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    Hello everyone. My Name is Wiley and itís my pleasure to be a new staff writer for ModMyi.com.

    Iíve been a computer geek for as long as I can remember. I went to computer camp when I was 12 where I saw my very first Mac. I was learning how to program one pixel at a time in BASIC, when I was taken to see this new computer called Macintosh. I only got to use one for ten minutes but I was hooked. Since then I have been an avid Mac fan.

    I am a graphic designer and a photographer. Iíve been using Photoshop for what seems like forever. I also love writing and recording music using ProTools, Logic and Reason. I am your basic all round Mac creative guy.

    I look forward to bringing you the very latest news the world of Apple and Tech have to offer. I canít wait to see what the future holds and where we go from here.

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    1. ALIEN1974's Avatar
      ALIEN1974 -
      Welcome to mmi...
    1. Flybeast0408's Avatar
      Flybeast0408 -
      Cool... Hope you enjoy it here at MMi
    1. Raptors's Avatar
      Raptors -
      Welcome to MMi
      Looking forward to reading your article, see ya around !
    1. Lewnsy78's Avatar
      Lewnsy78 -
      nice to meet ya wiley hope u can bring some awesomness to the modmyi community love it all man peace
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Welcome to the greatest iPhone site in the Galaxy! You're lucky, you get to work with the great Cody and Kyle (learn from them)! Good luck with all your writing!
    1. chelseartb's Avatar
      chelseartb -
      Hey I'm also really new! I also have no idea on how to start a new thread can sum1 help me I really want to be able to send a post new threads, but in the rules it says io can't. Why?
    1. moon#pie's Avatar
      moon#pie -
      i think the admin's should really crack down on the trolls here. maybe that's why they haven't made me one yet. I'd ban everyone. BUUUWWWHAAAA!!
    1. justice1200's Avatar
      justice1200 -
      You should post some tracks...
    1. Deejayk's Avatar
      Deejayk -
      Hi everyone I'm a newbie aswell can anyone tell me were do I start please
    1. Deejayk's Avatar
      Deejayk -
      This is a wicked site 4 idevices!!!
    1. Broomhead's Avatar
      Broomhead -
      ^^ we'll think so too! Welcome to MMi
    1. thetoothfairy's Avatar
      thetoothfairy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Deejayk View Post
      Hi everyone I'm a newbie aswell can anyone tell me were do I start please
      First of all welcome to MMi! To start read as much as you would like.. watch where you post when you do making sure your posting in the right area. If you need help search the site and if you don't find it ask for help. Be polite to others and enjoy!

      And if you find something interesting about modding, iPhones, iPods or iPads and want to share it feel free to do so!