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  • [Wave invites] Modmyi ThanksGiving Raffle

    Looks like the Turkey has given you all something to be thankful for this year. I just received a bunch of wave invites and i am giving the remaining ones out to modmyi members. Since there are only a small ammount of invites and there is a large ammount of members, we are going to have to raffle them off . I will pick a random 14 members from those who submitted tonight at midnight (GMT -5). The competition will be extended until tomorrow afternoon to allow users more time to submit.

    EDIT: stealthbravo has been generous enough to donate another 8 invites to this contest so now we will be choosing from a random 22 members tonight at midnight. Thanks to stealth and the chances of winning just got good

    EDIT 2: blkcadi is chipping in 8 invites also We haz 30 invites to give out now

    EDIT 3: xxfr0stbytexx is chipping in 10 more invites. We are up to 40

    EDIT 4: nico_swd is throwing down 19 more invites 59 to give out!

    EDIT 5: justinede is adding 10 more invites to the contest. We have 69 now

    EDIT 6: Due to the massive number of donations that have been received, we are going to have to cut it off at 69 for now. There is a large possibility that the contest may be extended a little longer to allow for more submissions. Thank you all so much for your generosity!

    EDIT 7: Alright, It seems that we have PLENTY of people entered that we can up the amount of invites being given. the Final number is 100.

    Seeing as the invites are coming from so many different people it may take a little time to pass them out. It is Thanksgiving after all.

    If you are interested reply to this beginning with -ihazwave.

    (The winners will be announced in this post once chosen and will be asked to private message me with their email addresses.)
    After 421 entries and 1 day the winners have been decided. this is the list of the 100 winners chosen in completely random order.
    • Cloudd
    • pbutta67
    • prism2unit
    • chiron
    • rockjohn
    • dtruong23
    • inferno769
    • rumcajs
    • danelgran
    • ant8012
    • elle
    • DaMan05
    • ballestplaya
    • operate
    • theguy1429
    • Puppy80
    • jyoung58
    • tcschrader
    • ssev
    • reggie6801
    • nmejunkie
    • triniflavaforya
    • wilburburns
    • SkeleDork
    • Anko4569
    • alirezatmt
    • theinc711
    • zwaldowski
    • sqr47`
    • PizzaOman
    • linkrz
    • lostwhiteboyy
    • jdys_1991
    • xwinger
    • dread33
    • tom28
    • xSkaterOnex
    • Cid K
    • emarty69
    • southfrisco
    • paulishuku
    • wirelessdeo
    • wlmngtn310
    • Rizaria
    • iSlang
    • nwcorey
    • bballgd111
    • TBbmx
    • ishan993
    • dra_uk
    • finbar007
    • mister.bogus
    • euology101
    • Paccoco
    • testament341
    • Ttmac
    • battlecrushr
    • stensgaard
    • enigmasniper
    • bust3rboi
    • michaellaube
    • jiggajuggawugga
    • judelagado
    • techrider62
    • lakerzfan27
    • bigmcq77
    • crazyarab1029
    • enopola
    • RaouR twalker3rd
    • az1z
    • randyj
    • GodofWar
    • exciter00000
    • llescaflownell
    • england5864
    • ranjeetrajan
    • dakilla4352
    • agentfubu
    • rhekt
    • Eikcuhc
    • stailey
    • rabbittpro
    • javiert30
    • iSlave
    • njt1
    • kickbutt
    • ithug
    • r3lliklair3s
    • abbasimu
    • SnowLeo
    • NetMage
    • ishan993
    • tavella
    • gthugballin
    • Silencer_0
    • Jorgepinzon10
    • jgamble317
    • catriple

    Congratulations to all of the winners and better luck next time to anyone who didnt win this time.

    To all of those who where willing to donate invites thank you again for your generosity. its things like this that make the world a great place!

    Winners please Email me at [email protected] using the account you wish to use with wave. Please subject the email as "Modmyi Wave". In the body of the email please include your modmyi username and any other questions or concerns you may have. We will try to distribute the invites within the next day or so, but please keep in mind that it takes a few days for google to get to you regardless of our timing.

    As per the request multiple times in this topic, i have created a google docs spreadsheet where you will be able to enter your username here and your wave email so that we can all stay in touch on wave. it can be found here Modmyi Wave contact sheet.

    Thanks For Entering And Happy Turkey Day!
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    1. bazyx's Avatar
      bazyx -

      I has no luck yet getting a wave invite so thank you for another chance!

      happy thanksgiving
    1. reggie6801's Avatar
      reggie6801 -
      Ihazwave- I need some good fortune, would really like to win something.
    1. euphapple's Avatar
      euphapple -

      I could use a good wave.
    1. theguy1429's Avatar
      theguy1429 -
      Woot!!! -ihazwave
    1. zurdofone's Avatar
      zurdofone -
      -ihazwave. lets have a go
    1. KelvinalF's Avatar
      KelvinalF -
      -ihazwave sounds so awesome!!!
    1. piojo1511's Avatar
      piojo1511 -

      I want one pleaseee =)
    1. z4kMKv's Avatar
      z4kMKv -

      Yes please
    1. GTOpilot's Avatar
      GTOpilot -

      Hopefully my birthday will bring me some extra luck!
    1. Frostbite's Avatar
      Frostbite -
    1. mbrown038's Avatar
      mbrown038 -
      I have 16 wave invites i can throw in if needed

      Attachment 400014
    1. goodluck4287's Avatar
      goodluck4287 -
      I'd love a wave invite...i also have a few GV invites, I don't know if there's a demand for those, but I have a couple.
    1. Rizaria's Avatar
      Rizaria -

      It'd be nice to have. xD Especially as a Thanksgiving present as I don't get thanksgiving~
    1. whysoserious1's Avatar
      whysoserious1 -

      Ive never won anything before...maybe i will win this (fingers crossed)
    1. ant8012's Avatar
      ant8012 -
      -ihazwave i want to win!
    1. iJunkie68's Avatar
      iJunkie68 -
    1. ~Steve Jobs~'s Avatar
      ~Steve Jobs~ -
      -ihazwave i have the best screen name on here.............
    1. Tkensei's Avatar
      Tkensei -

      I NEVER win anything PLEASE make my THANKSGIVING worth it.

    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      -ihazwave - I would go google for a wave invite!
    1. stailey's Avatar
      stailey -

      it's also my birthday! (not joking either, it really is... what a wonderful birthday present this would be)