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    Wednesday ModMyI member Suavphisticated has released MMS, a native iPhone app which can send MMS directly from your iPhone. MMS receiving is NOT yet implemented, but is in the development process.

    Great job Suavphisticated - this has been MUCH needed by the iPhone community! It will be interesting to see how MMS receiving is implemented here.

    MMS is available via the Community Source maintained by Ste.

    NOTE: this is still an early beta release. It is slightly buggy, but is working. You will need to set it up with your carrier MMSC info. Please add your carriers MMSC info to the Carrier APN Wiki so we can get a nice complete listing. There's a good list here too (thanks, mjaydb) You will also need MMS enabled on your account.

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    1. FrogsOblivious's Avatar
      FrogsOblivious -
      Sweet, i'll try tonight!
    1. blackadder's Avatar
      blackadder -
      hi could you please post the correct settings for orange also lay it out in the correct format

      APN :


      Much appreciated i have tried many configurations all to no avail but not 100% sure if there correct cheers
    1. metelskiy's Avatar
      metelskiy -
      so does anyone know if sending mms works over edge or u gotta purchase mms from at&t?
    1. MaskHere's Avatar
      MaskHere -
      Works in Brazil!

      1.1.1 OTB - 1.1.2 Upgraded - AnySIM Unlocked
      Operator: Claro
      MMSC: mms.claro.com.br
      Edge: mms.claro.com.br
      User: claro
      Pass: claro
      WiFi: Off

      Great job!
      Thank you!
    1. Dark246's Avatar
      Dark246 -
      what are some settings for T-Mobile US?
    1. Derricknms's Avatar
      Derricknms -
      Once again, it is my belief you can not add MMS to your account if you are using a "locked" iPhone with ATT. MMS is not included with the iPhone data plan. You can not add pay per use MMS to an iPhone plan. If you notice you can no longer change features online at att.com if you are using a locked iPhone on your account.

      On the other hand, if you have an unlocked iPhone and are using it on ATT network, more than likely you would be using some sort of unlimited medianet plan which would include the MMS and set up on your account on the network side with MMS.

      It would be intresting to see if anyone has got the MMS app to work on ATT network to let us know the following:
      A: If your iPhone is locked or not?
      B: What data plan you are using
    1. ipodlover77's Avatar
      ipodlover77 -
      yup. My MMS is working perfectly. Im also on the new ATT wireless network. Im using the original firmware, jailbroken. The plan im using is the Media Net plan, the 19.99 one.
    1. akelley's Avatar
      akelley -
      Well I thought it was working for me but my friend on tmobile is telling me he keeps receiving pix of butterflies LOL. I don't even have pix of butterflies! Very odd.
    1. back2thebeatof84's Avatar
      back2thebeatof84 -
      Quote Originally Posted by akelley View Post
      Well I thought it was working for me but my friend on tmobile is telling me he keeps receiving pix of butterflies LOL. I don't even have pix of butterflies! Very odd.

      Rofl. That's hilarious.

      Anyone from at&t wanna share your info on the settings page?
    1. burdell1's Avatar
      burdell1 -
      has anyone been able to receive MMS messages? I thought that part was supposed to work, but it just doesn't work very well..... yet
    1. wePhone's Avatar
      wePhone -
      Quote Originally Posted by burdell1 View Post
      has anyone been able to receive MMS messages? I thought that part was supposed to work, but it just doesn't work very well..... yet
      That part doesn't work. Like stated in the original post.
    1. RaMod's Avatar
      RaMod -
      To answer a few questions here:

      The AT&T settings are:

      MMSC: mmsc.cingular.com

      turn wifi OFF!!!

      I have a 1.1.1 vers. and jailbreaked and still locked. i have a data plan of $30 with 1500 text. I sent 2 MMS to my gf. ( she is on T-Mobil) and she got it very fast.

      The picture that worked for me was only the one that I took with my iPhone camera.

      You can't receive MMS on the iPhone for now. Its something that the creators of this app are working on!

      I hope this helps

    1. meagain's Avatar
      meagain -
      RaMod - thanks.

      Well, my pics are just a blob/run-in with each other. The only pic on my phone that I took with the phone doesn't show up. I'll wait this out.
    1. akosko01's Avatar
      akosko01 -
      I used these settings and it worked. Thanks

      Quote Originally Posted by stopthat75 View Post
      these are the settings for ATT customers

      MMSC: mmsc.cingular.com

      turn wifi OFF
    1. rconnetta's Avatar
      rconnetta -
      I used these settings too.
      MMSC: mmsc.cingular.com
      I had to call customer service and ask to have MMS turned on for my account and when the rep asked why, because I had an iPhone, I told her that I swap my SIM between my iPhone and another phone that has MMS. She said ok and activated it. Pay per use at $0.25 a pop.
      I sent a test message to a verizon phone and it worked perfect. Then I sent a test to a t-mobile phone and they only received a butterfly picture as stated earlier in this post.
      AT&T iphone 1.1.2 locked
      Hope this helps.
    1. anujpuri85's Avatar
      anujpuri85 -
      Anyone got this to work with Tmobile in US yet?
    1. Bill69's Avatar
      Bill69 -
      Didnt work for me... seems like most everybody is getting the same error message
    1. xplod4202's Avatar
      xplod4202 -
      it send it for me, but i haven't heard from my friend if she got it or not. I won't be calling ATT asking to turn on MMS not until we can get them with that app.
    1. eastpointvet's Avatar
      eastpointvet -
      technically anyone who has the unlimted msg plan with att shouldnt have to ask pay per msg text msging being that the messeging being that att site states the following:

      Messaging Unlimited
      UNLIMITED Text, Video, Picture, and Instant Messages. GET IT ALL at a discounted monthly rate. You have the freedom to message any way to any one.

      View Details
      You need a compatible plan and phone to get this service.
      See compatible: Phones and Plans

      Apple: iPhone

      guess u just need a good customer service person who can enable it if its possible and u shouldnt be charged a 25 cent per msg because the website states u should already have it
    1. RaMod's Avatar
      RaMod -
      You're welcome! I think the picture thing is something that the developers are working on right now. It might be something easy, not sure, I have to look into it. Maybe in the new update?

      Anyway, you can hit the "Thanks" button if I helped you!