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  • Fix International Caller ID
    by cynix

    Currently iPhone cannot correcly match an incoming caller ID with numbers stored in your address book if one is in local format (without country code prefix) and the other is in international format (with +country_code prefix). I know some of us resorted to storing 2 numbers for each contact, but sometimes even that won't cut it.

    This is a patch to make it work. Remember this is only a temporary solution, until Apple fixes it properly.

    Extract to /System/Library/Frameworks/AppSupport.framework/ and overwrite the original. Reboot and enjoy.

    for 1.0.2:

    for 1.1.1:


    the -7, -8 and -9 indicates the number of digits used for matching. I remember someone mentioned in another thread that Nokia phones use the last 6 digits of a phone number for matching. By default, iPhone uses the last 7 digits, but only if either the incoming caller ID or the stored number is exactly 7 digits. This may work for US phone numbers (for example local caller ID 555-6789 will match against +1-234-555-6789 stored in address book), but may not for the rest of the world. Mobile phone numbers in Australia, for example, are in the form of 0412-345-678 when displayed as a local number, but +61-412-345-678 when country code is added (the leading 0 is dropped). To make things worse, voice calls come with local caller ID while SMS's come with international caller ID, so you're in trouble even when you're not roaming. This patch forces iPhone to use the last 7 or 8 digits for matching even if caller ID or stored number is longer than 7 digits.

    I've only tested this in Australia, so I can't guarantee it will work for everyone. Make sure you have a backup copy of the original AppSupport before overwriting.

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    1. castrokike's Avatar
      castrokike -
      ok so what about firmwares 1.1.2 and up? and i just did it on my 1.1.4 iphone and its taking forever to boot, im stuck at the apple logo
    1. justgiveittome's Avatar
      justgiveittome -
      i think apple should just have a patch for where u can COUNTRY ID your contacts automatically ...

      if that meks sense and im not good with phones
    1. Gamezilla's Avatar
      Gamezilla -
      I'm in the USA but get calls from my uncle over in Israel every once in a while, and my caller ID always say's "Unknown", is that normal?
    1. smee's Avatar
      smee -
      I'm in Spain and cant get caller id.
      Where can i get the iworld app.
    1. djnikk's Avatar
      djnikk -
      On my cell phone contract with Rogers Wireless, I am paying for the option to see a caller's name AND phone number, even if they aren't in my address book, but the names never appear unless I already input them in the phone... How can I fix this... I read a lot and everyone seems to be talking about a problem were they don't see the name even wen they have them in there adress book, wich is not my case. So I am sorry if I am making somone repeat themselves incase I am mistaken...

      Thanx a lot
    1. Serpentor's Avatar
      Serpentor -
      So...... any patches for 1.1.4. I also got stuck with the Apple logo screen when I installed AppSupport-8. I had to restore to factory settings and unlock it again.

      Please let us know if you update your patch for 1.1.4. Thanks!


      This seems to support 1.1.4:

      But I tried it, and still the same problem. I need it to recognize 8-digit phone numbers...
      Maybe I need to edit those .plist files?
    1. leomejia's Avatar
      leomejia -
      hello, I'n new in the iphone world.
      am in Ecuador and I have the same problem with local numbers with ( 0 ) in front and the iphone can't show me the name of the contacto stored in the contact list.
      I've tried changing the contacts numbers in other way but it doesn't work.'
      I need to keep my contacts in the interntional format +(country code) (local number) 'cause I travel often and I can't be trying to change every contact number every time I go to the US or coming back here.
      My Iphone is an 1.1.4 and if you could help me with any clue about this situation I'll appreciate it.
    1. kond111's Avatar
      kond111 -
      i have same such problem with software 1.1.4 the name doesn't appear in sms as the it appear in the normal call as the sms appear with international foramte i'm in EGYPT the number appear +20xxxxxxxxx

      can anybody help me and tell what i can do with this problem istead of adding again the number with all the international foramte.
    1. asiaaustraliatradingco's Avatar
      asiaaustraliatradingco -
      I have the iPhone 1.1.3. and I am having trouble downloading the right software to fic caller id here in Australia. I have partly fixed it with iClarified and now get sms with caller id but not actual phone calls. It is a real pain. Can someone help me? I am using the international + prefix for my callers numnbers. Thanks Paul.

      oops version is 1.1.4.
    1. jmr's Avatar
      jmr -
      Thank you very much for the information.
      I'm using a first gen iphone with 2.0 firmware, and was able to browse the iphone files with fugu and cyberduck, but no way to find the folder you're talking about! (/System/Library/Frameworks/AppSupport.framework/ ). I have /System/Library/Frameworks but no AppSupport.framework! Is the file structure different for 2.0? Or do I have to use another method to fix the caller ID issue? Thanks again.
    1. Shaphan's Avatar
      Shaphan -
      hey guys, I got an iphone (the old one) running 2.1 Macintosh.... I'm really mad about this problem: it simply won't show any incoming caller IDs - anyone out there got an idea?

      thx in advanz
    1. aayman_farzand's Avatar
      aayman_farzand -
      its really easy to fix now, browse for CallerID fix in cydia/installer. its available in both
    1. vassalle's Avatar
      vassalle -
      the CallerID fix in cydia doesn't seem to work for 2.2 (at least for me). Anyone else can confirm this? Any known workarounds? Many thanks
    1. Anton1G's Avatar
      Anton1G -
      Hey vassalle. I can confirm that it does not work. Not sure of a workaround as yet.
    1. aayman_farzand's Avatar
      aayman_farzand -
      wait for it to be updated.
    1. lambrat's Avatar
      lambrat -
      has anyone figured out how to solve this problem for the iphone 3g 2.2.1? I'm in Cypruse where the numbers look like +357 xx xxxxxx please can someone help?