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    1. L00i3's Avatar
      L00i3 -
      Even though I was far from amazed by this thing, I am still gonna get one, mainly because it's a new toy. I liked the iWork demo, and that seems to be the things strongest feature IMO. The rotating springboard was cool too. Everything else is just an iPod Touch with a bigger screen. And even though the 3G version costs so much more (plus the data plan), it's the only one worth getting. This thing would be completely useless without internet access, and I for one don't like to just hang out at wi-fi hotspots other than my house. I think it's funny how it still doesn't support Flash which you could see in Steve Jobs' demo. And the fact that he called it an iPod just verifies that it's an oversized Touch. Without oversized capacity. I mean come on, a device with a screen that big would be great for videos, but 64GB isn't enough space. They probably should have waited til SSD drive prices dropped to reasonable ranges before releasing. The market could have done without this for a few years.