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  • Receive MMS on the iPhone

    SwirlySpace, the guys who brought us the MMS app back in December, have updated to version 0.3, which now lets you receive MMS!

    This is "very rough" according to them, but a new version will be released soon after which will be much more polished. The good news is - it works. MMS receiving on the iPhone! It should appear on Installer within 24 hours.


    You can add this from Swirly's source until Ste gets it up - swirlyspace.com/SwirlySpace.xml and add version 0.3.2.

    A list of carrier settings can be found here.

    T-Mobile USA's settings are (thanks, insomniaparatus):

    T-Mobile (USA)
    MMS-APN: wap.voicestream.com
    User: empty
    Pass: empty
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    1. rogmeister4ya's Avatar
      rogmeister4ya -
      how can you send that picture out on mobilefinder. I highlighted the picture on mobile finder and pressed send and then email and then it just disappears. Anyone know how to forward them out as a mms or is it not possible yet? I Got everything to work the first time because of this topic but just was wondering if it was possible forwarding them out after!
    1. chronzz's Avatar
      chronzz -
      Quote Originally Posted by nickmc01 View Post
      So its just gonna be a thumbnail we see? I think it would be better to save them to the camera roll and save them as a PNG don't you think? So we can actually do something with them
      to view your received pictures is best if you have mobile finder and mobile preview installed on your phone. the mobile preview app is an add-on for the mobile finder and you can view full size images within the finder app
    1. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
      Nicholas Knight -
      I already know about that. I am talking about the ability to actualy use them not just view them
    1. chronzz's Avatar
      chronzz -
      Quote Originally Posted by piksel View Post
      What I'd like to know is why (and I know this from looking at their Installer install script) they are overwriting the /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app file without backing it up first?

      This file is never reverted back upon uninstall either... what gives?
      the only thing that mms installs in your springboard.app is two little .png files that are used when you open the swirlymms app an icon pops up in the status bar. green means you are connected to the service and grey means no service
    1. MOEPLO's Avatar
      MOEPLO -
      o ya!!
    1. rogmeister4ya's Avatar
      rogmeister4ya -
      New Version Of SwirlyMMS is out 0.3.2
    1. kpm278's Avatar
      kpm278 -
      okay, i have a different problem. I installed the swirly mms and i couldnt get it to work, so i uninstalled it and now my edge dont work? I get a message saying, Could not connect to edge. you are not subscribed to edge? When i put wifi on it works, just my edge dosent

      any help with this is greatly appreciated.

      Im on at&t with a jailbroken 1.1.2
    1. ucim2cute's Avatar
      ucim2cute -
      Hey guys, I am on 1.1.2 jailbroken phone, can I try this to see if it works for my iphone? I am really cautious, and don't wanna screw up my phone AGAIN, ehhee so, thought I'd ask first!
    1. Nicholas Knight's Avatar
      Nicholas Knight -
      yeah its easy just follow the instructions and you will be fine
    1. djreact's Avatar
      djreact -
      Quote Originally Posted by ZombieJunkie View Post
      what is the setting for AT&T at the moment i do not have them...and the ones on swirlyspace dont work
      yep...Im curious too
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Quote Originally Posted by iphoneaddict View Post

      That's it Don't put anything in the APN settings
      Come on people... READ. This was post #19
    1. ucim2cute's Avatar
      ucim2cute -
      Ok, sorry if I missed it, but I looked a couple of times, and can't find it. When we go into the app to send a new mms, it has title, to, and file, are we suposed to type something in there? In file I mean? So, it knows where to look for the pictures? Just wondering, cuz when I press the + button, it shows these 2 pictures that I have on my camera roll, but, they are just a piece of both of them? Like not even half of those 2 pictures are showing, like they are cut up or something, really weird? So just wondering if I should type something in the field for file?? Thanks
    1. TheDude42's Avatar
      TheDude42 -
      I'm on Rogers here in Canada and getting some odd behaviour:

      I have two iphones, installed swirly on both, identical settings:
      MMS Settings:
      MMSC: mms.gprs.rogers.com
      APN: media.com
      Username: media
      Password: mda01

      One of the phones wont send at all. I get:
      Failed to send MMS
      MMS cannot be sent right now since GPRS/EDGE is not available!...etc.

      The other phone, after a few minutes gets the green M, and will sit and swirl on sending, but comes back with:
      Failed to send to MMS
      Could not connect to proxy (connect failed)

      So my two questions are:
      1) Why the difference between the two? Is there some way to "kick" it to start working?
      2) Is there a proxy setting for Rogers that someone can give me please?

      EDIT: I used the proxy
      and that seemed to get it to send fairly quickly on the working one. I can't for the life of me figure out why it's not working on the other one. They're both pretty much identical iphones that I unlocked myself. (Note: Neither have normal edge data)

      EDIT 2: I just received a notification that I have an mms waiting on the other (non working) phone which I sent it to, but it won't fetch, giving me the same error (GPRS/Edge not available check your settings) but I did! They're identical!!

      EDIT 3: I am an idiot.
      It wasn't working on the other phone cause I had turned off Edge in Bossprefs. I hope this isn't eating data (as opposed to just a regular mms message). Now I can fetch/send in the other phone.
    1. t3abags's Avatar
      t3abags -

      do not use the uninstall routine with in the installer for SwirlyMMS, I just did and now my phone needs to be restored.

      JB Dev 1.1.3
    1. tomtom's Avatar
      tomtom -
      does anyone has orange switzerland and got the settings for me?
    1. ZombieJunkie's Avatar
      ZombieJunkie -
      I cant trick the guys at at&t to do the mms for me =[
    1. RaMod's Avatar
      RaMod -
      The team from Swirly Space opened a blog to help and support their app. That way you guys can get some fast easy help if you need.

      We need to suport them and donate


    1. markyboy1967's Avatar
      markyboy1967 -
      Im on an O2 contract--not Iphone contract..Installed Swirly.Can now send MMS but still get the error message i reported on a previous page when trying to view MMS sent to me..I can see 2 x MMS waiting for me but cant retrieve them--SOMEONE help me out...Waited a long time for this and im so close,,,
    1. SERBIAN's Avatar
      SERBIAN -
      Quote Originally Posted by maz View Post
      Thx for ur advice! Do u have the web address where to find the swirlyspace blog for reading about fixes and explanations too??? Thx again.
      Yes, the adress of the blog is in the first post within this thread:

    1. deeme's Avatar
      deeme -
      Why I Can't Send My Pics From Photo ...........i Try It But Its Only Give Me Camera Roll Pics No Photos Can Anyone Help Me