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    1. battlecrushr's Avatar
      battlecrushr -
      thats nice
      hopefully can jailbreak it
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      thanks cash
    1. hitman10's Avatar
      hitman10 -
      such a waste of time.
    1. battlecrushr's Avatar
      battlecrushr -
    1. jdys_1991's Avatar
      jdys_1991 -
      lol good think I supressed myself with reading all those tablet rumors. At least someone is not so "upset" or "disappointed" about it. Not trying to say that I like it, but I'm trying to say that I did actually expect this. Just an oversized iPhone/iPod. I was kinda hoping it would have that "haptic feedback keyboard" rumor which I read about ages ago, the one with the physical feedback that you typed/touched a character on screen. :/

      But anyway, might buy one, in the near future, probably after I finish my degree at uni, which will be in like another 4 years lol.
    1. Drew0420's Avatar
      Drew0420 -
      I am not excited about the i tablet at all, it seems to be a macbook with no top...i think its gonna end up being a waste...
    1. iGarza's Avatar
      iGarza -
      hmmmm how about this for a slogan:

      iOvulate so iPad

      pretty good huh!!!
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      I for one am excited about this. iPhone is too small to get any work done. I don't always want to drag around a 15" screen just so I can send emails and check sites. I'd like an in between. This is perfect.
    1. JAG2621's Avatar
      JAG2621 -
      Any bets being taken on how long it will take to jailbreak?
    1. lolcats1's Avatar
      lolcats1 -
      no one cares. it's junk. i'm PISSED that there is no: 4.0 os, new iphone/ipod, multitasking,widgets, etc. ipad is junk. it's using last years OS. and why carry around a 10 in tablet, when you can carry around a 14 inch macbook that can do 100X what the tablet can? you wouldn't.
    1. tudtran's Avatar
      tudtran -
      I don't think I'm gonna get one now. I was hoping for a tablet. I wanna be able to run bootcamp
    1. djnikk's Avatar
      djnikk -
      If Apple manages to make a success out of the iPad... they know how the market works a hell of a lot more then anyone else....
    1. whoadie's Avatar
      whoadie -
      Disappointed in this myself. Not what I expected.
    1. dalep's Avatar
      dalep -
      Am I one of the few that HASN'T missed the point with the iPAD???

      The iPhone is just too small to use for editing documents etc etc

      Why would you want to carry a near 5 pound MacBook and its power adaptor about all day, when this might fill that gap??

      Why would you want to run Bootcamp? The whole point of this, is simply, Touch on windows sucks - end of.

      From most of the rumours from the last couple of weeks, it was assumed to be an iPod Touch on steroids, thats exactly what they delivered.

      The only real omissions are a front facing camera and flash (not really surprised!)

      Whilst on the go, you can use the screen keyboard, when at home / office you can use a real keyboard, either from the dock or bluetooth.

      Think about it, how much is the Kindle 2 ??? $260? How much would the kindle be if it had and extra 62Gb of storage, a 9.7 inch colour screen, Built in Video player, Built in iPod, and a useable Multi Touch interface??

      Does $500 or $600 sound to far of the mark?

      Wait a minute, isn't that the spec / price of the iPad...

      Im for one, not disappointed (maybe the lack of camera was silly)
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      ^ completely agree
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      I agree as well! I am so excited for this thing! I will be waiting for the 64GB 3G Model...I hate waiting!
    1. kamaal's Avatar
      kamaal -
      I think I'm simply going to simply sprinkle some fertilizer on my Iphone and watch it grow. This way I will still be able to make calls, I said all that to say, I think that the IPAD is a complete waste of time and money. All apple really did was increase the size on the Itouch and came up with Iwasteofdamntime.
    1. g12007's Avatar
      g12007 -
      i think the ipad is cool and just ok for now. i think it can be way better , but its a start. i was really waiting to see if the new 4.0os & iphone 4G was coming out. i am a tmobile user so i can care less about at&t and verizon.. No flash, no camera witch sucks

      i do like that the 3G plans cost of $14.99 & $29.99 but the extra $130 will hold me back from going that way
    1. robbpell's Avatar
      robbpell -
      when do the giveaways begin! lol jj love mmi
    1. e2theric823's Avatar
      e2theric823 -
      We have to see what Steve was trying to accomplish here. The iPad wasn't supposed to be a tablet PC to end all tablet PCs. It was supposed to combine the portability of an iphone with the accessibility of a laptop, which is basically what apple has presented.

      Am I disappointed, somewhat. Will I get one, maybe. Will I complain enough so that in 8-12 months they will come out with a new and improved iPad with a camera, flash, OSX, etc., HELLZ YEAH.

      Oh and since when has apple EVER been concerned with their pricing?