the basic things like unlocking, jailbreaking and activation, but also adds in the flexibility of iPlus allowing you to load custom payloads from a nice GUI interface. If the standard features aren't enough for you there are a lot more options build -- you'll just have to download it, click the advanced tab, and check it out!

    OS X Version HERE

    Big credit goes out to francis, pepijn, George Zhu, AViegas, cmw, w__, Baalbeck, bgm, cRAKn, GeoHot, MuscleNerd, pumpkin, SoLoR, sunny, tjcarter, and the iPhoneDev Team.
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    1. Dog Lover Man's Avatar
      Dog Lover Man -
      good day to all guys,

      is iLiberty can unlock firmware 2.0 for windows

    1. blazingangel1986's Avatar
      blazingangel1986 -
      This app is totally nice wow way to go guys i was away for a long while and kinda screwed up my phone while in dubai but this lol this fixed everything one shot so kudos to you guys
    1. alex1015's Avatar
      alex1015 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dog Lover Man View Post
      good day to all guys,

      is iLiberty can unlock firmware 2.0 for windows

      No I believe the only way to unlock 2.0 right now is to use pwnage which is only available on Macs right now.
    1. soulthoughts's Avatar
      soulthoughts -
      I just jailbroke (?) a OTB 1.1.3 for a friend and damn it was easy.
    1. topgateway's Avatar
      topgateway -
      Quote Originally Posted by xzinkz View Post
      This is what i want to know as well, i'm basically in the same shoe as you.
      Quote Originally Posted by jgrand03 View Post
      so im a complete noob i purchased my iphone brand new when they first came out still have firmware 1.02 and had a buddy of mine unlock it for tmobile so what exactly do i have to do in order to run this program correctly and have everything working
      Same here. Can the 'experts' provide advice? Which program to use [ziphone 3.0 or iLiberty+ (version?) or pwn(version)]?
    1. dp32185's Avatar
      dp32185 -
      wow. very nice!
    1. daniellenm1978's Avatar
      daniellenm1978 -
      once i down load the program what do i do next
    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -
      Quote Originally Posted by daniellenm1978 View Post
      once i down load the program what do i do next
      Start iTunes, plug in your phone, then start iLiberty+. Pick what options you want and Go For It!

      I Jailbroke, Activated and Unlocked a 1.1.3 OTB iPhone. Worked perfectly, thanks!
    1. rwf28's Avatar
      rwf28 -
      Question: I have a jailborken 1.1.1. Do I simply upgrade from my jail borken 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 and then use iLiberty+ to jailbreak?....or do I need to factory reset first?

      Thanks Much!
    1. rstuvwxyz's Avatar
      rstuvwxyz -
      for those of you getting the no sound issue going into settings and reset all settings worked for me.
    1. babybia175's Avatar
      babybia175 -
      ok so. i have an issue. i updated my iphone from 1.0.2 to 1.1.4 with itunes. then i did all the unlocking and jailbreaking with iliberty+... but here's my issues. i can make a call, but as soon as someone picks up it hangs up... and when i make a call the other person can hear me, but i can't hear them. i don't think i downgraded the bb to 3.9... should i have? i also can't get summerboard to work at all... the phone is totally screwed up, it's not bricked, but pretty close... HELP!

      Quote Originally Posted by afkrazy View Post
      After I jailbroke my iPhone, i could no longer hear any sound. When someone called me or when I called someone, they could hear me but I could not hear them. iPod doesn't play either. Any ideas?
      i've got the same problem, did you ever fix it?

      not like a factory reset, just in settings where it says reset all right? because my phone isn't even ringing, it's like there's no sound coming out of it... it's really strange.
    1. leblancc's Avatar
      leblancc -
      Will this work for jailbreaking the ipod touch? I also have the software upgrade package from apple that gives you email, notes, stock etc all that stuff. When I restore and jailbreak my ipod will those features be lost?? Please help
    1. william1313's Avatar
      william1313 -
      hey i have 1.1.4 and edge wont work what do i do
    1. Josheesh's Avatar
      Josheesh -
      I have a 1.1.1 otb that was jailbroken/unlocked and updated to a 1.1.2, my baseband is showing 3.9_M3S2 in hardware info. If I update using iLiberty will it change my baseband? I read about the liberal mom strict mom analogy and i'd rather keep it at 3.9 but still update to 1.1.4FW.
    1. ktmsteban's Avatar
      ktmsteban -
      WOW, so far this is awesome, i am installed the windows version and i am having a Wi-Fi issue but i havent really tried to fix it so it might not even be a problem but everything else is awesome! Bravo ! Great job i will definetly donate!

      Yeah it was nothing, i have update 1.1.4 and thats what the iLiberty+ DL on this forum is for right? so if yours doesnt.... work right just update?!?!
    1. GrabYourWeapons's Avatar
      GrabYourWeapons -
      How do I get installer on it? Cydia doesn't have like Summberboard installations or anything like that... maybe I missed something..
    1. curlyxshorty's Avatar
      curlyxshorty -
      Hi everyone,

      I hate to be a pain but, I'm new at this jailbreak/unlocking stuff...

      All I want is to unlock my Iphone, so that I can use it in different countries/carriers.

      If it's not too much trouble, could someone walk me through the process using iLiberty+...if this is even the right program for it...please and thank you...

      Easier way to contact me:
      AIM: CurLy x Shorty
      e-mail: [email protected]

      Thanks again and sorry for the trouble in advance.
    1. cocaptian17's Avatar
      cocaptian17 -
      Dude this thing works like magic. thanks for the software and may you make many new iphone users happy this software gets an a+++++++++ from me.
    1. ryger's Avatar
      ryger -
      You guys are awsome
    1. babybia175's Avatar
      babybia175 -
      does anyone have an issue with not being able to add custom themes to summerboard now? i was wondering if you have to downgrade the baseband version from 4.02 to 3.9 to get it to work... HELP