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  • Fix International Caller ID
    by cynix

    Currently iPhone cannot correcly match an incoming caller ID with numbers stored in your address book if one is in local format (without country code prefix) and the other is in international format (with +country_code prefix). I know some of us resorted to storing 2 numbers for each contact, but sometimes even that won't cut it.

    This is a patch to make it work. Remember this is only a temporary solution, until Apple fixes it properly.

    Extract to /System/Library/Frameworks/AppSupport.framework/ and overwrite the original. Reboot and enjoy.

    for 1.0.2:

    for 1.1.1:


    the -7, -8 and -9 indicates the number of digits used for matching. I remember someone mentioned in another thread that Nokia phones use the last 6 digits of a phone number for matching. By default, iPhone uses the last 7 digits, but only if either the incoming caller ID or the stored number is exactly 7 digits. This may work for US phone numbers (for example local caller ID 555-6789 will match against +1-234-555-6789 stored in address book), but may not for the rest of the world. Mobile phone numbers in Australia, for example, are in the form of 0412-345-678 when displayed as a local number, but +61-412-345-678 when country code is added (the leading 0 is dropped). To make things worse, voice calls come with local caller ID while SMS's come with international caller ID, so you're in trouble even when you're not roaming. This patch forces iPhone to use the last 7 or 8 digits for matching even if caller ID or stored number is longer than 7 digits.

    I've only tested this in Australia, so I can't guarantee it will work for everyone. Make sure you have a backup copy of the original AppSupport before overwriting.

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    1. Bill69's Avatar
      Bill69 -
      um well... i dont know what ur talking about cuz that has NEVER happened to me
    1. gthompson75's Avatar
      gthompson75 -
      my caller id in canada has worked with no probs at all always matching the number to the contact.
    1. Iceflow's Avatar
      Iceflow -
      I'm in Canada too with no issues.
    1. SpectralVeil's Avatar
      SpectralVeil -
      I'm pretty sure it's the opposite problem, that if you type in the number +#(###)###-#### in your address book and you happen to be in the area code of the caller it will show up as ###-#### instead of showing the name? I don't think I've had this problem...
    1. pcuserforever's Avatar
      pcuserforever -
      dude, at&t says that you can only use iphone in the US. I'm telling!

      Just kidding! Good luck down under. I love all the little fixes that everyone is working on. Can anyone write an app to make the keyboard horizontal for email? That would be killer!
    1. 147horne's Avatar
      147horne -
      Well, I'm in Brazil and the phone system here is an even bigger mess, we have different codes for local and national and international, plus the actual number I wanted to dial out always needs to use a 'carrier code' on top of the actual number so that makes a lot of entries!!

      (e.g. a local call is 1234 5678, national call from another state would be 0xx11 12345678 (xx is carrier code) and for international it is 00xx11 12345678. The + convention doesn't work here!!)

      And then when they are incoming they change - local is 011 12345678, national says 011 12345678 and international says 0011 12345678

      A mess....

      This patch is a great help, worked a treat, many thanks!

      (So was the unlock guide on this site too, worked a treat so thanks for that too!!!)
    1. frysteen@mac.com's Avatar
      Hey mate...
      I am in Australia and this is just what the doctor ordered.

      Shame it wasn't around 2 weeks ago when I spent 2 hours adding BOTH number formats to all my Contacts. (with +61 and without)

      It also fixes the issue of when dialing a land line and not using the area code, (03) for instance, as it used to not find the contact you dialed either. Now the name shows up with only the 8 numbers. EXCELLENT work.

      This is great... thanks again.
    1. weirdohenrico's Avatar
      weirdohenrico -
      work for me here in the philippines - thanks for the heads up but i did just go through my address book today taking out the +63 from all my contacts... better late than never -- for all my future contacts.
    1. dalton voss's Avatar
      dalton voss -
      Wow, so are North America and Europe the only places that are standardized when it comes to phone number formats? I had no idea stuff like this went on...
    1. leiphone's Avatar
      leiphone -
      the 7,8,9 or 10
      i just have numbers from all over calling me and it is annoying not to have it work properly
    1. SponPlague's Avatar
      SponPlague -
      This was irritating me - my recent calls list had loads of numbers, but no names, even though they were all listd as UK contacts (I'm in Zurich).

      This cure is swell (I used the 7-digit version).

      And btw thanks to all who worked on the four part unlock guide - it worked a treat!
    1. bookmark's Avatar
      bookmark -
      thanks cash7c3

      but can you please tell us more about this? Like do i have to unzip the .gz files or something?

      because when i unzip this, it will came out as 2 different files
      1. appsupport-7.tar
      2. appsupport

      thanks mate
    1. SponPlague's Avatar
      SponPlague -
      You don't want the .tar file - that's another zipped file. You want the other one, which Command-I should identify as a unix application?
    1. pedrozn's Avatar
      pedrozn -
      qual vc instalou? 7 8 9 ou 10? obrigado!
    1. bookmark's Avatar
      bookmark -
      Quote Originally Posted by SponPlague View Post
      You don't want the .tar file - that's another zipped file. You want the other one, which Command-I should identify as a unix application?
      Oh, thanks Sponplaugue

      the No. 9 File fixed my international caller problem. UK
    1. youratube1510's Avatar
      youratube1510 -
      i'm in the UK.


      Worked a treat

    1. F-22's Avatar
      F-22 -
      Do I have to jailbreak my iPhone first before I copy the file to the folder?
      It doesn't seem to work for me, tired all the fixes.

    1. Newcgeoman's Avatar
      Newcgeoman -
      I installed this patch now I can't open my text message client. It just opens blank then shuts down! Worked OK before I unstalled. Anyone got the original setting?
    1. aziatiklover's Avatar
      aziatiklover -
      nice I might have to do that in the future
    1. siksik6's Avatar
      siksik6 -
      Just wanted to add my thanks, worked fine for me in the UK (I too, used http://cynix.org/iphone/AppSupport-7.tar.gz)