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  • Receive MMS on the iPhone

    SwirlySpace, the guys who brought us the MMS app back in December, have updated to version 0.3, which now lets you receive MMS!

    This is "very rough" according to them, but a new version will be released soon after which will be much more polished. The good news is - it works. MMS receiving on the iPhone! It should appear on Installer within 24 hours.


    You can add this from Swirly's source until Ste gets it up - swirlyspace.com/SwirlySpace.xml and add version 0.3.2.

    A list of carrier settings can be found here.

    T-Mobile USA's settings are (thanks, insomniaparatus):

    T-Mobile (USA)
    MMS-APN: wap.voicestream.com
    User: empty
    Pass: empty
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    1. reppin4you's Avatar
      reppin4you -
      Works great for me I am running firmware 1.1.4 and on the at&t network, the only thing that would be great is if the pictures can be saved to your photo library to make viewing the pic more easier.

    1. warfa's Avatar
      warfa -
      i get this error.

      Failed to send MMS
      Possible incorrect mmsc setting.
      Unexpected http response
      (HTTP/1.1 502 Connection refused)

      i have the t-mobile settings posted on the first page of this tread and i have the Any 400 Domestic Messages $4.99 per month plan!
      i'm on 1.1.3 unlocked/jailbroken

      anybody know what to do?
    1. reppin4you's Avatar
      reppin4you -
      Version 0.3.2 is now available in the installer!!

      downloading know to see how it works.
    1. soldoutluck's Avatar
      soldoutluck -
      Quote Originally Posted by ZombieJunkie View Post
      I cant trick the guys at at&t to do the mms for me =[
      I told you guys way back on pg 4, this is a pain in the *****. I don't know why AT&T acts like you can't add this plan, cause obviously you can, you just gotta get the right service person I guess.
    1. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
      Nicholas Knight -
      take the apn settings off
    1. soldoutluck's Avatar
      soldoutluck -
      Data plan dosn't cover pic messaging... For the last time, we have gone through this plenty of times even with the previous versions of this prog. AT&T CANNOT SEND OR RECIEVE THIS KIND OF DATA ON A REGULAR IPHONE PLAN... You must attempt to make up an excuse to tell custy service to turn on the pay as you go pic plan, and it is still near impossible....
    1. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
      Nicholas Knight -
      thats not true I am on a regular plan all you have to do is get the unlimited txt plan and it comes with mms. Its just not listed. The way to get it is go to a local AT&T and request to have it put on.
    1. ishawn's Avatar
      ishawn -
      i need to noe which plan u have cuz mine is 450 mim + 40 unlt and dont work for me
    1. trevorrawson's Avatar
      trevorrawson -
      I have an unlocked 1.1.3 using AT&T and it keeps telling me that service was denied. I tried calling at&t to upgrade to an MMS package and he told me that I wasn't allowed to send MMS from and iPhone, anyone else have this problem?

      Nevermind this question, I just read an answer to it above. Sorry to waste your time
    1. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
      Nicholas Knight -
      I am on prepaid unlimited data unlimited messaging
    1. Blackwidow74's Avatar
      Blackwidow74 -
      can some1 post the correct settings for at&t? i can`t figure this out.
    1. poobaa7's Avatar
      poobaa7 -
      you guys truly are amazing and i mean all of you who have worked so hard and for so long to bring to the end user many fantastic products. just awesome to all from all.
    1. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
      Bernie-Mac -
      So if i have the unlimited data plan on a legit AT&T iPhone contract do i still need to get a multimedia messaging package from AT&T? Do i just call them up and add it or what? And how much will that cost me?
    1. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
      Nicholas Knight -
      unlimited is about $20 don't call corporate office do it local. Most are more than willing to help no questions
    1. me102's Avatar
      me102 -
      If you have a FamilyTalk plan just add "Messaging Unlimited for Families". If not add "Messaging Unlimited" if they ask any questions just say you called an apple store and they told you if you want unlimited text messaging you will have to call att and add Messaging Unlimited to your plan. Dont let them tell you they cant add Messaging unlimited as the manager from the apple store said they have it on there plan.
    1. aziatiklover's Avatar
      aziatiklover -
      ok i added the source and I cant still find it can someone show me the rite direction plz thanx
    1. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
      Nicholas Knight -
      another thing you can try is say that you are a 3rd party developer and that you have a pre release of the sdk which came with an mms app that apple developed. Maybe they will believe that I am kidding though but I know that local stores do it.
    1. Squid7085's Avatar
      Squid7085 -
      Ahh, okay. Thats what we have, we have a family plan with 3 lines, one of them is a RAZR, so we have the Messaging Unlimited for Families and MMS is working fine... well, the fact that it doesn't put the images directly into the photo roll bugs me, but, can't complain for something thats free. :-) If Apple doesn't put MMS in and this app pans out to work well, i might very well donate.
    1. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
      Bernie-Mac -
      So if i already have the $20 unlimited txt and data service that came with the iphone am i good or no?
    1. Sparblaze's Avatar
      Sparblaze -
      Well it just crashes when I try to open it so.........help
      Oh yeah, I tried setting permissions to 777 and 775.