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  • iMapIDLE - simulated PUSH email on the iPhone
    iMapIdle , a new iPhone app, simluates PUSH email using your IMAP email account.

    From their site, here's a feature list:
    • listens in the background waiting for new IMAP mail even if you are in sleep/standby mode
    • notifies you via a popup and/or sound. You choose how to be notified. Sound notification should use the same method your mail client uses (ie: if you have vibrate on, it'll vibrate as well)
    • popup notification allows you to choose whether the mail client should check for email right there. NOTE: Don't choose this if you are in the mail client as it will exit (you've been warned). The popup will disappear after 20 seconds and if you miss it the iMapIdle icon will show you how many popup notifications you have missed
    • supports SSL connections and special support for GMail IMAP

    http://iphone.rustyredwagon.com/ via TUAW
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    1. brojimh's Avatar
      brojimh -
      Quote Originally Posted by tamakin View Post
      looks like whoever made this program needs to go back to the drawing board
      I don't know, it seems to work great for most everyone. Just not for me for some reason.

      I sure wish it would--I have dreamed about this ability for a great phone.
    1. LaZARuZ's Avatar
      LaZARuZ -
      Ok i tryed this out and it works fine but to me its like haveing the iphone mail auto checker on, instead of checking for mail every 15 min to hr this program can check for mail in sec up to hr or so.. whats the differnts can someone tell me please..
    1. zipro's Avatar
      zipro -
      Is there anyway to hook this up to multiple mail accounts?
    1. stefman's Avatar
      stefman -
      Isn't this the same thing as setting mail.app to check mail every 5 minutes? And it would work on multiple accounts.
    1. LaZARuZ's Avatar
      LaZARuZ -
      this wont work on multiple accounts just one...And like i said it seems like the same to me. But thats me...
    1. lgreenberg's Avatar
      lgreenberg -
      Quote Originally Posted by stefman View Post
      Isn't this the same thing as setting mail.app to check mail every 5 minutes? And it would work on multiple accounts.
      My mail app. only has the option to check for new mail as often as 15 minutes not 5.

      Besides, this is like having "push" e-mail. It's instantaneous.
    1. forsyt's Avatar
      forsyt -
      got it to work for Gmail. it awsome. just make sure you reboot ur iphone about 3 times. hehehe. it worked for me.
    1. kelmk's Avatar
      kelmk -
      I can't get it to work with gmail.
      set it to imap.gmail.com port 993 ssl on but I get nothing.
    1. vkzawa's Avatar
      vkzawa -
      Quote Originally Posted by forsyt View Post
      got it to work for Gmail. it awesome. just make sure you reboot ur iphone about 3 times. hehehe. it worked for me.
      +1. I needed to reboot the phone a couple times and now its working like a charm.

      Now I just gotta remember to set Activate to 'On' anytime I restart springboard.
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
    1. ranova's Avatar
      ranova -
      Quote Originally Posted by mobilexile View Post
      This is a follow up to an earlier post.

      Gave my phone a full charge and set iMapIDLE to reconnect every ten seconds. After much web surfing, sixty-one minutes of cell talk time and misc. use my batter wore down 50% over a period of eight hours. Considering everything that's not bad performance.
      So eight hours of USAGE or eight hours TOTAL with standby time?

      On average i get about eight hours of usage on a full charge, how is it eight hours for you and only 50%?

      So what is the consensus of the battery life with imapidle on?
      And what does the reconnect time really do, why is it needed if its doing a pull, and how is this different from hacking your check mail to check every 60 seconds?
    1. meagain's Avatar
      meagain -
      Question: How do you know what ports to use? I'm trying it with gmail at the default port of 143. My username is just everything before the @ sign. It's kind of working. Very slow. Should I change the port number or add @gmail.com after my username?
      I'm not seeing any definitive instructions on the port issue. Would another port create a better situation? Cuz right now it's hit or miss for me.

      I can try AOL also but I'd rather use Gmail (and comcast if that's possible).

      I tried port 993. It works but only for 1 email. Then stops working. No clue why.
    1. technobuff's Avatar
      technobuff -
      Can somebody provide assistance on the correct settings for imapidle on the iphone as well as the settings under settings-mail-imap. Tried every which way but no g-mail is being visible unless you click on the mail button on summerboard/springboard.

      Imapidle was added from Shai's appurl and would not stay on if you turn off the iphone. By the way permissions not been set to 755. Settings on mail under messages -evry 15 minutes instead of manaul.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    1. hawee's Avatar
      hawee -
      i tried this for my imap account for work and it doesnt work but when i try it for gmail it works........anyone know why?
    1. megalaser's Avatar
      megalaser -
      It's not working on my .mac IMAP account, I have not seen one notification after loads of testing with SSL on and off - does mail app have to be open or running and does check every 15 mins have to be selection? (I have tried it set to manual as well) - no alerts
    1. cartman13's Avatar
      cartman13 -
      Just though I would share my thoughts on this app. I tried it and a. Ouple things bothered me. 1 I was hoping it would have the option of a different sounding alert from the mail app.

      2. I found that any chaillnge to my gmail account would prompt a new message alert from imapidle. So even if I just deleted an email. A new notification would pop up. Kind of annoying.

      3. The check email button doesn't load the mail app. It just forces it to check mail. So when you get the notification. If you hit check mail. It will force a refresh in the mail app. So the new message downloads immediately.

      Point 2 got kind of annoying so I finally uminstalled.
    1. mastermason11's Avatar
      mastermason11 -
      I tried it last night with GMAIL and it works fantastic... As a previous blackberry user, I was impressed with the rapidness of the new email notification after sending one to myself.

      However, there are some issues/features I would like to see addressed for future releases:

      1.] When switching networks from WiFI to Edge keeps the app shutdown. That means you have to remember to go to the app and activate again. Can we make a system preference to automatically start ?

      2.] It would be nice to see a red dot on the icon to show whether or not the app is running.

      3.] When you see a pop-up notification that you have a new mail, clicking on View should launch the mail client and view the message or at least make the client pull the data already from the server so when you click on view, it's already there.

      4.] Abilitiy to use the credentials on your native email settings so you don't have to re-enter on your iMapIDLE app. This way, you can also make the application check for all accounts that you have already.

      These are the suggestions thus far... But overall, I like using this app rather than going to your mail client and checking email all the time... The "auto check" feature of the default mail client is kinda flaky.. doesn't work all the time..

      Good Job !!!
    1. megalaser's Avatar
      megalaser -
      Hi, I have it installed, the .mac IMPAP account settings in and not getting anything happen at all - no notifications or anything. I have it activated but what is this permission 755 thing everyone is talking about - where is that?


      Got it working but . . . . . only works with WiFi . . . oh well, back to the blackberry

      switching the app on and off when switching to EDGE makes it work again!
    1. SupahDave's Avatar
      SupahDave -

      PF gives us a great app that works perfectly fine for what it was designed for and everyone just starts whining about how it should do this and do that. If the app doesn't work the way you want it to, write a better one.

      Thanks for the extremely useful app, PF. Now if we could only get our hands on iLocation... J/K.