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    Wednesday ModMyI member Suavphisticated has released MMS, a native iPhone app which can send MMS directly from your iPhone. MMS receiving is NOT yet implemented, but is in the development process.

    Great job Suavphisticated - this has been MUCH needed by the iPhone community! It will be interesting to see how MMS receiving is implemented here.

    MMS is available via the Community Source maintained by Ste.

    NOTE: this is still an early beta release. It is slightly buggy, but is working. You will need to set it up with your carrier MMSC info. Please add your carriers MMSC info to the Carrier APN Wiki so we can get a nice complete listing. There's a good list here too (thanks, mjaydb) You will also need MMS enabled on your account.

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    1. bape856's Avatar
      bape856 -
      Can somone please answer my question. Do you need edge active or any inernet data plan to use this?? I currently have no Internet data plan becuase of wifi which I know should be off. Thanks
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      Its about time.
    1. bschucher's Avatar
      bschucher -
      Ill ask again.. does anyone have any clue as to why this is not a native feature of the iphone? Whats the purpose for not having a very common feature of almost all phones?? I simply dont get it.
    1. soldoutluck's Avatar
      soldoutluck -
      I'v been trying to figure out why they wouldn't put it as a native feature as well, and the only thing that even made some sort of sence is that it may be cheaper on there end to force us to send thru e-mail since we have unlimited multi media in our data plans. Even with this said, I highly doubt I phone users are going to bankrupt at&t or any company by means of MMS. nuff said, they are cheap, or just arn't thinking.
    1. Turbo's Avatar
      Turbo -
      I hope it'll be a feature they add in the coming updates. they obviously have the ability to, I don't know what they're waiting for, either development purposes or just streaming the updates out slowly to stretch the lifespan.
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      LOL who knows.
    1. RaMod's Avatar
      RaMod -
      Swirling in on MMS v0.2...
      iPhonePosted by Tommy Svensson 2007-12-19 00:16:31

      We are about to swirl in on a new release of our MMS application. This v0.2 release has improved handling of mmsc and proxy settings as well as allowing for configuration of an MMS specific APN with username and password.
      Furthermore you are now able to select an image size and to clear your sent MMSs history. Of course, a few bugs have been fixed too :-)

      Expect to see this release within a week, 10 days or so...

      Obviously, we were not able to include the receiving MMS feature, which we know you are all waiting for, with this release. But we have experimented a bit... and hopefully a v0.3 release with receiving capabilities is due out in a not too distant future :-)

      The GUI will be improved, but we focus on the core features right now...

      Stay tuned and have a great Christmas!

      /Tommy and Mats

      PS. If you want to support our development and efforts, feel free to make a small donation!

      I just wanted to pass the news !!

      I wish you all Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

    1. bschucher's Avatar
      bschucher -
      Great news but i assume this wont help those that simply cant seem to send via ATT??
    1. sogo's Avatar
      sogo -
      Core feature, get it to work for me!
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      COOL an update!
    1. KeanBurke's Avatar
      KeanBurke -
      yeah, I'm on tmobile and ive been sending pictures before this mms program was made so sending pictures isnt anything new to me, i just want to be able to receive them.
    1. Dakotafan's Avatar
      Dakotafan -
      nice idea - not working for me though.

    1. b3nny's Avatar
      b3nny -
      has anyone tried MMS v0.2 on t-mobile? i know t-mobile wasn't working with v0.1

      this does work, its just a pain to know what carrier your receiver uses. you can send the a regular text, asking them what cell service they have. i have a page bookmarked in safari with the different mobile formats to use as a reference. here's a similar page: http://www.mobilegadgetnews.com/inde...howtopic=14311
      As for receiving, heres a suggestion (although i haven't tried this): set up a special omap email account for receiving MMS, then theres a program in installer.app that simulates push email for omap (can't remember the name and i haven't tried it, but i know its there). give your special email to people that want to send you MMS. they send, you get it pushed to you, and voila! simulated MMS received! if someone tries this, let me know how it works... i will be trying sometime soon myself.
    1. ipodlover77's Avatar
      ipodlover77 -
      anyone know a update on the mms program yet?
    1. hinzy's Avatar
      hinzy -
      Ok... i have heard of people with AT&T calling Customer Service and adding the .25 cent/message sent added to their plan and having it work with the new MMS installer app.

      My question is this.... Do you think it would work if I downgraded to the $20 data plan that only has 200 SMS text but added the UNLIMITED TEXTING plan that is available for $19.99?

      Here are my concerns....On AT&T website; the UNLIMITED TEXTING plan says that it is only available with certain devices. The iPhone is on the list of compatible phones but the Customer Service rep I spoke to said that it isn't. (i don't trust them people, they never seem to know anything)

      My next concern would be that if it did end up working but i went over the 200 SMS texts available with my iPhone plan, would it convert over to my UNLIMITED plan that i added?

      If this ended up working, i could have unlimited SMS and MMS texting along with unlimited data.

      Plus it would be .01 cents cheaper

    1. Vinnie881's Avatar
      Vinnie881 -
      I got it to send. MAKE SURE TO TURN WIFI OFF. If it is on it will give you the connection failed error.
    1. ipodlover77's Avatar
      ipodlover77 -
      btw, if no one knew, the update is now available
    1. dallasnights's Avatar
      dallasnights -
      ok got the new version pretty nice, what are the exact settings for AT&T including the APN, can anyone help please

      Thanks all

      OK Everyone just tried this and it worked from my email on Wireless too

      Text messaging pictures from the iPhone:

      Try this:

      1. Open any picture on your iPhone
      2. Click on the SEND photo link (pretend you are sending by email)
      3. Click on the email photo command
      4. Fill out the TO this way:

      [email protected]

      But replace 2125551212 with their numbers of course….

      They’ll get it! Great for sending to multiple text message recipients. However you can’t do this to send TO an iPhone – I don’t know why – but you can send FROM an iPhone in this way J

      Service Provider Addresses:
      AT&T Cingular: mms.att.net
      T-Mobile: tmomail.net
      Verizon: vzwpix.com
    1. Blackstev08's Avatar
      Blackstev08 -
      this sux that its not working for T-mobile.......